Luxaire Furnace Reviews

Have you been considering a Luxaire for your new furnace? You will definitely want to read these furnace reviews first because you might just change your mind by the end of this article.

The reason I suggest going into your purchase with caution is because the reviews for the Luxaire furnace are quite mixed. Some customers love it, while others are very unhappy with their decision.

The majority or problems or complaints are due to having the wrong sized unit installed for your home. If you go too big or too small you can have major issues come up.

One reviewer says he wishes he would have stayed away from Luxaire all together. He was lured in my the inexpensive price, but in this situation you may just “get what you pay for” in the long run.

Some furnace reviews have shared experiences of parts going out left and right and claim that it can turn into a “money pit”.

One customer who bought a 15 SEER model ended up with an electric bill over $500 after putting in a Luxaire, which was a lot more than they were paying with their old furnace. This was because something was malfunctioned on the thermostat.

If you think you’ll be able to call up the company and have them fix your issues think again. Luxaire furnace reviews have stated that they are a big hassle to work with. One person claimed that they refused to honor their warranty all together.

If you don’t choose one of their installers then you are really out of luck and will have to pay for everything out of pocket.

If you do decide to go with with Luxaire after reading these furnace reviews, at least heed the advice to get a Certified Comfort Luxaire dealer to install it for you. If you do this then your installation will be guaranteed for a good year, which should be able to tell you if you got a lemon of a furnace.

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Tempstar Furnace Efficiency Ratings

There are many brands of furnaces on the market, today. Each brand has its own features and services that keep it in competition with other brands.

The Tempstar brand is usually known in the appliance world as relatively affordable, in comparison to other, comparable brands of furnaces. This affordability is largely the factor that has kept the Tempstar company in competition with some of the more well-known brands.

The price of Tempstar furnaces is not the only factor that drives many people to purchase these products. The Tempstar company is also known for its energy efficiency.

These days, consumers who are looking to purchase almost any product, especially an appliance, have become very conscious of energy efficiency. Therefore, if you are planning to purchase a furnace and are considering the Tempstar brand, it is important to do some research regarding Tempstar furnace efficiency ratings.

Appliances with high ratings for energy efficiency are popular for a number of reasons. First of all, those who are environmentally conscious seek out furnaces, and other appliances, that are manufactured to use the least energy possible, therefore having as little impact on the environment as possible.

Certain seals of approval, such as Energy Star, indicate that an appliance has been proven to have good efficiency ratings. In addition to reducing the impact on the environment, appliances with good efficiency ratings also save the consumer money because of the lower cost of utilities necessary to run the appliance.

These are two reasons why researching Tempstar furnace efficiency ratings is an essential step if you are considering buying a model of furnace that is manufactured by Tempstar.

Fortunately, the Tempstar company website provides information regarding Tempstar furnace efficiency ratings. Much of this information is also available elsewhere online, in customer forums and review websites.

In today’s day and age, energy ratings are very easy to find, since the Department of Energy (DOE) has invented systems for measuring and publishing energy efficiency ratings.

Since most Tempstar furnace models are run using gas, the energy efficiency measurement system differs from the system used to measure energy efficiency on different types of appliances.

The system used for measuring the energy efficiency of gas furnaces is called the annual fuel utilization scale. This system determines how efficient a furnace is based on the amount of fuel it uses to function.

The Department of Energy has changed the standards of what is considered a good energy efficiency ratings based on the annual fuel utilization scale in recent years.
No model can be certified as one-hundred percent energy efficient, due to the process of gas being lost in the process of utilization.

Tempstar furnaces efficiency ratings generally fall between eighty and ninety percent on the annual fuel utilization scale. This is considered an exceptionally high rating. However, most comparable brands with which the Tempstar company competes today have furnaces that rate just as highly.

Certainly, a newer model of Tempstar furnace will have a much higher energy efficiency rating than a model that is over ten, or even five, years old. Therefore, due to the energy efficiency standards implemented today, you will surely save money purchasing a Tempstar furnace to replace an old furnace that you already have.

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My York Furnace Blows Cold Air

You have just come in from a long day at work. If is below freezing outside, with a wind chill that drops down to almost zero. You had to sit in a freezing car until you defrosted a patch on your windshield just big enough you could see through so you could drive home.

Just as you pull into your driveway, you actually start to feel a slight hint of heat coming from your car’s heater. All the way home; you have anticipated; anxiously waiting when you slip the key into the lock on your front door and walk into a warm, cozy house.

Your fingers numb from the cold, you fumble with the keys, finally after what seems an eternity you open the door to your house and instead of being greeted with warmth hitting your face, you can see your breath. Oh no! Your York furnace blows cold air instead of warm! What can you do to fix it?

How your York furnace heats up is a systematic process and if even one of them are off; your York furnace blow cold air instead of warm. Fumbling with cold fingers maybe hard to get the process going, but by using a simple process of elimination you could possibly get your furnace blowing out warm air in no time.

