Lennox Furnace Motor Replacement

A good motor is crucial for any furnace. Without a good and reliable motor, your furnace cannot run efficiently or may stop working altogether. Over time, the motor can die on you or become tired, which means it will need to be replaced. If you are looking for Lennox furnace motor replacement, this article can help.

Before you go out and purchase a new motor, be sure that it actually needs to be replaced. If you are quite handy, you can check the motor yourself, but to be on the safe side, you should ask a professional to check. Sometimes, the motor may not function as well as it should due to a dirt buildup. If this is the case, a cleaning may be enough to repair the issue.

To replace the motor, you first need to know exactly which model your furnace is. There should be an emblem or sticker on the appliance which tells you this information. If you still have the manual for it, this will also tell you.

Once you know which model you have, you can contact the manufacturer to find out which motor you need. Many manufacturers will sell you the motor if the warranty on the furnace has expired. If it is still under warranty, you may be able to get a free replacement, but this will depend upon the terms of the warranty and the reason for the motor failure.

Many stores that sell major appliances will also sell parts. Contact local stores or search the Web to find what you need. If they do not have the specific part in stock, they will probably be able to order it for you.

Once you receive the motor, it is up to you to decide who installs it – you or a professional. There are many websites that provide instructions on motor replacement. Try to find the most detailed instructions possible, and especially those with images that illustrate each step. If you still have the product manual, this may also tell you how to replace the motor on your own.

If you do not feel particularly comfortable with doing this work on your own, you can ask a professional to do it. If the furnace is still under warranty, you may be able to have the replacement performed for free. Otherwise, you will have to pay. To make life easier, find someone who can get the part for you and also install it.

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Lennox Furnace Lifespan

Before purchasing a new furnace and having it installed in your home, there are some crucial things that you need to know. One of the most important things to understand is how long you can expect the appliance to last. If you need some information on the Lennox furnace lifespan, this will help.

A furnace is a major appliance in any home. It is large, costly, and a great source of comfort during the Winter. Because of this, it is very important to spend your money on the right product for your home. It would be awful to spend so much on the wrong product.

In general, you can expect any good furnace to last between 20 and 25 years. However, this time range depends upon how well you take care of the furnace. Also, it will depend upon how much you use it. Some studies say that the average furnace actually lasts for only 15 years.

A good way to figure out whether or not you should replace your current furnace is to ask yourself the following question: How much will it cost me to replace this item? If the answer is that the repairs will cost about half of what you paid for the system, it may be time to replace it. A replacement should definitely be considered if the cost of the repairs is that high and the furnace is also around 12 years old or older.

To keep your furnace running longer, you need to keep up its air flow. This means that you need to regularly clean the filter. Dirt buildup can cause clogs in the system and prevent it from working. It can also reduce efficiency. It may also be wise to replace the filter at the beginning of the cold season and regularly replace it until the weather warms up again.

You may also want to clean the fan annually. To do this, be sure to turn off the furnace before commencing with the cleaning. This will keep you safe. Clean with a damp, but not wet, cloth. You do not want to drip water into the appliance. Dry the fan blades when you are done.

It may also be a good idea to have a professional assess your system once a year. Find a reputable technician in your area to perform annual maintenance. He or she will be able to diagnose any issues and fix them. The technician may also be able to give you advice on keeping the furnace healthy and working more efficiently.

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Coleman Furnace Problems

Every furnace on the market comes with its own set of possible issues. If you own a Coleman unit, then you are probably interested in learning about some of the common Coleman furnace problems experienced by customers. Most of their models experience issues that stem from improper installation or lack of needed maintenance.

If you are purchasing a unit, it is imperative to hire a qualified installation technician. Coleman has local authorized dealers in most states. Contacting a local dealer for an installation is recommended, and it shouldn’t cost much more than hiring a contractor.

If your unit came with the home you now own, you can contact your local dealer and ask for a qualified technician to come check the unit. They can usually spot whether or not it has been properly installed, and make any needed changes if the installation was not up to par.

Common Coleman furnace problems include the blower not working. The blower can stop working for several reasons—the most common being a lack of proper preventative maintenance. The manufacturer recommends lubricating the axle, cleaning the blades, and checking to ensure the motor is not being overloaded. A blower can suddenly stop working because the axle runs out of lubrication. The fan belt should also be regularly adjusted to ensure it averts no more than an inch when pressed.

