Ruud Furnace Problems

The Rudd company has been in the business of manufacturing cooling, heating, and water heating products since the 1950’s. Rudd is one of the largest manufacturers in the country, and designs products for residential and commercial use.

Although the products are designed to work efficiently and last for a long time, problems can arise with any heating or cooling system and at some point, you could have Rudd furnace problems. If you are experiencing problems with your system, and want to check things out yourself, you should take some necessary precautions first.

Before you check out any potential problems on a heating or cooling system, you should always shut off the gas and electricity to prevent accidents or injury, and to keep from damaging your system. If you’re having a problem getting the furnace to ignite, it’s usually a question of having the ignitor replaced.

You could also have a problem with the ignitor going out more than it should be. This could be a result of improper handling of the ignitor. It could also be that the ignitor that was installed, wasn’t designed for the furnace you own, so it would have to be replaced.

Additional Rudd furnace problems regarding the ignitor not glowing, could be cause by a control board problem within the furnace, or a faulty switch in the system. Occasionally, when the furnace is turned on for the first time once the cooler weather hits, it might run for awhile, then shut down itself for no apparent reason.

This could be an issue with the thermostat, but it could be something involving the capacitor. You can remove it and have it tested, but if you’re not the mechanically inclined type and are afraid of messing things up even more, you should call an authorized technician to check your furnace.

Although your Rudd furnace is designed to last, once in awhile, you’ll have a problem that will that will cause you to have a fit. If you have troubleshooting experience, you can sometimes determine the problem yourself, and generally it’s something like a faulty switch. You can check things out yourself, but if you’re unsure about what to do, call an expert in to get your system working in top notch condition again.

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Armstrong Furnace Reviews

Armstrong has been making furnaces in Ohio and South Carolina since 1928. Armstrong furnaces come with a 10 year warranty. At 80% efficiency they may not be quite as efficient as some makes, newer models have higher efficiency ratings however.

While they may not be as high tech as other companies, Armstrong furnace reviews point to a reliable product that, if installed and maintained well will keep you warm and comfortable for years to come.

Armstrong furnace reviews highlight their reliability, with tradespeople claiming that they have rarely been called out to fix one. Many reviewers remark that the furnace creates comfort in their home.

Those Armstrong furnace reviews that are negative include paying for labor that is not covered by the warranty which leads to high costs.

Some reviewers complain of the furnaces being noisy or having to replace the same parts on several occasions. Parts that are said to have been faulty include the igniter, the blower and the circuit. Others complain that the furnaces dry out the air in their home, making it stuffy.

Despite these negative reviews, the numbers of people who are happy with their furnace far outweigh those who are dissatisfied. Many consumers claim to have had their furnace for years without having to get it serviced, those happy with their furnace state that they would buy another.

Some professional contractors writing reviews make the point that many problems can be put down to irresponsible repair men who are marking up the price of parts and labor. Care therefore should be taken when choosing a contractor and research should be done into the price of parts.

Those who complain of noise and similar problems may also want to look at who installed the furnace in the first place. Professionals and those in the know believe that poor installation results in many serious problems, plus a lack of education regarding the furnace on the consumer’s part.

Many people who complained of problems, found their furnace was fine for a number of years initially. These issues could either be a result of general wear and tear or a lack of maintenance.

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My Lennox Furnace is Blowing Cold Air

In the cold weather, it is important to have warm air in the house. Occasionally problems may develop with your heat system. You may notice your Lennox furnace blowing cold air. You will want to investigate what is happening and why.

Checking the burner

Observe your unit as it kicks on. Is the burner lighting? If so, there are other things to look for. Here are a few suggestions.

Blower speed

There can be a lot of different things that will affect the heat. Try to think of the simplest solutions first. Is it early in the season? You probably have a central air unit that uses the same blower motor.

Most blower motors have speed control settings. In the summer, you want to have the blower on high mode. This will give you maximum cooling capacity.

In the winter, the blower should be set for a lower speed. This will make the air warmer. If it is too high, the air may feel cool or not as warm. Check to see if the blower is set on high.

Many units are not difficult to check. You need to kill power to the unit first. Pull out the blower unit and follow the wires from the motor. Do they go to terminal screws?

In some cases, all you have to do is change the wire set up. There should be a diagram or printed words on the unit.

Some newer models use electronic controls. Check with your owner manual. It may have instructions for blower speed settings. After you make sure that the speed is low or medium, you can proceed to other things.

Limit switch

One important component is the limit switch. It is located in the plenum. It is heat operated. When the temperature of your plenum reaches a set point, the contacts will close. This sends power to the blower motor.