First thing to check is the pilot light. Is it lit? Is it lighting but going right back out? If that is the case, then you may have a restriction in gas flow and you may need to either clean out the line or you may need to manually adjust the amount of gas flow to the pilot light.

To adjust the gas flow, you need to locate the screw that is right below the pilot light and turn it clockwise to increase gas flow. One indication that you have the right flow is the properly adjusted pilot flame has a soft blue color with some yellow at the tip and can reach a height of the thermocouple.

Your thermocouple warms and generates voltage for the safety gas valve to open. If this is not generating sufficient voltage, the safety gas valve will be stuck in the off position not allowing any gas through, therefore not allowing your unit to heat up.

The next tip we are going to have you check for why your York furnace blows cold air may sound a bit trivial, but can wreak major havoc on your furnace. The air filter. Make sure you change it as recommended and make sure it is clean. If insufficient air is getting to your furnace, it could be a reason your York furnace blows cold air.

The last thing we are going to mention could be the gas valve. Ensure that is it not shut off, or possibly burned out. In some rare cases, your gas valve could be defective causing it to malfunction leading a possibility of why your York furnace blows cold air.

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My Lennox Furnace is Blowing Cold Air

In the cold weather, it is important to have warm air in the house. Occasionally problems may develop with your heat system. You may notice your Lennox furnace blowing cold air. You will want to investigate what is happening and why.

Checking the burner

Observe your unit as it kicks on. Is the burner lighting? If so, there are other things to look for. Here are a few suggestions.

Blower speed

There can be a lot of different things that will affect the heat. Try to think of the simplest solutions first. Is it early in the season? You probably have a central air unit that uses the same blower motor.

Most blower motors have speed control settings. In the summer, you want to have the blower on high mode. This will give you maximum cooling capacity.

In the winter, the blower should be set for a lower speed. This will make the air warmer. If it is too high, the air may feel cool or not as warm. Check to see if the blower is set on high.

Many units are not difficult to check. You need to kill power to the unit first. Pull out the blower unit and follow the wires from the motor. Do they go to terminal screws?

In some cases, all you have to do is change the wire set up. There should be a diagram or printed words on the unit.

Some newer models use electronic controls. Check with your owner manual. It may have instructions for blower speed settings. After you make sure that the speed is low or medium, you can proceed to other things.

Limit switch

One important component is the limit switch. It is located in the plenum. It is heat operated. When the temperature of your plenum reaches a set point, the contacts will close. This sends power to the blower motor.

If the blower motor comes on too soon, the plenum will not be hot. As a result, the air may feel cool. Check to see if the setting on the limit switch has been changed.

Observe the unit when it comes on. Does the blower come on right away? Does it appear to be coming on too soon? Try raising the temperature setting on the limit switch. This may give you warmer air. If not, you may need to have someone check your unit.

Is your Lennox furnace blowing cold air? Check to see if the burner is lighting. If it is, check the speed setting on the blower motor. It should be on medium or low.

Check the setting on the limit switch. You may need to raise it. If that does not work, it may be best to call for professional help.

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The Best High Efficiency Furnace

The best High efficiency furnace has an AFUE rating of over 90 per cent and works by condensing the water from combustion gases to produce additional heat.

They usually have an electronic ignition which means no need for a pilot light. Because these furnaces use outdoor air for combustion, there is no possibility of carbon monoxide leakage.

Whilst these new type of furnace are extremely efficient, they are very expensive to buy and cost at least $1,000 more than other types of furnace. If parts need replacing, they are also costly.

These furnaces are highly recommended by the ACEEE for areas that have very cold and long winters, however it may not be necessary to have a high efficiency furnace in places where winters are shorter and milder.

There are a number of these furnaces on the market now, but arguably the best high efficiency furnace could be the Evolution Plus 90i series, manufactured by Bryant. The AFUE rating for the Evolution is at least 94%.

The ACEEE (American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy) claims that this furnace has the most energy efficient blower of any model. The Evolution uses fewer than 258 kilowatts a year. Despite these pros, there have been reports of Bryant furnaces breaking down and needing new parts.

High efficiency furnaces are also made by Armstrong and their model has a minimal AFUE rating of 95%. It is cheaper than the Bryant Evolution model. Again, like the Bryant, faults and part replacement have been reported for this company as well.

Modulating furnaces are also widely considered to be a favorable choice due to their effective control of the temperature, leading to great comfort. Rheem Prestige makes a modulating furnace that is thought to be a good model.

Regardless of what you choose, the best high efficiency furnace is the one that is installed correctly. Choose your installer with great care. Make sure they are well qualified and knowledgeable.

Home size, window seals and insulation are all crucial to an energy efficient house and your furnace will never reach its optimum performance if these things are not addressed.

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