The Best Natural Gas Furnaces

There are many things to consider when shopping for a new natural gas furnace. How efficient they are depends on a few factors, but mostly on your home. If your home has good insulation and sealed windows, then any furnace you purchase will be more efficient.

However if you have a large home with older windows, vaulted ceilings and live in a cold climate area, you will need a better natural gas furnace. However there are some natural gas furnaces that are rated highly across the board. But which natural gas furnace is best? Continue reading “The Best Natural Gas Furnaces”

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Carrier Furnace Problems

Carrier is one of the leading producers of furnaces. It has been in the industry for decades. In fact, it had also established its name through its innovative products and flexible services.

However, there is a probability that consumers may encounter issues even from known brands like Carrier. But then, this is not always the case. There may be consumers who would even refer the product to a friend or relative.

Therefore, there are consumers who smiled and there are those who frown. Every reaction and mood will entirely depend on their personal experience in using the product.

The features and benefits of a product are always presented on an enticing manner. However, the veracity of these words will be tested once it is already on the end-user, which is the consumer.

Therefore, the word of the consumer who actually used the product could be a testing-meter. It determines if the product is really effective or not.

Let us talk about the Carrier furnace problems. If you will research and go out to check what’s going on with the product, you will encounter consumers who are smiling because they like the furnace.

However, there are consumers who had Carrier furnace problems. A consumer in FAQ on heating equipment had had issues with his Carrier furnace. This furnace has model no. 58SXA100-JG. The unit had been working on and off.

Upon calling for a service tech, the consumer was informed that high temp switch has to be replaced. Following the techs advice, consumer replaced the temp switch. However, the unit worked for one day only.

The next day, it is not working so a technician was again scheduled. The same tech adjusted the set up of the temp switch. The unit worked for 10 days then stopped working again.

The process went on but the unit was not repaired. The furnace has been working intermittently since then. One probability is that the furnace might be already old.

A consumer named Blazek from Illinois has the same problem. He vented it out in consumers review section. His furnace is working intermittently. He had to replace one part of the furnace to another. However, the problem had been ongoing until the furnace had reached the end of its life period.

Twenty out of sixty three consumers said they are satisfied with their Carrier furnace. Twenty seven out of sixty three consumers yielded very unsatisfied. The others are either neutral or somewhat satisfied or unsatisfied.

If you will check the reviews and the reasons of their grievances; the common denominator of the Carrier furnace problems are the intermittent performance of the product.

There could be different reasons why a high percentage of the reviews pointed to the direction of intermittent performance of the unit.

Perhaps the reason is the units’ old age, an old model or other technical probabilities. Regardless of the reason behind said Carrier furnace problems, it reflects the performance of Carrier product as a whole.

Are you planning to buy a furnace? Regardless of the brand that you have in mind, do your assignment first. Make a research and ask around before you make your final decision.

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Comfortmaker Furnace Problems

Comfortmaker is a brand created by International Comfort Product International or ICP. It is owned and managed by United Technologies or UTC.  ICP produces oil and gas furnaces for decades now.

The company had been in business since 1900. This said, Comfortmaker had already made its mark on the market. This is especially when it is still evolving and competing with its contemporaries.

What are the reactions of consumers to Comfortmarket furnaces? These reactions could vary. Some consumers may be satisfied. Some may not.

Since there is a probability that some customers are not satisfied, what could be the Comfortmaker furnace problems? What does the consumer say?

One consumer seeks advice on heating equipment regarding his Carrier furnace problems. His unit broke down in under 4 years. One problem that he feels is a shortcoming on the part of the manufacturer.

Customer experienced intermittent service. Upon checking with a technician, he learned that the smart valve has to be replaced. Seemed that customer is still having the same issue with the unit.

Another consumer name Bob vents out his grievance. He said in consumers’ reviews that the technician had visited his furnace at least 40 times since it was purchased. All the parts are already replaced except the covers and fan.

However, it seemed that the unit is not working for him despite repair efforts. He asked help from Comfortmaker but of no avail. Bob feels that the company is waiting for the expiration date of the warranty period so they will not answer for the unit anymore.

Hensen also confided that he had been continuously replacing the parts on his furnace. He already replaced it twice in two years in a row. It seems that he has to replace it again this year.

Most of the concerns raised are geared toward faulty operation within the warranty period.  Hence, overall impact on the Comfortmaker furnace problems is the durability of the product.

Out of ten comments from consumers, four said the product is very unsatisfactory.  Two attested it is very satisfactory. Two went on neutral. Dissatisfaction rate is actually less than 50%.

