York Furnace Efficiency Review

With so much emphasis on being more energy efficient, we decided to look at York furnace efficiency and see how they stacked up against their competitors.

Upon our search of York furnace efficiency, we found many consumer forums discussing advantages or disadvantages to York furnaces. The consensus points to the York being one of the most efficient furnaces you can purchase today.

The York is 97.5% efficient in the 60,000 BTU models and has the modulating gas valve–having many stages of heat is better than two in terms of comfort. According to the Energy star ratings, York furnace efficiency even at its lowest was only a 92+ percentage.

Whereas the listed efficiency rating for York’s competitors came in at around 90-91% efficiency. We know that a percentile or two does not sound like a big difference; but when it comes in terms of energy consumption, that one to two percentile makes York furnace efficiency above the rest.

The York unlike the competition modulators; has more than five gas valve positions. The York modulates from around 40% to 100% in 1% increments; what that means is total comfort control. This is just another way York furnace efficiency standard is above its competitors.

The York runs on a standard four-wire thermostat. Meaning that with a York, there is no need to install a complex and expensive thermostat to operate a modulating furnace that is actually just a 5-stage furnace. The York modulating furnace is 98% efficient and the quietest furnace on the market.

Also with the patented drain pan in the York, no need for an external condensate trap. The York furnace is a true multi-unit; it will work in all four positions. The York furnace is absolutely ahead of its competition in its capability.

One consumer went so far as to post their York furnace ratings as being five stars out of five stars. Not only was the York furnace quieter than their previous furnace, but their gas bill went down at least 40%! This consumer was so excited and said that with that kind of efficiency, the unit could pay for itself in not time.

Another thing that does interfere with the efficiency is the installation. Your York furnace efficiency could be better than any competitor on the market could as long as your unit was installed correctly and with capable help.

If someone who has a lack of knowledge or was in a rush in their installation installed your unit; then your York furnace efficiency very well could not be where it is supposed to be. You could be losing money instead of saving money like another person down the street.

One last thing that can affect the York furnace efficiency is how you, the consumer, run it. If you are cold all the time and run it at a high temperature, then you will probably not see the benefits.

Luxaire Furnace Manual

Did you have a Luxaire furnace manual that came with your unit and somehow it got lost? Thankfully, there is no need to worry because they are plentiful and very easy to find online. In fact, you can get them from the Luxaire website itself.

While reading through the Luxaire furnace manual I was able to learn quite a bit. It included all of the instructions for the correct way to start and turn off the unit. It also gives all the information on which air filters to use, how to replace them, how to take care of the blower and even how to lubricate the motor. I didn’t even know that motor lubrication was important!

I love that they explain their unit and give details on how the gas furnace actually works. This takes a lot of mystery out of what to do when things go wrong.

If you find yourself having any problems with your unit you can examine your furnace installation to see if it was put in correctly. The manual suggests starting with the heat exchanger then checking the air piping for the vent/combustion. When you have done that, move on and be sure the vent connector that goes to your chimney is free and clear of anything that may be blocking it.

Apparently there are several different areas on your furnace that you need to keep clean: the burner, the heat exchanger and the secondary heat exchanger. All the instructions and details on this can be found in your Luxaire furnace manual.

The PDF I read were for models: GY9S, GM9S and GF9S, which is their single stage upflow series. You can download it yourself here – http://www.luxaire.com/PDFFiles/167498-UUM-A-1205.pdf

I really appreciated their section on replacement parts. Having a replacement parts list with contact information to buy them really helps speed up the process and reduces frustration with trying to locate them.

Even your warranty information is right there. Overall, I am very impressed with the Luxaire furnace manual. If only all brands carried such a detailed guide for their customers.

Serious Westinghouse Furnace Complaints

When purchasing a gas or oil furnace, you want to ensure you are investing in a quality product. Brand names can be more important than anything in the furnace market because you want to purchase quality from a reputable company, preferably one offering a solid warranty.

If you’re considering purchasing from Westinghouse, then you probably want to know how serious Westinghouse furnace complaints are.

Are consumer complaints within normal ranges, or are they displaying a bad brand? Keep in mind when reading negative comments that such remarks are often hastily made or written with a rather sizeable amount of frustration. While they may be quite legitimate, they may be exaggerated by feelings of distress; as is the case with negative comments toward any product on the market.

One of the most common Westinghouse furnace complaints made by consumers is that in the first year of use the unit shut down and did not respond to an automatic or manual restart.

In most cases a technician was able to remedy the situation, fixing the issue completely. Individuals trying to troubleshoot and fix the issue by themselves ran into almost no success, causing a great deal of frustration.

