Coleman Furnace Recall

Coleman furnace recall — what should you know? This recall is for owners of Coleman, Coleman Evcon, and Red T Gas Furnaces. The heat exchanges have been found to overheat under certain circumstances, leading to the heat exchanger and furnace failing.

The number one question on your mind right now is probably: is this problem dangerous? Internal components of a furnace running hotter than the temperatures they were manufactured to withstand are never a good thing. It has been discovered that the problem leads back to application factors, differences in installation, and variations in components. The recall warns that if the situation is left unresolved, significant property damage, personal injury, and/or death could result.

What do you do? Call your local dealer. Ask for your furnace to be inspected if it is one of the affected models. The Coleman furnace recall states:

The Coleman, Coleman Evcon, and Red T furnaces are commonly used in manufactured housing. The name plate will be found mounted on the left inside surface, behind the lower panel. The furnaces are silver with white access panels. The units were manufactured between 1995 and 2000. Affected model numbers include:




If you own one of the affected units, you will need to contact a participating Coleman Authorized Service Center. You can find a local dealer by inputting your zip code into the online Coleman location finder, or by calling the Program Support Center.

Inspection of your unit will be free. A qualified technician will inspect your unit fully and then install an upgrade kit or a new heat exchanger. All adjustments to your unit will be free. You will not need to purchase or have a replacement furnace issued. Your warranty will not be voided by these changes.

The Program Support Center is available to answer any additional questions you might have about the Coleman furnace recall. You can reach them toll free at (888) 665-4640. Ask the technician who upgrades your unit about maintaining proper maintenance procedures to prolong the life of your unit and keep it in tip top working condition.

Are Forced Air Furnaces the Most Efficient?

Forced air furnaces are commonly used in North America because it has a unique method of heating which is best suited for the houses in this continent.

This type of furnace can produce heat in every room in the house with just one central furnace. With this furnace at hand, you don’t need to purchase an individual furnace for every room.

It can deliver heated air to every room without a doubt because of its ability to create air-conditioned air through double up.

To have a long lasting unit, you must be acquainted with its parts and components so you will know each of its functions and how to repair it if it got damaged.

The basic parts of forced air furnaces are:
a) Air handler which acts as a blower;
b) Burners that are gas-fueled or powered by electric-resistant heating elements, used for heating air;
c) 2 ductworks, one transports room air towards the heater and the second ductwork sends heated air to the rooms;
d) And thermostats which are used for turning on and off the unit.

The other components are the filters that clean the air, registers that manage the control of the flow of the heated air, and the flue where combustion gases pass through and finally emitted outside.

When buying a furnace that uses forced air, you must also consider its energy efficiency. There are already new models that give off heated air while trying to save energy.

There is also a model that can work even if the heating supply is from a steady coal or wood fire. If you want to help the environment then buy forced air furnaces, which have the highest annual fuel utilization efficiency (UFAE).

The unit should also have the ENERGY STAR label to assure you of a high efficiency furnace.

Gibson Furnace Customer Service Review

When making the major purchase of a furnace, it is important not only to research the product, but the customer service that comes along with the product.

If the company is known for standing by their products, and honoring the warranty that comes with the product, in the event something does go wrong with the unit your purchased, you need to feel assured that the manufacturer is doing everything they can to correct the problem in a timely manner.

When it comes to Gibson furnace customer service, reviews are mixed. It is up to you to read up on the product, and use your best judgment when it comes to making a purchase.
When you are wondering what to expect from the company you purchase a furnace from, it is a good idea to read up on the warranty and the quality pledge the company offers.

Gibson offers a ten year parts warranty on their furnaces. Gibson believes that if the furnace is built to their exacting standards, then the unit will function without problems for at least ten years.

Their units also come with a ten year quality pledge. This means if the heat exchanger fails within the first ten years of ownership, they will replace the unit. They also offer an extended warranty if you register your unit within sixty days of purchase.

When it comes to actual accounts from people who were happy with their Gibson furnace customer service, they said things such as, “They stand behind their products. I installed a 95% variable speed Gibson furnace last year that had a condensate leak coming from the heat exchanger. I told my distributor about it. They said to remove the furnace and will replace it with a brand new model”.

When the problem with unit is caused by faulty parts, Gibson will replace them or the unit free of charge.