However, it could still create an impact on the products of ICP. This said, it is advised that consumers should make sure that they are well informed about the brand and the product before paying for it. After all, it is only fair that you get the value for your hard earned money.

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Latest Furnaces Prices

The furnaces prices vary widely depending on factors such as energy efficiency and heating capacity. Larger homes usually require high-capacity furnace on cold climates. You have to remember that furnaces that are too large for your homes may just be a waste of energy and do not keep you warmer.

The type and size of furnace can help determine the best furnaces prices available. A natural gas furnace with an average of 90% efficiency rating starts at $3,000 and may reach higher including installation costs.

A multistage high-efficiency gas furnace with an efficiency rating of 95-97% and can last for up to 10 years is priced at around $3,500. A three-stage furnace makes use of speed blowers to control indoor temperature. Recommended brands are Trane, Rheem, Bryant/Carrier, Lennox, Tempstar and York.

However, multi-stage modulating gas furnace may be more expensive compared to others. There are modifications required such as on ventilation during the installation process.

Less efficient models like gas furnaces of 80% efficiency rating starts at $2,000. This can last for up to 5 years and can provide you with a reasonable and comfortable heating environment. Aside from lower efficiency, this can yield higher operating costs making it unfavorable to some.

In comparison, oil furnaces do not have high-efficiency ratings like that of natural gas furnaces. They come with efficiency rating of 87% because of moisture problems they create in the chimney. The furnaces prices start at $2,000.

Sealed-vent oil furnace is the best alternative if gas is not available. Noise during operations is minimized as well as problems that may occur in chimney vents. However, increasing oil prices in the market make this option too costly to operate.

Aside from natural gas or wood burning furnace, LP or propane gas furnace is an alternative. This is less expensive, cleaner when burned and not so volatile. Prices start at $1,300 for the furnace alone.

A 90 percent AFUE gas furnace is highly efficient with lower long term energy costs. The initial cost starts at $1,000 with a yearly utilization efficiency rating of 90-92%. Disadvantages of these types include high initial costs because of the possibility of installing new venting system.

In order to have best furnaces prices, you may consult experts on heating systems such as HVAC contractors. Take note that these estimates are not for free and be ready to pay for their services. Multiple estimates allow you to do comparisons and select the most appropriate system you need without breaking your budget.

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The Best High Efficiency Gas Furnace

High efficiency gas furnaces receive a rating between 90% and 96% by the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). This rating is referred to as the annual fuel utilization efficiency, or the AFUE, and is a measure of seasonal performance.

Traditional “power combustion” furnaces have a rating between 80% and 82%. Furnaces that have ratings above 90% are “condensing” furnaces, meaning that they are able to condense escaping water vapor and consequently recapture some of the heat that is wasted by traditional furnaces.

Choosing a highly rated gas furnace will save you a lot of money and keep your home properly heated. Especially if you live in a colder climate, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) strongly recommends having a condensing furnace with an AFUE of 90% or higher.

One of the best choices of condensing furnaces is the Bryant Evolution Plus 90i series, which is also marketed as the Carrier WeatherMaker Infinity 96 series.

The Evolution series is Bryant’s top line. Bryant’s middle and bottom lines are Preferred and Legacy. The Evolution model has AFUE ratings between 94.1% and 96.6%. The Bryant Evolution Plus 90i has excellent heat/blower controls and according to the ACEEE, this furnace’s blower utilizes the smallest amount of electricity of any model, only 105 to 258 kilowatts per year.

With an AFUE rating of 95%, the Armstrong Air furnace is another great condensing model that is similar to the Bryant Evolution, but can cost you a couple of hundred dollars less.

There have been some reports, however, that have said both the Bryant and the Armstrong models need repairs more often than other furnace types and due to the high cost of parts, they can be difficult and expensive to repair. Even still, Bryant and Armstrong furnaces have average to above-average long-term reliability ratings.

Another highly efficient type of furnace is the multi-stage modulating gas furnace, whose AFUE rating is between 92% and 97%. This kind of furnace is a bit more expensive but both experts and homeowners agree that the multi-state modulating furnace yields the greatest level of comfort.

Two and three-stage furnaces have the ability to maintain a nearly constant temperature through the use of variable-speed blowers. A recommended brand name of a multi-stage furnace is the Rheem Prestige series, which has a modulating burner with a heat output range in 5% increments from 40% to 100%.

A gas furnace’s measurable performance is affected by climate changes, home size, insulation, window condition, and usage. As a result, long-term reliability is generally considered to be the most important distinguishing factor between furnaces, which are designed to last between 15 and 20 years. So while having a furnace with a reputable brand name is important, it is the relationship between the contractor and the buyer that is most often emphasized.

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