American Standard Furnaces Review

American Standard has been around for about 130 years now. For over a century, they have been delivering important and efficient products to the market. They are experts when it comes to the cooling and heating business.

They started out in the 1880s. This was when the first American Standard furnace reviews were ever uttered or written, perhaps.

This was when they pioneered home heating systems. And since then, they have continued to look for ways to develop products that will not only beautify the home but also do something that will make your life easier.

The name has become synonymous with home comfort. And until today, they are determined to provide more products that will definitely make you and your family a lot more comfortable at home.

You are probably looking for American Standard reviews right now. You are perhaps looking to purchase a new furnace for your home. And you have made a good choice when you thought about American Standard.

The Erican AUH3 from American Standard lets the air go through three stages of heating. First it operates at 40%. Then it will move to 65% and then to 100%. This optimizes efficiency and allows better comfort control.

This furnace converts about 95% of the gas into heat. This guarantees that you are getting your money’s worth with the AUH3. With the rising gas prices, the AUH3 makes sure that your money doesn’t go to waste.

One more thing that is truly remarkable about this product is it surpasses the government’s efficiency standards. This will ensure that you are cutting down on your power bill without sacrificing the comfort in your home. It also guarantees that there are less greenhouse gas emissions coming from the furnace.

You also don’t have to worry about the noise it produces. The AUH3 is virtually quiet as it evenly distributes the warm air into your home. The best part with this product is it doesn’t require any tune-ups every year. The AUH3 is practically maintenance-free.

The AUH3 also will be able to cool your home during the summer. Surely, there is no need to read other American Standard furnace reviews. Having the AUH3 from American Standard guarantees comfort for you and your family all year round.

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  1. Al Christofferson

    Can i use a one stage thermostat and still get full benifit of the AUH3 furnace?

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