Another common issue is the thermostat. It is extremely rare for a thermostat to fail outright. However, it is very common for a it to degrade over time. Every thermostat is comprised of mechanical parts that can stick and lose their calibration over the years. The older the unit, the more common it is for a thermostat to be off.

You can keep it in good working order by customarily making a minor adjust. Use a wrench to adjust the nut on the back of the mercury switch. Adjust it until the unit turns on. Then, use a room thermometer to set the thermostat to the proper temperature.

A great majority of Coleman furnace problems are easily fixable and preventable. Preventative maintenance is important. If your unit is covered under warranty, you can have it regularly serviced at little to no cost to avoid problems.

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Carrier Furnace vs Lennox Furnace Competition

A good furnace can come in many different forms. When you are looking for the best furnace on the market, you should compare and contrast the ones that you are interested in buying.

Two of the most popular furnace brands are Carrier and Lennox. Here is a brief comparison of Carrier and Lennox furnaces that you can use to make your decision.

Carrier Pros and Cons

Carrier Pros:
Long Lasting Unit
Consistent Heat
Plenty of Power

Carrier Cons:
Noisy Motor
Expensive Repair Parts
Long Wait Time for Parts

Lennox Furnace Pros and Cons

Lennox Pros:
Long Lasting
Inexpensive Replacement Parts
Reliable and Competent Company

Lennox Cons:
Long Wait time for Parts
Noisy Motor
Problems with the Flame Sensor

There are several things that you need to keep in mind when comparing furnaces. Each model has its own pros and cons, but if you happen to see the same problem stated over and over again with a certain brand then it is probably a big issue.

Some furnaces have a bad reputation for their motherboards going out. If you come across many complaints of this nature, you will know that you need to take that into consideration when making your choice. Try to stay away from brands who have an unusual number of complaints on the internet.

When you do decide on a furnace, be sure to hire a very experienced contractor to do the installation for you. Most of the problems that you will have with any type of furnace are due to poor or improper installation.

If the unit is not installed properly, you will end up having many different reasons to make service calls on the unit. The worse the installation, the worse your furnace will work for you.

Keep your budget in mind when choosing between a Carrier and a Lennox furnace. Though the Lennox may be more expensive, it may actually last longer for you than a cheaper model.

Each company has various furnaces which are in all different price ranges. Be sure to research the exact model that you are thinking of getting and interview several different contractors before deciding which one to hire.

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Coleman Furnace Limit Switch is Open

Did you know Coleman Heating and Air Conditioning was founded in 1900? Their units have been manufactured for over 100 years, supplying satisfied residential customers!

They are built with two internal safety components called high-limit switches. Their function is to stop electricity from reaching the gas ignition valve, which becomes vital if the unit overheats to a dangerously high temperature. In the event that a Coleman furnace limit switch is open, you can follow these simple steps to properly reset the switch:

1. Cut the power. Open up your circuit breaker box and identify the breaker switch controlling electricity to your unit. Move that switch into the “Off” position.

2. Locate the access panel on your unit. Open the panel by sliding it up and out.

3. Next, locate the upper limit switch on your furnace. You’re searching for a small round component with a raised red button at the center, or a square metallic box with a white switch.

4. If your unit has a red button, depress and release it, which will cause a reset. If your unit has the white switch, open the cover. You will see a dial with temperature marker arms. Reset the arms. In most cases, the settings should real (left to right) 90 for the fan off arm, 130 for the fan on, and 210 for the burner off. Once these are properly set, the fan will blow hot air between 130 and 210 degrees (Fahrenheit).

5. If your unit has a white switch, next ensure the switch is pulled out. Otherwise move to step six to finish remedying the situation if your Coleman furnace limit switch being open.

6. Turn the power back on. Return to the circuit breaker box and move the breaker controlling electricity to your unit back into the “On” position.

Note that these instructions are for resetting the upper switch if the Coleman furnace limit switch is open. Units do have a lower switch as well. The lower switch is designed to automatically reset. If you believe the lower switch has not reset, you next step should be to contact a local Dealer and ask for a qualified technician to come investigate. This will rarely be the case.

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