Payne Furnace Ratings

If you’re in the market for a new furnace, consumer ratings will factor into your decision as you weigh on potential brand against another. Consumer ratings can point us in the direction of the best units to consider based on satisfaction and efficiency ratings.

In this brief article we are going to discuss Payne furnace ratings. Keep in mind that studies reveal consumers who have a bad experience are twice as likely to write a review as those who have a good experience.

Thanks to this, low ratings should be taken with a grain of salt. Do not let consumer-based ratings alone make the decision for you.

Consumer reviews rate this brand 40th out of 67. 35% of consumers writing reviews say they would recommend Payne. In the categories of “Very Satisfied” versus “Very Unsatisfied,” 28 total reviews are considered. Only 9 individuals say they are very satisfied while 15 say they are very unsatisfied.

4 reviews place in the middle, “Somewhat Satisfied” to “Somewhat Unsatisfied,” zone. Several consumers have owned their units for 20plus years without major problems.

Let’s also consider efficiency Payne furnace ratings. According to Energy Star—the universally accepted rating that accurately depicts efficiency—two things define furnace efficiency: competency in performance and overall state of quality.

Energy Star utilizes the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (the AFUE) percentage to measure both heating and cooling efficiency. The higher the percentage the more efficient a unit (or group of models) is.

4 model series are listed on Energy Star’s rating list. While two hold a dramatic 95% rating, the other two slowly reduce in efficiency ratings. If you’re in the market for a Payne model, then here are the ratings from Energy Star that will interest you:

Model series PG9YAB (gas) rates 95%
All models beginning with PG9 (gas) rate 92%
All models beginning with 490AAV (gas) rate 91.5%
All models beginning with PG9MAB (gas) rate 90-92.1%

Payne furnace ratings indicate a product with faults, just like any other furnace brand. However, efficiency is notably high on certain models and consumers say their product warranty keeps replacement and repair costs to a minimum.

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Payne Furnace Manual

Any long-term furnace owner will be the first to tell you the owner’s manual is vital. Not only can it assist you with troubleshooting many common issues, but it also instructs you on helpful topics including regular maintenance and how to use your product warranty. If you own a furnace by Payne then your interest lies with the Payne furnace manual.

You might be surprised to know that around 50% of homeowners who lack an owner’s manual purchased their home with a furnace model already installed.

There are sleuths of reasons why the manual may be missing. The contractor may have discarded it; the previous owner might not be able to find it, and so on. Regardless of the reason, if your home has a Payne furnace and you lack the manual, there are several ways you can go about acquiring one.

The most trusted source for a Payne furnace manual is the manufacturer itself. You can order a copy direct from the company, look for a copy locally, or—if you are Internet savvy—download a perfectly usable copy from Payne’s official website.

According to Payne, “Dependability is our value.” They really seem determined to make good on their catch phrase with a website packed full of helpful information. It is no surprise that they make it simple to acquire a replacement owner’s manual.

Payne also offers a number of installation manuals. In fact there is just about one installation manual for every model they stock. Consumers who hire an independent contractor to install their unit have found these manuals extremely useful.

Not only are they a guide for the contractor to ensure proper installation, but the consumer also has the ability to compare the instructions with the contractor’s work to assess whether or not a proper installation is being conducted.

Most of us toss the owner’s manual of almost any product we purchase because we dislike having a drawer full of booklets. You can e-store a copy of your Payne furnace manual on your computer or another electronic storage device such as a Kindle or iPad. It’s an easy and convenient way to hang on to a document offering practical advice to you as an owner.

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Easy Westinghouse Furnace Troubleshooting

Westinghouse furnace troubleshooting is actually a fairly easy task, if you have the right tools. If you have or are purchasing a new Westinghouse heating unit, you will want to be sure to keep a copy of your manual.

If you’re trying to troubleshoot an existing unit and do not have a manual, you can contact a local Westinghouse dealer and request a manual to match the model number of your unit.

Most units have an LED backlit panel with various lights. The lights lit up and, if applicable, sequence in which they are blinking can be useful in identifying a computer error code that might have shut the unit off until diagnosis is done. For the Do-It-Yourselfer the manual referenced with online resources can be very helpful.

If you’ve purchased a new unit, chances are you can avoid Westinghouse furnace troubleshooting by yourself altogether. New units are covered by a few different warranties. A 10 year limited parts warranty covers most troubleshooting issues and parts replacement.

