Lennox Furnace vs Carrier: Which is Better?

Anyone who is looking into buying a new furnace knows that this is a major decision. This is because the cost of a furnace and its installation are quite high.

Also, choosing the right furnace is crucial to your comfort during the cold seasons. If you are wondering which is better: Lennox furnace vs Carrier, this may be able to help you decide.

There are many factors which should affect your ultimate purchasing decision. For instance, when choosing the right furnace for your home, you need to consider whether or not it can provide your home with enough heat and how efficient it is.

Find out how large your home is and use that as a guide when looking at different furnaces. Be sure to choose one that can handle the size of your house. Also, other factors to consider include the climate you live in and the insulation in your home. When in doubt, a professional can help you decide.

Carrier and Lennox are amongst some of the top brand names. However, the Trane and Goodman brands also are quite popular amongst consumers. Most of these brands make comparable models that will work in many different homes.

To figure out which brand or model is best for you, take a look at consumer reviews. People tend to post honest reviews on various websites. These reviews will provide you with valuable insights into how long the product should last, the level of service they have received from the company, and how efficient the furnace really is.

There are also consumer guides which include information on furnaces. They will list the different brands and models, and will then compare them for you. These articles will usually provide a comprehensive rating system for each model that discusses a number of factors, like fuel efficiency, cost, installation, and durability.

Many people purchase products based upon the Energy Star rating system. If a product has been Energy Star certified, it means that it is a lot more efficient than other models that do not have this rating. Over time, this level of efficiency can save you money on your energy bills.

When making the decision to purchase any furnace, also take the installation into consideration. The furnace will run properly if it has been installed properly. Find an authorized technician who is highly reputable to do the job for you. Be wary of con artists and look to consumer reviews for help.

Ducane Furnace Reviews

Ducane furnace reviews paint a picture full of valuable information you should know before purchasing a furnace unit that carries the Ducane name.

Ducane is a brand owned by Lennox. Lennox is headquartered in the United Stated and uses the Ducane brand name to manufacture and distribute a line of residential and light commercial heat pumps, air conditioners, and gas and oil furnaces. A standard 5-year limited parts warranty comes with most units.

Consumer reviews rate this brand 51st out of 70 brands. Only 23% of consumers writing reviews say they would recommend a Ducane unit to others. In the categories of “Very Satisfied” versus “Very Unsatisfied,” 9 claim to be “Very Satisfied” while 25 claim to be “Very Unsatisfied.” 0 consumers fall into the “Somewhat Satisfied” category while 1 is “Neutral” and 3 are “Somewhat Unsatisfied.”

The majority of negative Ducane furnace reviews are recent; written within the past 5 years. Very few reviews speaking of quality and minimal to no breakdowns or issues are found amongst these reviews. Unhappy consumers complain that from the day of installation on their furnace had non-stop problems.

Most consumers opted to buy a Ducane because of the price. They are notably cheaper than other brands, which makes them attractive to homeowners working with limited budgets. Says one unhappy consumers, “Do not, I repeat, do not buy a Ducane without researching other options first. If I had saved my money for a few more months, I could have bought a much more reliable unit for a little but more money up front.”

Consumers speak of oil and gas leaks, breakdown of almost all parts except for the fan, and even issues with the unit rusting. These individual received little to no help via their 5-year limited parts warranty. Almost all repairs came directly from their pocket.

Ducane furnace reviews are nearly a one-sided report of negativity. Breakdowns are common. Replacement parts are expensive. Several consumers claim having spent enough in replacement parts over 5 years to buy their unit 2 to 3 times over! The consensus amongst consumers is to spend a little more money on a better brand if only to purchase peace of mind.

York Furnace Efficiency Review

With so much emphasis on being more energy efficient, we decided to look at York furnace efficiency and see how they stacked up against their competitors.

Upon our search of York furnace efficiency, we found many consumer forums discussing advantages or disadvantages to York furnaces. The consensus points to the York being one of the most efficient furnaces you can purchase today.

The York is 97.5% efficient in the 60,000 BTU models and has the modulating gas valve–having many stages of heat is better than two in terms of comfort. According to the Energy star ratings, York furnace efficiency even at its lowest was only a 92+ percentage.

Whereas the listed efficiency rating for York’s competitors came in at around 90-91% efficiency. We know that a percentile or two does not sound like a big difference; but when it comes in terms of energy consumption, that one to two percentile makes York furnace efficiency above the rest.

The York unlike the competition modulators; has more than five gas valve positions. The York modulates from around 40% to 100% in 1% increments; what that means is total comfort control. This is just another way York furnace efficiency standard is above its competitors.

The York runs on a standard four-wire thermostat. Meaning that with a York, there is no need to install a complex and expensive thermostat to operate a modulating furnace that is actually just a 5-stage furnace. The York modulating furnace is 98% efficient and the quietest furnace on the market.

Also with the patented drain pan in the York, no need for an external condensate trap. The York furnace is a true multi-unit; it will work in all four positions. The York furnace is absolutely ahead of its competition in its capability.

One consumer went so far as to post their York furnace ratings as being five stars out of five stars. Not only was the York furnace quieter than their previous furnace, but their gas bill went down at least 40%! This consumer was so excited and said that with that kind of efficiency, the unit could pay for itself in not time.

Another thing that does interfere with the efficiency is the installation. Your York furnace efficiency could be better than any competitor on the market could as long as your unit was installed correctly and with capable help.

If someone who has a lack of knowledge or was in a rush in their installation installed your unit; then your York furnace efficiency very well could not be where it is supposed to be. You could be losing money instead of saving money like another person down the street.

One last thing that can affect the York furnace efficiency is how you, the consumer, run it. If you are cold all the time and run it at a high temperature, then you will probably not see the benefits.

American Standard Furnace Troubleshooting

If you are the owner of an American Standard Furnace, you may need some help from time to time keeping it running. Though these furnaces are famous for being very dependable, it’s perfectly normal to need a little help with troubleshooting.

Some repairs will be complicated and you will need to call a repair person. However, in most cases, your American Standard Furnace troubleshooting can be done by you or someone in your family. Use these tips to help you to figure out what is wrong with your furnace and how you can solve the problem.

1. Have a look at the outside unit. Look around to see if anything is obstructing air flow to the unit. In some cases, grass, weeds or hedges have grown up around the unit, causing it to not run properly. If this is the case, simply trim the grass and hedges around your unit to increase proper airflow.

2. Check to see if the air that is coming from the furnace is the correct temperature. If you have your air conditioning on, then the air flow should be cool.

If the air coming out of the vent is not cool, then the coils on your American Standard Furnace may have frozen. If this is the case, turn off your furnace and let the coils thaw. If this happens repeatedly, you will need to call a repair person.

3. Check to see if your outside furnace is running. Though it may seem that your air is on inside, the outdoor unit may not be running. If you find that it is off, check the breaker box to make sure that you have not blown a fuse. There will often be an additional breaker box located near the outdoor unit which houses the fuses for the furnace.

Look at the fuse box to make sure that all breakers are in the on position. If one is not, simply turn it on. However, if this keeps happening, there is likely a problem with either the breaker box or the power cable that needs to be repaired by a professional.

Keep these tips in mind while American Standard Furnace troubleshooting. Your problem may easily be fixed in just a few minutes.