Janitrol Furnace Manual

Did you happen to lose your old Janitrol furnace manual and are now in need of a new one? Well, you are not alone. They are not the easiest thing to locate online. I set out on a search to scour the web in order to find them for you.

Since Janitrol is owned by Goodman you may actually need to look for a Goodman furnace manual because it will contain similar information. I have not been able to actually locate anything other than a consumer brochure from the company website.

Your Janitrol furnace manual should include a lot of vital information such as maintenance instructions, error codes, repair tips, replacement parts information and of course warranty info as well.

Since I was unable to locate the official manual anywhere, I decided to find out specific details that would have been in it in order to at least give you the basic information you may be looking for.

If your Janitrol furnace burners won’t light up, you need to clean your burner ports or pilot light opening.

If you are having cycling problems it is possible your induction fan motor is not operating properly.

Remember, your furnace is essentially a Goodman. It just happens to have a Janitrol name put on the front of it. So anything related to Goodman should be applicable to your furnace as well.

After an exhaustive search I could not find a download of the Janitrol furnace manual online. You are better off trying to find details to your specific issues.

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My Coleman Furnace is Not Working

Years ago when an important necessity—like a gas powered furnace—decided to stop working, folks attributed it to little mythical creatures called Gremlins.

Today we know better than to blame the case of a Coleman furnace not working on little mischief-causing mythical creatures, but the problem still remains. What do you do on that one snowy day when your furnace decides to an extended lunch break without warning?

The very first step to take is checking the fuse box and the circuit breaker. Make sure that the unit is indeed receiving power. If your power supply checks out, take a look at the power switch.

Coleman units have a power switch that has an “On” and “Off” position. For peace of mind, make sure the switch it flipped to “On.” If it is, then on to the next troubleshooting step:

In the case of a Coleman furnace not working, it is possible that the motor has overheated. Typically this does not happen. However, if your unit has been running for several hours it is possible. The best course of action is to let the unit sit for about half an hour.

Start it again after this cool down period. If the unit does not start, check the pilot light. If the pilot light is not burning, re-light it after ensuring there are no gas fumes present. If you smell gas, avoid any further troubleshooting and contact local authorities as you leave the area.

If no gas fumes exist and re-lighting the pilot light does not work, next check the gas valve. It should be completely over. If not, open it completely. This covers the basics of troubleshooting a furnace that is not working. If these steps do not remedy the unit, it is time to contact a local dealer and ask for a qualified technician to come investigate the problem.

In good news, most consumers are happy to call their local dealer. Local dealers have quick response times, and in most causes their warranty covers all of the work. While your Coleman furnace not working is an inconvenience, it is a fixable problem that even a Do It Yourselfer can have a stab at handling.

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DIY Bryant Furnace Blower Motor Replacement

If you having trouble with your Bryant Furnace blower motor, it might be time to get a new one. When it comes to Bryant furnace blower motor replacement, you may feel that you do not have the skills that it takes to complete the job.

If don’t like tinkering with things, then you might want to go ahead and call a professional in to do the job. However, if you are a DIY kind of person, then you might want to figure out how to do it yourself.

One way that you can tell that your blower motor may need to be replaced is to listen to the sound that it is making. If it is making a very loud noise, then it’s probably time for a replacement.

Usually, in addition to making a loud noise, the motor will have stopped working completely. If this is the case, then you know for sure that you need to replace the blower motor.

If you do decide to install a new blower motor yourself, you should also replace the capacitor at the same time. In most cases, when the blower motor goes out, the capacitor does as well. You’ll be better off going ahead and changing them both.

When you are working on your furnace, changing out the blower motor, or making any other type of repair, it’s important to start with a clean work space. You may need a flashlight or a hat with a headlamp in order to be able to see all the parts clearly.

Once you have these things, bring out your furnace manual and make sure that you know all the positions of each part. You should also have a small bucket ready that can contain screws or other small parts. If you lose one of these parts, you will not be able to put the furnace back together.

By checking the manual that came with your Bryant furnace, you should be able to get an idea of how to remove the blower motor from the furnace unit. Make sure that you look closely at the diagram and that you follow the directions exactly. By following the directions, you should be able to replace the blower motor with ease.

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Top 5 Carrier Furnace Complaints

If you are shopping around for furnaces, one of the main things that you are probably looking out for are potential problems that you might have with your furnace.

By looking around and asking questions of other furnace owners, you can discover both the pros and cons of different types of furnaces. When you are researching Carrier furnaces, one of the things that you will need to look for are Carrier furnace complaints.

Though not everyone has a complaint about their Carrier furnace, there are plenty of people who are just waiting to voice their opinions.

Since a furnace is such a big and important purchase, those who are unhappy with the decision they may tend to be very vocal about it. Here are a few of the biggest Carrier furnace complaints.

1. The replacement parts are too expensive. Many of those who have been caring for a Carrier furnace for several years will tell you the same thing.

The parts cost way too much. Since you expect to have a furnace for 10 to 20 years, you can expect that there will be a few times when you have to purchase replacement parts. However, if the parts are very expensive, you may find yourself spending way more than you intended.

2. Carrier furnaces have faulty motherboards. The motherboard of the furnace is the panel that controls everything the furnace does. If your motherboard goes bad, the furnace will not work. There are many who complain of having to replace the motherboard of their Carrier furnace several times during ownership.

3. The furnace is too loud. For those who have the furnace installed right outside their bedroom, there are many complaints that the furnace is too loud and is disruptive to normal, daily life.

4. The furnace does not last long enough before it has to be replaced. Most furnaces can easily last up to 20 years or more. There are several Carrier furnace complaints stating that they have had to replace their furnaces after only 5 to 9 years.

5. The parts are hard to get. When you order a new part for your furnace, you want to be able to get your hands on it immediately so that your furnace will be functional. There are many complaints about Carrier not being able to get you your replacement parts in a reasonable amount of time.

No matter which furnace you buy, there will be at least a few complaints about it. Remember that even though you might be buying the best furnace on the market, if it is not installed properly, you will have problems. Do your research and find a good contractor and you can get the furnace that you need.

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