Lennox Furnace Motor Replacement

A good motor is crucial for any furnace. Without a good and reliable motor, your furnace cannot run efficiently or may stop working altogether. Over time, the motor can die on you or become tired, which means it will need to be replaced. If you are looking for Lennox furnace motor replacement, this article can help.

Before you go out and purchase a new motor, be sure that it actually needs to be replaced. If you are quite handy, you can check the motor yourself, but to be on the safe side, you should ask a professional to check. Sometimes, the motor may not function as well as it should due to a dirt buildup. If this is the case, a cleaning may be enough to repair the issue.

To replace the motor, you first need to know exactly which model your furnace is. There should be an emblem or sticker on the appliance which tells you this information. If you still have the manual for it, this will also tell you.

Once you know which model you have, you can contact the manufacturer to find out which motor you need. Many manufacturers will sell you the motor if the warranty on the furnace has expired. If it is still under warranty, you may be able to get a free replacement, but this will depend upon the terms of the warranty and the reason for the motor failure.

Many stores that sell major appliances will also sell parts. Contact local stores or search the Web to find what you need. If they do not have the specific part in stock, they will probably be able to order it for you.

Once you receive the motor, it is up to you to decide who installs it – you or a professional. There are many websites that provide instructions on motor replacement. Try to find the most detailed instructions possible, and especially those with images that illustrate each step. If you still have the product manual, this may also tell you how to replace the motor on your own.

If you do not feel particularly comfortable with doing this work on your own, you can ask a professional to do it. If the furnace is still under warranty, you may be able to have the replacement performed for free. Otherwise, you will have to pay. To make life easier, find someone who can get the part for you and also install it.

Rheem Furnace Efficiency Review

Some furnaces will steal all of your money and make you wish you had Rheem furnace efficiency. Well, not all Rheem furnaces are incredibly efficient, but there are some that meet the standards set for high efficiency. Let’s talk about what kind of benefits you will receive with these furnaces.

First, the more efficient something is, the quieter it usually is. Have you ever noticed how high efficiency vehicles seem to be purr as they drive down the road? This is because they run on electricity instead of having to explode gas.

A furnace can also be quieter if it is more efficient. This is especially great for Rheem because their furnaces aren’t known to be the quietest on the market. So, if you want to buy Rheem and you want to get a quieter model, then high efficiency will be the way to go.

Now, noise isn’t the strongest selling point and I probably shouldn’t have started with it. There are plenty of other features that efficiency furnaces have. Let’s get to talking about those.

An efficient furnace will save you money. Now, I’m not talking about the initial investment in the furnace. An energy efficient furnace will cost you a lot more than a normal one.

I am talking about future expenses. You will end up paying less to heat your house because the furnace is more efficient. I mean, that’s what an efficient furnace does. It’s built to use fewer resources.

So, you might end up saving money in the long run. This is a great reason to get one of these. Still, it’s not the best reason.

Maybe the best reason to look at Rheem furnace efficiency is for the sake of the environment. We are depleting our natural resources at an alarming rate. The people who understand this are trying to make the situation better.

There are many ways that we can do our part. One of these ways is by using energy efficient things. A furnace is just one of the ways we can do this. Most appliances are now being made in more efficient ways.

So, we’ve talked about noise, money, and the environment. These are three very important reasons to go efficient. Still, they are not the only reasons.

If your furnace is using less to make the heat that means it is also working in a cleaner way, which means that your air will be cleaner and healthier. This is great news for people who want to live long happy lives.

You want your air to be as clean as possible. Efficient furnaces make this possible. They are a great investment for this and the other reasons we have listed. Also, your friends will think you’re cool if you get one.

I hope that this helps you understand Rheem furnace efficiency. It is a wise investment for more than one reason. You will be helping out the environment and yourself if you purchase an energy efficient furnace. On the other hand, the normal furnaces will be a little cheaper.

Bryant Furnace VS Trane Furnace

If you are looking for a new furnace and you have narrowed down your choices to getting a Bryant or a Trane, you will want to compare and contrast the two before you make your final decision.

There are definite pros and cons for each system that must be considered before you make your choice. Here is a list to get you started.

Bryant Furnace

Great Fuel Economy
Long Lasting Unit
Excellent Customer Service
Poor Circuit Board Design
High Priced Replacement Parts
Only a 5 Year Warranty on Parts

Trane Furnace

Many Systems to Choose From
Few Repairs Needed
Options for High Tech Features

Igniter Repairs Needed Often
Unreliable Circuit Boards
Backup of Condensation

Though these are a few pros and cons for each system, much more research should be done before you make your final decision.

As with any furnace, many of the problems can come with poor installation and have nothing to do with the actual furnace at all. Make sure that you get a competent and cirtified technician to install your furnace or you may be in for a ton of problems and money spent on repairs.

