My Payne Furnace is Overheating

In recent consumer reviews, one of the most negative complaints about Payne units is Payne furnace overheating. Reviews across several top websites read like a continued series of stories.

Consumer after consumer complains of their unit overheating for various reasons. While overheating can be due to a manufacturing defect or issue that needs the eyes of qualified technician, a great many of these situations can be attributed to poor maintenance.

Maintenance to a gas furnace is about as important as oxygen to you and me. If we don’t have oxygen, we have severely shortened life spans. The same can be said of your gas furnace. Simple things like cleaning and replacing the filters make a massive difference in your unit’s life span.

A Payne furnace overheating can be compared to you or me having a heart attack. Warning signs usually lead up to it. You can prevent overheating by maintaining your filters once a month. It’s really simple! Just located and remove the air filter(s).

Take a handheld vacuum and suck any buildup off of the filter. You can even wash it with light detergent. Make sure the filter is completely dry and reinsert it. Replace the filter about every three months.

If you fail to keep the filtration system clean, particles of dirt and grime can come in contact with the innards of your unit. Overtime they build up, much like a human artery can become slowly grow clogged. Eventually, the furnace unit will overheat. Overheating can cause serious damage, and even damage the unit beyond repair.

If you suspect a defect is at fault for your unit consistently overheating, then you should contact a local dealer for assistance. A technician will be dispatched to inspect the unit and determine the cause of the problem.

Your warranty should cover any and all work that may result. A Payne furnace overheating is a frustrating problem. Several consumers have complained of this issue, but most have owned their units for years and rarely performed preventative maintenance. Maintaining your unit takes minimal time and in the long run is well worth any time and effort you expend.

Ruud Furnace Blower Problems

Ruud furnace blower problems can be particularly troublesome, especially during a period of very cold weather. There are few things more aggravating than having Ruud furnace blower noises or other problems. Fortunately, there are some simple steps that can be taken to try to determine the cause of the problem.

A common problem that many homeowners report is that their Ruud furnace blows cold air. This, along with other common Ruud furnace blower problems, can be caused by several issues. These may include the flow of natural gas being disrupted, as well as electrical problems.

Any repairs should be done by a qualified HVAC technician, since you’re dealing with equipment that requires a few safety precautions. Don’t worry, though, because there are a few things you can look for to have a better idea of the problem’s cause. This includes seeing if the furnace is getting enough gas, when gas-powered, or seeing if there may be a wiring problem.

One problem that happens pretty often is the ignitor going bad. When this happens, the blower will start, but the flame sensor doesn’t detect any gas, so the unit shuts off. This can keep happening until you’re literally driven nuts by it.

Other problems could possibly relate to the furnace control board or other electric components. When there is a problem with the wiring, the control board will often shut down to avoid the possibility of a fire. It can be described as the unit’s way of saying “Hey, look, we’ve got a problem here!”

Once you’ve begun to experience Ruud furnace blower problems, you’ll need to contact a technician who services these types of furnaces. This will help eliminate further problems that can be caused by servicing the furnace without enough technical knowledge.

Make sure you can describe exactly how your blower is malfunctioning to better help the technician. He can usually pinpoint the problem more accurately with enough information. If possible, try to find out if you can get an estimate of what the repair costs will be. This will better prepare you, and help you avoid nasty surprises when the job is done.

Trane Furnace Customer Service Review

Trane Furnace Customer Service is well-known to thousands of satisfied customers. Incorporated back in 1913, by James Trane and son, the name has lived up to a lifetime of service.

Trane Furnace Customer Service is one of the highest ranked customer support services in the country! With a reputation as solid as that, you know that the decision to purchase a Trane product is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make for your home.

Dependable Service

Got questions, concerns, or comments about a Trane product or service? No problem! Just contact the friendly Trane Furnace Customer Service team to get the service you need. Trane backs-up their products and services 110%, so they’ve got you completely covered.

Reach the Trane Furnace Customer Service team by phone, “snail-mail”, or even e-mail anytime you need to.

A friendly Trane Associate will be honored to guide you in the right direction. Trane furnaces offer an amazing 97% efficiency rating; coupled with a 110% customer satisfaction rate, you can’t go wrong!

Servicing More Than Furnaces

Trane services their quality products and customers, but that’s not the entirety of what makes them rise above the rest.

Trane Furnace Customer Service is so fast and reliable, customers will be left with a smile of satisfaction after communicating with a Trane Furnace Customer Service representative.

The Trane Difference

Being treated like you should is the reason that so many customers give Trane Furnace Customer Service an “A+”. When you have an issue that needs to be addressed, you deserve to be heard, plain and simple.

Those other guys out there may promise to treat you like an important person, but only Trane delivers on their promise!

As a customer, you are the key to Trane’s success year after year. Customers are the most important people to this trusted household name.

