American Standard Furnace Review

American Standard is one of the household appliance brands that you certainly do not need to think twice about buying. The company has been around, manufacturing heating products since the 19th century.

They have further expanded their trade. They have now ventured in to plumbing and kitchen fixtures among many others. But the pioneer in the heating industry is still making waves with their heating products.

They continue to deliver products that will definitely make your living a lot easier. It is definitely a must to have an American Standard furnace in your home.

You can be sure that an American Standard furnace is going to last you for a long time. It is going to save you a lot of money. Oh sure, it can be quite costly at first. However, the long-term savings that the furnace offers will definitely compensate for the expense in buying the furnace.

The efficiency of the furnace is a very impressive 95%! This ensures that you are cutting costs in energy and effort by at least half.

Other conventional furnaces would need for frequent maintenance work and refueling. But American Standard doesn’t want you to go through all that work. The furnace requires very little maintenance and uses only about half of the fuel that conventional furnaces use. That’s energy savings for you in physical and monetary terms.

Kudos goes to the company for using diagnostics in the furnace controls to allow easy troubleshooting of the furnace. They also have out in washable filters on the furnace and a lifetime warranty on heat exchangers. That definitely some value added to your furnace.

There’s nothing more you need in an American Standard furnace. The name should say it all. You don’t need to think twice. There’s a reason why American Standard is on top!

Goodman Furnace Problems

The fact that Goodman furnace has a 10 year warranty on their parts is definitely a bonus for buyers who invest in a Goodman furnace. This may not be the case for homeowners that acquire an existing Goodman furnace with their newly purchased home.

One such homeowner was dismayed to hear from the Goodman furnace manufacturer that not having an invoice to claim the parts warranty leaves him out in the cold, when he began to experience Goodman furnace problems.

One particular homeowner had some Goodman furnace problems centered on the cycle of the unit. The plastic casing that housed the heath exchanger, called the flue collector box, was cracked, causing circuit board problems. Repairs for these furnace problems would have reached the $1000 dollar amount.

The HVAC contractor suggested that the homeowner invest in another Goodman furnace since the Goodman furnace was the builder’s model and more problems with the furnace would lead to more non-warranty covered repairs.

This dilemma causes one to stop and think about the ethics of the HVAC contractor when it comes to pushing the homeowner to purchase a newer furnace. The homeowner was in a fit over what to do about his furnace problems and queried several prices for a new Goodman furnace.

Another HVAC contractor stepped in to suggest the homeowner get a second opinion for his furnace problems before sinking more money into a newer Goodman furnace.

Another HAVC technician rallied with the fact that any poorly designed heating and cooling system will created repair problems down the road. He also pointed out that there are many lower quality furnaces on the market today that make Goodman furnace problems seem atypical.

About the warranty problem, he allowed that sometimes paperwork gets misplaced, but when owners of a unit have the paperwork, read the manuals and store the paperwork in a safe place.

The heat exchanger and problems with the ignition experiences seem to be a pattern with furnace problems. Some owners of Goodman furnaces reported similar problems with the mother board and wiring.

HVAC dealers and installer comments are leveled at the fact that Goodman furnace owners will avoid furnace problems if they spend as much time researching the HVAC installer as they do the Goodman furnace.

Experts in the HVAC field have a similar view of problematic installations of the furnaces, which they feel contributes to most Goodman furnace problems. Many of these HVAC installers have a general consensus that Goodman furnaces have stood the test of time and are very comparable in price and performance with other furnaces on the market.

Most of the HVAC installers and dealers agree that choosing the right installer and the right furnace company can mean the difference between furnace problems and a perfect unit.

While there are buyer reviews on Goodman furnaces that deal with sticking thermostats and cracked heating casings, the complaints that stood out the most with Goodman furnace problems was the feedback given when a problem arose.

Again, HVAC installers rallied their support of the Goodman furnaces and commented on the fact that if a qualified installer had installed the furnace, most of these problems would be non-existent.

Bryant Furnace vs Carrier Furnace Comparison

If you are in need of a new furnace and you have narrowed down your choice to Bryant or Carrier, you may need to know a few of the pros and cons of each type of furnace.

Since some furnaces are more reliable than others, it’s important to know exactly how reliable your new furnace will be. Here are some pros and cons of both Bryant and Carrier Furnaces.