The most common complaint centers on one particular model: the variable speed gas furnace. The fan often burns out from use within the first 1 to 3 years, most commonly in the second to third year. The good news is the 10 year limited parts warranty will cover this issue for 10 years.

Understandably, some consumers see this as a major problem because after 10 years if they still own the same furnace they will be paying for fan replacements every few years.

Another complaint made by several consumers is the overall design of the units. They feel the design is poor, making it difficult for even a technician to work on.

The areas usually needing to be accessed are in the back of the unit, meaning it has to be pulled away from any obstructions before work can begin. This is perhaps one of the strongest Whitehouse furnace complaints documented, and is certainly something to consider prior to purchasing a unit.

Heat Pump Heating Systems

Heat pump heating systems generally make use of the principle of the second law of thermodynamics. This kind of heating process makes use of energy in order to transfer warm air from the house to the outside; and the much cooler air outside transferred within to benefit the people in the household especially during the summer.

The same thing goes during the winter season when the warm air gets warmer inside through the use of heat pumps. Heat pumps differ a lot with gas furnaces but somehow related to the idea of air conditioning systems.

It is a device that moves heat about rather than generate heat through the use of electricity or gas. This type of process can efficiently lower energy consumption because it can generate heat 4 times better than it can consume electricity.

Air-source heat pump heating systems are the most popular in most households. It can mobilize air from inside the house to the outside or vice versa. This type is most common to areas where winter is not so much of a problem because air-source heat pumps tend to perform abysmally during winter season.

It cannot generate sufficient heat to warm up the whole household. Although during summer months this type of heating system can efficiently act to keep moisture from invading the home. This eventually results to cooler and more refreshing atmosphere within the home, which can better the performance of other standard heating systems.

Geothermal heat pump heating systems are the most highly efficient of its kind. It can utilize energy coming from the ground or from water storage areas. Because of the constant conditions provided by these sources geothermal heat pump are known to provide utmost comfort at home.

Installation processes require a wide ground coverage and the right kind of subsoil and landscape for better heat generation and energy utilization. People living under extreme climatic changes can benefit from the comfort of geothermal heat pumps without spending much in their energy consumption.

Although it can be very costly as compared to other heat sources for the home, the advantages it provides can live up to its price.

Easy Trane Furnace Financing

Purchasing a new furnace unit can be very expensive. Often homeowners do not expect to have to replace the furnace, but it suddenly breaks and a new one is needed to heat the home.

Whether the purchase is involuntary or by choice, homeowners have the option of financing the new Trane unit.

Trane furnace financing is actually a very easy and straightforward process. In fact, many dealers will offer financing incentives to attract customers.

Homeowners on a budget will appreciate a deal when making an expensive purchase and should be certain the furnace they purchase qualifies for any rebates, incentives, or tax credits. They should especially pay attention for any tax credits for energy efficient furnace models.

The first step in Trane furnace financing is to visit the Trane website. Using the ‘locate your dealer’ key, homeowners should search by zip code for the specific dealer they are working with and then click the ‘Apply for Financing’ button.

This will send the customer to a page for a Home Projects Visa card sponsored by Wells Fargo Bank. Trane only finances products in this manner. Click the ‘apply now’ button to get started.

The application will ask for all your personal and financial information so it can accurately analyze whether a credit line should be extended. Assuming there are no major issues with the application, the homeowner will usually receive a credit answer the same day.

If credit is not approved, the homeowner will have to explore other means outside of Trane for a loan. If the credit line is approved, the customer is afforded a number of benefits.

The customer will have an open line of credit, therefore able to make this purchase and any other desired future purchases. Customers qualifying for this line of credit are also afforded certain other benefits, such as special promotions and quick repayment plans.

Other benefits include certain special promotional offers relevant to the customer’s location, and advance notice for any special sales or events. If applying online, customers also receive the perk of a quick credit decision.

This is beneficial because if a client needs the house heated, they cannot wait a few days for the credit to be approved to finance the purchase.
Customers also have the option of applying for financing at the dealer.

The process is the same except that the customer manually fills out the application. The dealer will send the application to Wells Fargo for approval.

The credit decision will not be as quick, but this method of attaining financing is just as effective.

Another benefit of the Home Projects Visa card is that the customer can use it for any home products they need to purchase in the future. They are not limited to only Trane products.

Although purchasing a new furnace can be overwhelming and worrisome, customers do not need to be burdened with wondering how they will ever afford a new unit. A new furnace or any new home appliance is never out of reach with the option of Trane furnace financing.