A 20 year warranty exists on the heavy-gauge aluminized steel heat exchangers, which will save you a major expense should they ever have any issues. You can utilize the warranty by contacting the manufacturer or a certified local dealer. A technician will be dispatched to handle all of your diagnosis needs.

One of the nice things about Westinghouse furnaces is that they have been around for many, many years. Technicians and dealers often have “cheat sheets” that detail common issues and give tips and tricks for diagnosing these issues and fixing them.

You can often contact a local company or check their online websites to access cheat sheets. Many Do-It-Yourselfers also have helpful diagnosing tips and tricks on online forums.

If you have your manual and the serial number of your unit available, one of the most effective ways of handling Westinghouse furnace troubleshooting is to simply call the manufacturer. They have an entire support center dedicated to helping to diagnose any issue on the spot.

Even without the manual to follow along with, the support center is a great way to troubleshoot. It saves the time of waiting for a technician, and makes fixing the issue much faster!

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Gibson Furnace Reviews

Nordyne is a company that began about 65 years ago as one of the subsidiaries of Nortek, Inc. in St. Louis, Missouri. Nortek, on the other hand, was founded in 1967. It was traded publicly in the New York Stock Exchange.

It was acquired by a few private investors in August of 2004. Nordyne uses the name Gibson in North America. It has an exclusive license to use that name though the name is a registered trademark of a company called White Consolidated Industries, Inc. They are responsible for the marketing of the Gibson furnace.

Gibson manufactures several products for comfortable home living. They sell products to residential and light commercial businesses. Other than the Gibson furnace, they also manufacture air conditioners and heat pumps.

When it comes to the efficiency of the product, Gibson still needs to prove its worth in the market. True enough; there are still too few people who are using Gibson to be able to say that it has come at par with competition brands like Rheem, Goodman or Intertherm.

Users say that the furnace is an okay product, so to speak. It is relatively quiet, produces not much noise. And it works satisfactorily in heating up the room. It also has an indicator that will tell you if something is wrong with the product.

Most people who use the product give it satisfactory reviews. Consumers say that there is a need for improvement on the durability of the product. Some of its products failed to work days after the purchase. Other models have broken down on users after two years.

However, this is not entirely Gibson’s fault. As with any furnace, the product should be properly installed. It can be just quite tricky at first. But if the furnace is installed properly, there should be no problems with your Gibson furnace.

Of course, improvements in the durability and the efficiency of the product will be very much welcome.

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Gibson Furnace Customer Service Review

When making the major purchase of a furnace, it is important not only to research the product, but the customer service that comes along with the product.

If the company is known for standing by their products, and honoring the warranty that comes with the product, in the event something does go wrong with the unit your purchased, you need to feel assured that the manufacturer is doing everything they can to correct the problem in a timely manner.

When it comes to Gibson furnace customer service, reviews are mixed. It is up to you to read up on the product, and use your best judgment when it comes to making a purchase.
When you are wondering what to expect from the company you purchase a furnace from, it is a good idea to read up on the warranty and the quality pledge the company offers.

Gibson offers a ten year parts warranty on their furnaces. Gibson believes that if the furnace is built to their exacting standards, then the unit will function without problems for at least ten years.

Their units also come with a ten year quality pledge. This means if the heat exchanger fails within the first ten years of ownership, they will replace the unit. They also offer an extended warranty if you register your unit within sixty days of purchase.

When it comes to actual accounts from people who were happy with their Gibson furnace customer service, they said things such as, “They stand behind their products. I installed a 95% variable speed Gibson furnace last year that had a condensate leak coming from the heat exchanger. I told my distributor about it. They said to remove the furnace and will replace it with a brand new model”.

When the problem with unit is caused by faulty parts, Gibson will replace them or the unit free of charge.

There are also those who have purchased a unit and at not so satisfied with their Gibson furnace customer service.

You will read comments such as, “The manufacturer, Nordyne, refuses to acknowledge there is a problem and suggests we hire more technicians. Do not buy Gibson products or from Nordyne. Nordyne is extremely unhelpful and uncooperative”, when you are looking at reviews of the product.

Many times, however, the problems people experience are not with the furnace itself, but with the installation. Be sure to hire a reliable and experienced contractor when installing a furnace in your home.

Overall Gibson furnace customer service gets good reviews. They only seem to run into problems, when there is a question of faulty installation. Gibson will replace parts that are faulty, unless there is a question of improper installation.

When parts have been recalled, there are accounts of the contractors being compensated by Gibson for replacing faulty parts, at no cost to the customer. This product seems to have a strong support team behind it, so it would be a good choice if you are a homeowner looking to install a new furnace.

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