One way to make sure that your technician will do a good job is to get plenty of customer reviews about him before you decide to hire him. Ask for referrals from previous clients and talk to them to find out if they are happy with the job that he did installing their furnace.

Another component that you must look at when choosing your furnace is cost. What will is cost you to have it installed and will it save you money over time.

If you purchase a Trance furnace which has high efficiency, but bigger price tag, you might actually end up saving money in the end. Do your homework before you buy. There might even be a nice tax credit that you can get for purchasing a unit with higher efficiency.

Though Bryant furnaces are typically cheaper, Trane furnaces have the power of their well known brand behind them. If you are on a tight budget, it might be best to go with one of the high quality Bryant furnaces. However, if your budget is pretty flexible, you might be happier just buying the Trane.

Coleman Furnace Problems

Every furnace on the market comes with its own set of possible issues. If you own a Coleman unit, then you are probably interested in learning about some of the common Coleman furnace problems experienced by customers. Most of their models experience issues that stem from improper installation or lack of needed maintenance.

If you are purchasing a unit, it is imperative to hire a qualified installation technician. Coleman has local authorized dealers in most states. Contacting a local dealer for an installation is recommended, and it shouldn’t cost much more than hiring a contractor.

If your unit came with the home you now own, you can contact your local dealer and ask for a qualified technician to come check the unit. They can usually spot whether or not it has been properly installed, and make any needed changes if the installation was not up to par.

Common Coleman furnace problems include the blower not working. The blower can stop working for several reasons—the most common being a lack of proper preventative maintenance. The manufacturer recommends lubricating the axle, cleaning the blades, and checking to ensure the motor is not being overloaded. A blower can suddenly stop working because the axle runs out of lubrication. The fan belt should also be regularly adjusted to ensure it averts no more than an inch when pressed.

Another common issue is the thermostat. It is extremely rare for a thermostat to fail outright. However, it is very common for a it to degrade over time. Every thermostat is comprised of mechanical parts that can stick and lose their calibration over the years. The older the unit, the more common it is for a thermostat to be off.

You can keep it in good working order by customarily making a minor adjust. Use a wrench to adjust the nut on the back of the mercury switch. Adjust it until the unit turns on. Then, use a room thermometer to set the thermostat to the proper temperature.

A great majority of Coleman furnace problems are easily fixable and preventable. Preventative maintenance is important. If your unit is covered under warranty, you can have it regularly serviced at little to no cost to avoid problems.

Easy Gibson Furnace Troubleshooting

When something goes wrong with your furnace, it might be time for some Gibson furnace troubleshooting. This is actually a lot easier than you might imagine. You don’t need to call an electrician to start.

First, you just need to take a look at the situation. What is actually going wrong? Try to pinpoint what exactly is the matter.

The next step of your Gibson furnace troubleshooting is to determine if there is actually a problem with the furnace at all.

Many times people will report there being a problem with their furnace when the real problem is that they need to reset their thermostat.

You see, as seasons change, people get more used to certain temperatures. What may have seemed warm in comparison with one season might seem cold compared to a new season.

So, if you forget to change your furnace according to your new level of comfort, you might think that there is something wrong with it.

Sometimes Gibson furnace troubleshooting is as easy as realizing that you need to reset the thermostat. Other times things can get a lot more complicated. That’s why you need to buckle down and try to figure out what the problem is.

Some people worry about injuring themselves. This scares them away from trying any form of Gibson furnace troubleshooting. While it is wise to avoid injury, there are some things you can check without endangering yourself.

Most furnaces have a cover that is easy to remove. After you remove the cover, you will be able to see important parts of your furnace. You can see if the pilot light is out, and what is going on inside.

This is the view you will want to have for Gibson furnace troubleshooting. You might be able to guess at what piece is broken. Fixing the furnace can be as easy as finding the part number on this broken piece.

Before you attempt to remove any pieces you should really make sure that you are being as safe as possible. Furnaces are connected to very dangerous things. You do not want to blow up your house.

As long as you are careful this really isn’t something that you should have to worry about. You can look around without being too worried. The furnace isn’t going to jump out at you.

If you can’t discover anything wrong just by looking, you might need to go back and inspect the thermostat. Sometimes Gibson furnace troubleshooting can be as easy as looking for a message on the thermostat.

If you have an electronic thermostat, it might tell you exactly what is wrong. Then, all you need to do is see if you can fix that problem on your own. Then, your days of Gibson furnace troubleshooting will be over.

I hope that this Gibson furnace troubleshooting guide has been helpful to you. It might have been a lot of information, but you will discover that it is easy to follow the information as you start looking at your furnace.