DIY Bryant Furnace Repair

If you are having trouble with your Bryant Furnace, there are a few things that you can do before calling an expensive repair person. In many cases, Bryant Furnace repair can be done by you or someone you know in a short amount of time. Here are a few things that you can try before calling a repair person.

1. Check to make sure that you have a clean filter installed. In some cases, an extremely clogged filter can cause a Bryant furnace to quit working properly. If you find that your filter is dirty, simply purchase a new one and change it out.

2. Check to see if there are any breakers in the off position. In the cases of power surges or lightening strikes, breakers can be thrown off. Check the breaker box located next to your furnace unit to make sure that all breakers are in the “on” position. If you find one in the “off” position, simply turn it back on. If this continues to happen, you will need to call a repair person to find out the cause.

3. Check the outdoor “disconnect switch”. This switch is usually overlooked by home owners. Many home owners do not even realize that it is there. To find it, look for a gray box that is located near your furnace. It will be about 16 inches high and it is usually mounted to the wall.

Once you find the box, make sure that the switch is in the “on” position. This is not the same box as the breaker box, so make sure that you find the right one.

4. Check the diagnostic light on the furnace. Many Bryant furnaces come with a diagnostic light in the lower section of the furnace. Watch for the light to blink and then write down how many blinks you saw.

There will be a sticker which reads “LED code” to help you decipher what the blinking light means and how you can do your own Bryant Furnace repair.

By using this quick troubleshooting guide, you may be able to diagnose and fix your own Bryant furnace problem. If none of these fixes solve your problem, then it’s probably time to call a repair person.

Originally posted 2010-07-02 11:05:01.