There are also those who have purchased a unit and at not so satisfied with their Gibson furnace customer service.

You will read comments such as, “The manufacturer, Nordyne, refuses to acknowledge there is a problem and suggests we hire more technicians. Do not buy Gibson products or from Nordyne. Nordyne is extremely unhelpful and uncooperative”, when you are looking at reviews of the product.

Many times, however, the problems people experience are not with the furnace itself, but with the installation. Be sure to hire a reliable and experienced contractor when installing a furnace in your home.

Overall Gibson furnace customer service gets good reviews. They only seem to run into problems, when there is a question of faulty installation. Gibson will replace parts that are faulty, unless there is a question of improper installation.

When parts have been recalled, there are accounts of the contractors being compensated by Gibson for replacing faulty parts, at no cost to the customer. This product seems to have a strong support team behind it, so it would be a good choice if you are a homeowner looking to install a new furnace.

Payne Furnace Efficiency Review

What makes a furnace efficient? According to Energy Star—the universally accepted rating that accurately depicts efficiency—two things define furnace efficiency: competency in performance and overall state of quality.

How does Payne furnace efficiency stack up to other popular brands according to Energy Star?

Energy Star utilizes The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (the AFUE) percentage to measure both heating and cooling efficiency. The higher the percentage on a scale of 1 to 100, the more efficient a unit (or group of models) is thought to be.

4 model series are listed on Energy Star’s rating list. While two hold a dramatic 95% rating, the other two slowly reduce in efficiency ratings. If you’re in the market for a Payne model, then here are the ratings from Energy Star that will interest you:

Model series PG9YAB (gas) rates 95%
All models beginning with PG9 (gas) rate 92%
All models beginning with 490AAV (gas) rate 91.5%
All models beginning with PG9MAB (gas) rate 90-92.1%

How does Payne furnace efficiency compare to other top brands? Their percentile ratings are not far off from the leading popular consumer brands.

Luxaire rates in the 90 to 98 percent range, Coleman rates in the 91 to 98 percent range, and Westinghouse rates in the 90 to 97 percent range. While Payne models might not make that 97-98% mark that these other leading brands flesh out, their price differences makes a meager 2-3% difference a bit of a moot point for many customers.

The real deciding factor on efficiency for consumers is their bill. After all, a rating can scream efficiency but if you don’t see it where it counts most—in your wallet—then it doesn’t really mean much. Consumer reviews indicate that most owners do see a drop in their overall cost in the course of a year.

However, many consumers complain of numerous breakdowns and service visits to keep their units in good working order. In the end, Payne furnace efficiency is more a matter of opinion per consumer than a clear cut percentage. You must weigh the Energy Star rating against cost and consumer satisfaction.

Ruud Furnace Opinions

Reading Ruud Furnace opinions is a good way to find out whether this brand is a good fit for your home. Consumers frequently post reviews online discussing the pros and cons of their favorite brands.

These reviews often have a lot of influence with buyers. After all, aren’t you more likely to buy something from a brand that other people are favorable towards?

The Ruud Furnace opinions that have been published give buyers good insight into how well the products work for their homes. Instead of simply reading product specifications, reading reviews allows you to learn about the good and the bad points of the brand.

It’s often said that dissatisfied customers ultimately end up telling more people about their experiences. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why reviews should also be used as a source of buying information.

Many customers have very positive Ruud Furnace opinions. They often report that there were very few problems with their furnace from the time that they purchased it.

There are several people who bought these furnaces in the past that expected them to last for about 25 years that have had them for even longer than that. They are believed to be pretty energy-efficient, which is especially helpful in areas with longer winters.

Some homeowners have reported their gas bills being reduced by 25% In response to negative opinions, these homeowners say that improper installation or maintenance was the mostly likely cause.

Of course, not everyone has a positive opinion of these products. Negative Ruud furnace opinions often cite the need for frequent repairs, which can be very frustrating. Some customers have complained about the fact that replacement parts can only be ordered from authorized dealers.

The price of the parts can sometimes be a financial hardship. Homeowners who have had bad experiences often describe the units as being very temperamental.

At the worst, some have had to have a repair of some kind performed every year. It’s always a good idea to take a look at both the good and the bad points. You’ll have a better idea of what to expect from the furnace if you do buy one.