Bryant Furnaces

Bryant Pros:
Great Fuel Economy
Long Lasting Unit
Excellent Customer Service

Bryant Cons:
Poor Circuit Board Design
High Priced Replacement Parts
Only a 5 Year Warranty on Parts

Carrier Furnaces

Carrier Pros:
Long Lasting Unit
Consistent Heat
Plenty of Power

Carrier Cons:
Noisy Motor
Expensive Repair Parts
Long Wait Time for Parts

Since Bryant is owned by the same company who owns Carrier, many of the units share the same problems and fixes. Though many of the furnaces appear to be exactly alike, there are important differences to be found.

Be sure to check the warranty that comes with each system to find out exactly what is covered and what is not. In some cases, both parts and labor will be covered. In other cases, you will be expected to pay for replacement parts, which can get quite expensive if you are having lots of problems with your furnace.

You should always make sure that your Bryant or Carrier unit is the correct size for your home. If your home is 2400 square feet and you get a unit which will be good for homes up to 2500 square feet, this may not be a good idea. Your unit will probably work fine when it is new, but as the unit ages, it might not be powerful enough for your home.

Sometimes the repairs that you need for a Bryant or Carrier furnace are caused by poor work done by the contractor who installed the unit. No matter which unit you choose, you should always get plenty of reviews and feedback about the person who is going to install the system. If you have a poor installation, you could have problems with your furnace for years to come.

Comfortmaker Furnace Reliability

When checking on the Internet you will find that Comfortmaker furnace reliability is above reproach. It receives a ranking of 5, the highest possible, on the rating scales. A review of testimonials shows that the consumer is very satisfied with its long lasting ability.

As with any piece of equipment, there will be repairs needed from time to time. With this furnace, it is usually just a matter of a simple adjustment which can be done by the furnace owner. Most people report having the furnace in place for a number of years without a problem.

United Technologies is the company that manufactures this furnace and they are well known for their expertise in the world of high-tech. Thanks to their extensive research and development facilities, they are able to manufacture top of the line equipment. Their research department is constantly seeking new ways to improve their products and this is passed on to the consumer.

In the manufacturing of the furnace, only the very best materials are used. The finest metals and mechanical parts are researched to provide top of the line in these areas. Each weld and joining of parts is carefully scrutinized every step along the way to make sure there is no possible mechanical or material error.

As the result of their very thorough handling of this unit, from the drawing board to the finished product, one has something that is not only well built but reliable. Many of these furnaces have recorded years of use with little or no minor corrections needed. Their built-in coded system allows for the homeowner to take care of minor repairs personally should any be required.

Thanks to the geothermal energy plan and their coded alert system one has the best possible product on the market to keep one’s home warm during the winter months. Being able to know that it is going to run day and night and keep the temperature at an even degree is a comfort to the homeowner. There is no need to worry about possibly waking up in the middle of the night to a freezing house.

Comfortmaker furnace reliability stands without question in the field of home heating. It has proven itself over the years as being a product that can be depended upon to not only last for a long time but to continue to produce the kind of heat needed for home comfort. One can ask for nothing better from a product of this nature.

Ruud Furnace Reviews

Ruud Furnace reviews are among some of the most valuable tools you have available. Since buying a furnace is an important purchase, you want to give it the right consideration. Reviews from other consumers are a very valuable resource indeed.

After all, you do want to know just what you’re paying for. Reviews help paint a more balanced overall picture of exactly what a brand is and isn’t about. Paying close attention to what others have to say will allow you to make better choices.

It’s important to know what Ruud Furnace reviews have to say about the furnaces in general and the specific model that you’re buying. Both good and bad reviews can be very valuable sources of information. Even though you might have to wade through several reviews without a lot of good information, you will still get some useful opinions.

Some important things to pay attention to include what type of maintenance other users report and how effective any product warranties were. Always read any parts that state what influenced the reviewer to buy the product. This may very well influence your buying the product, too.

The majority of Ruud Furnace reviews are somewhat to very favorable towards the brand. There are people who have used this brand of furnace for years who have never experienced a problem. One thing that many people commonly report is better gas efficiency.

With energy prices continuing to fluctuate, it’s important to have your furnace as efficient as possible. A majority of customers also report that they encounter very few problems with regular use. In general, most consumers report only having to have the routine maintenance that comes with owning a furnace. When problems do occur, they are often covered by a warranty.

Some Ruud Furnace reviews do report problems, and these should be considered when you need to make a choice. Like any other brand, some people have had overall bad experiences. Some of these have been thought to have resulted from improper installation, rather than a manufacturing defect.

A few customers have reported parts breaking down more often than they expected, and the replacements have often been somewhat expensive.

A few customers have also experienced mixed results from the use of extended warranties, with a few indicating that they felt that the warranties weren’t worth the price paid for them. It’s important to know what both satisfied and dissatisfied customers have had to say.