My Bryant Furnace Does Not Ignite

There is very little that can compare to the feel of a warm heat on a cold and wet winter’s night. If your Bryant furnace does not ignite then you may be left feeling frustrating and chilly, not a pleasant situation to have to experience in your own home. When such a problem arises it is important to try and troubleshoot the issue before going to the expense of calling out a professional repair person to your home.

To start with take a look at the thermostat. The switch needs to be on the heat position for the ignition to work. If it is off then the moment you do turn it on the furnace will kick start and you should be able to feel the warmth once more. It can happen that another member of your household has inadvertently turned the appliance off.

If the furnace is switched on and set to heat but still the ignition does not work then there may be a problem with the fuses or circuit breakers. Find the panel and check to see if any fuses need replacing. This can occur every now and then, though if there is a regular problem with the fuses there can be a more serious issue with the appliance or your electrical wiring.

An ignition that does not seem to be working may be down to the pilot light being blown out. You can fix this simply by relighting the pilot light. If you have no experience of this you can ask a family member who understands the protocol. An electric ignition furnace would require an array of safety steps before the burner can be lighted; the directions should be located somewhere on the appliance itself. As long as you follow the guidelines to the letter you should not have any problem with relighting the pilot.

Give any pipes the once over. It can happen over time the pipes become blocked or damaged which in turn lead to problems with the ignition. Always examine the pipes and other components every couple of months to check for wear and tear. Any damaged components would need to be replaced.

When all else fails the best remaining option would be to rest the furnace. In many situations pressing the reset button can fix any minor non mechanical problems. If the unit still refuses to work then it would be the time to call out the experts.

Originally posted 2010-08-29 11:52:27.