If the blower motor comes on too soon, the plenum will not be hot. As a result, the air may feel cool. Check to see if the setting on the limit switch has been changed.

Observe the unit when it comes on. Does the blower come on right away? Does it appear to be coming on too soon? Try raising the temperature setting on the limit switch. This may give you warmer air. If not, you may need to have someone check your unit.

Is your Lennox furnace blowing cold air? Check to see if the burner is lighting. If it is, check the speed setting on the blower motor. It should be on medium or low.

Check the setting on the limit switch. You may need to raise it. If that does not work, it may be best to call for professional help.

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The Best Natural Gas Furnances

Natural Gas furnaces are far more desirable than other furnaces since they do not only bring comfort to your home but they also help preserve the environment. When you plan to buy this kind of furnace, the things you need to consider are its size and efficiency.

The size you need to order is dependent on the amount of heat loss in your house. You can ask the help of a professional who knows how to calculate heat loss so you can purchase the perfect furnace for you house.

In terms of efficiency, the natural gas furnaces are rated by determining their Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). This rating is calculated by the determination of the ratio of the output heat of the unit to the consumed total energy.

Each furnace’s cabinet has an attached label that contains its AFUE. It is better to purchase a unit that has a 92% AFUE which can perform efficiently 15% than the old furnaces models that make use of natural gas.

This furnace is also ideal when it comes to cleaning because furnaces that use gas can be controlled without any difficulty compared to oil burners.

Usually, the problem when using this type of furnace in your house revolves around its thermocouple, the pilot light, and other electrical systems’ components.

You also need to remember that once you have this type of furnace and it gets damaged, you should not turn off the lights inside your home and instead open the windows and doors and get out of the house.

Do not go back inside until there is no permit from a professional from a gas company to enter the house. If you plan to replace your old furnace or if you need to buy a new one, go for a natural gas furnace.

It is more efficient in terms of its performance than other furnaces and it is also energy efficient. If you buy this furnace, you also help save the environment.

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Easy Oil Furnace Troubleshooting

Oil furnace is the dark fuel residue. It works as an alternative to propane furnaces in the countryside. It functions as a petroleum based fuel to produce heat. Oil furnace contributes to a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to home heating. Therefore, it is important that we are fully aware of the things we must take in consideration in order to maintain it.  We should always check our chimney when the weather comes in too hot. If the smoke coming out from the furnace is too dark, call for a help. Do not take it lightly. Check for grease and oil fittings. Fittings should be lubricated especially during the heating season. To be assured, thermostat should be thoroughly cleaned.

We can take the necessary precaution to make sure problems would not occur. However, what if the issue had started even before we know it? What should be done? Here are some tips on oil furnace troubleshooting.

If the furnace would not run, check the main root of the problem. If power is not working, inspect for blown or defective fuses. Check also the circuit breakers on main entrance. Your main goal is to restore the circuit. Check on different power switch if your switch is not turning off or on. The tip here is to isolate the problem so as to find the root cause of the problem.

If motor overloads, give it 30 minutes then push reset button. Check if it solves the problem. If it still overloaded, repeat the same process. Check and wait for a longer period of minutes before going through the same process.

In case of blockage of fuel line, check the filter. Make sure oil filter is clean. If it is dirty, clean it. Then check if there is still a blockage. If there is still a blockage, you must call some one who is a professional on this field.

What if Burner would not fire? There are various reasons why burner would not fire. One reason could be that there is no fuel. Under this situation, check the tank. The solution is easy from there. Just fill in the tank. Another reason why burner would not fire could be the ignition. If the ignition would not spark, check if the stack is clean. If the stack is clean, push the reset button located on the stack control. Then check if the ignition would start from there. If the problem is continuous, you have to call a person who is a professional to the field.

In cases when furnaces work intermittently. There are a lot of possible reasons why a furnace would not consistently function. Air or oil Filter could be dirty. On such case, simply clean and replace the filter. Another possibility could be that motor and/or blower needs lubrication. The solution to this is apparent. Simply lubricate the blower. Another reason why a furnace would not work is if the blower is clogged. On occasion like this, simply clean blower assembly. However, if stack control becomes faulty, you must call a professional to the field.

In troubleshooting, check for the obvious first. If the problem is not solved, go to the next possible reason why it is happening. The secret is to be able to isolate the problem so you could determine the real cause of the issue. The same concept is followed in oil furnace troubleshooting. It is important that we can dissipate any untoward issues that may occur. To do this, it is an advantage that you can do simple oil furnace troubleshooting.

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