Trane Furnace Customer Service specialists will always treat you with sincerity, appreciation, and well-deserved respect. Get the superior customer treatment you need with Trane.

For all of your heating and cooling needs, let Trane serve you with the nothing less than the best. Whether you come-in to your local Trane dealer, call by telephone, or send an inquiry by “snail-mail” or e-mail, Trane Furnace Customer Support will always be there for you. Remember, “It’s Hard to Stop a Trane”!

York Furnaces vs Carrier Furnaces

So you have decided that you are going to purchase a new furnace and you have narrowed it down to York furnace vs. Carrier. In this article, we are going to compare the two to help aid in your decision.

What does York have that Carrier does not? Apples for apples we found the two to be comparable and almost a fact of personal preference. We have noticed that many consumers are preferential to one brand or another due to personal experience or a friend in the field.

The number one thing that York vs. Carrier both has is the fact that they both qualify for the Energy Tax Credit. Getting the Federal Tax Credit of $1500.00 is enough to make anyone happy and the fact that they both qualify makes them very comparable.

Efficiency; York furnace vs. Carrier found that the York furnace was about 40% in energy and gas efficiency, where as the comparable Carrier model was only about 20% energy and gas efficient. If you want to save money, then it does seem as though York is the better deal.

Another thing we found consumers wanted was a quiet furnace. Comparing York furnace vs. Carrier furnace, we wondered which one seems to be the quietest? We found that it is actually dependant on the installer. We found most consumers stated that either unit either sounded like a jet airplane or was quiet as a mouse. It was all dependant on the contractor who installed their unit.

We did find that there was some talk on consumer review forums that the York furnace vs. the Carrier furnace meant that York was more of an economy type furnace, whereas the Carrier was the higher end brand. We also found that to be dependent on the contractor doing the installation.

Tried and true: we found that once a consumer had a good experience with either the York furnace vs. Carrier furnace; that if their unit ever needed to be replaced; they would automatically purchase the same brand.

Some consumers have stated that their York furnace vs. Carrier furnace problems had really nothing to do with the unit itself; but it all stemmed from those who installed their unit. With the ductwork not being sized properly and trying to get through the install as fast as possible; many mistakes were made that led to big problems down the road.

No matter which furnace you purchase the York furnace vs. Carrier furnace, there will always be the good with the bad. Number one, ensure that all your needs are going to be met. Not every household is the same, therefore which furnace, the York furnace vs. Carrier furnace that someone else has may not be the right one for you.

Ensure the contractor you hire is licensed, bonded, and experienced and dependable. Ask questions, how many years has the contractor been in business? How much experience do they have? Search the Better Business Bureau and ensure that there are no complaints against the contractor.

Then you can make the best decision for you and your family and it will help make your decision of York furnace vs. Carrier much easier.

Whole House Air Purifiers

There are many misconceptions about whole house air purifiers. The facts will speak for themselves about this wonderful means to create better air for the home, which is provided below.

Fact 1: Whole House Air Purifiers; The goal for many people is to have the best quality air in their homes. The air purifiers remove harmful contaminants from the air in the home. People breathe 23,000 times a day inhaling 435 cubic feet of air. This means a person will inhale the contaminates constantly.

Fact 2: Whole House Air Purifiers; Healthy air is crucial to the human existence. It is one of the most important factors in life next to food and water. Without air, people will die within minutes so it only makes sense to provide the highest quality of air to exist.

Fact 3: Whole House Air Purifiers; Clean air provides higher levels of life and health with the allergens removed to reduce allergies and asthma attacks. The toxins in the air are inhaled to reduce health so it is important to have a higher quality of air in the home to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Fact 4: The Environmental Protection Agency and Congress considers indoor air pollutions to be the #1 environmental health problems. Over 65 million Americans have asthma or allergies leading to an epidemic for everyone especially people who smoke and have children.

Fact 5: Over 50% of Americans have developed asthma in the past ten years so the quality of air in the home is very important to have cleaner purer air.

Fact 6: Every year, Americans spend billions of dollars on medication to breathe better. To improve the air quality in the home, a whole house air purifier will reduce the needs for expensive medications.

Fact 7: Mold is naturally created but causes many respiratory diseases are often found in many homes. The mold can cause illnesses and colds when the germs are inhaled in the home. When the mold is untreated, the result is sick building syndrome.

Fact 8: Indoor contaminates lead to many symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, breathing problems, skin irritations, depression, eye irritations, asthma attacks, memory loss, snoring, colds, flu, viruses, and sinus infections.

Fact 9: Whole House Air Purifiers;The filter on the home furnace is not enough to remove the toxins and allergens in the home. The filters only trap the smaller particles but not the smaller particles that lead to illnesses and difficulty breathing. Only a whole home air purifier will remove these particles.