Easy Carrier Furnace Ignitor Replacement

Electronic ignition gas furnaces are the latest development and are much more efficient than the previous models. Three different types available are the electronic, intermittent spark pilot, intermittent hot surface ignition pilot and hot surface ignitors. The one found on the carrier furnace is hot surface, considered a superior type on the market. A carrier furnace ignitor replacement is not difficult when one understands the system and follows a few simple instructions.

The furnace uses this unit to light the gas and also uses a flame sensor which will turn the heat completely off if it cannot detect a flame source. This is what happens when the ignitor is not working correctly. So, if one is having a problem with it not working efficiently this is one of the first things that should be checked.

The power to the furnace should, of course, be completely turned off. This can be done either by the unit switch or by the circuit breaker. In addition, one should turn off the gas valve. This will make the operation of replacing the part danger free.

Opening the front access panel, one will find the ignitor alongside the burner assembly. It is easy to recognize as it is made of ceramic material with wiring. Some other wiring forms a harness and should be pulled apart. There are two screws securing the part to the furnace. These can be easily removed using a Phillips-head screwdriver. With the removal of the screws it is easily detached.

After the ignitor is removed one should go to an authorized Carrier dealer and secure a replacement. Always take the original part to the dealer to be sure the correct substitution is obtained. The dealer can also answer any questions concerning putting the unit back in or why it became defective to start with.

This furnace part is very sensitive to anything touching it, including the hands, so care should be taken in handling it. While it will not interrupt its immediate operation it will cause it to wear out faster than usual. One would then proceed to install it using the same removal steps, in reverse.

After putting back the screws the wiring harness would be rewired to the wire terminal block and the panel door replaced. This is a very simple way of handling a carrier furnace ignitor replacement. When re-installed properly, the unit should take off and immediately start producing the heat needed for a comfortable home.

Originally posted 2010-08-31 07:55:01.