Easy Carrier Furnace Maintenance

There are two basic ways to perform Carrier furnace maintenance. You can have a professional come out. You may choose to do it yourself.

In difficult economic times, you may not be able to afford professional care. You can at least, do it yourself. Here are things about both situations.

Professional care

It is much easier to call someone out to clean the entire unit. A professional will make sure that everything is cleaned and lubricated. He will also check to see that all parts are in good working order.

This inspection is very important. It is a good reason to pay someone, if you can afford it. You do not want to have a breakdown in the middle of a bitterly cold night. Also, you want to be sure that there are no carbon monoxide leaks.

Doing it yourself

You can get your unit clean and ready for the winter. There are a few basic steps to use. You may need a screwdriver, shop vac, and cleaning rags.

Make sure that you have a new filter too. Be sure that you have turned the power off to the unit. This is usually a separate breaker in the box.

Blower motor

Look for a panel that has the blower motor. Many of them simply pull out. However, you may need to remove screws.

Check the blow motor. Does it have places to oil? If so make sure and carefully place a few drops of oil in the areas. Look to see the recommendation for oil.

You may need non detergent oil. Check with the owner manual or look for any labels on the unit.

Before replacing the blower motor, look to see if you can change the speed. In winter, you can place it on low or medium. A rule of thumb is higher speeds for cooling and lower for heating.

Some blower motors may have belts. If it does, examine it and check for signs of wear and cracks. Put the blower motor back. Put back all panels too.


Clean everything well with the shop vac. Get all dust, dirt and any soot, out of the unit. Take your time to give it a good cleaning. Clean the outside of the unit too. Wipe everything down, when done.


Check the filter. It probably needs to be replaced. This is a pretty straight forward job. However, make sure that it is pointed in the right direction of air flow. This is very important. If it is in the wrong way, it can affect the performance. Your filter should be replaced every month of operation.


After you are done, check your work. Make sure that everything is back in place. Turn the power back on. It is a good idea to run it for a few minutes. You may get a funny smell from the ducts. This is common during the first few hours of operation.


Carrier furnace maintenance can be done in two methods. You can hire a professional. You will be sure that it is properly cleaned and all parts inspected. This may save future headaches and breakdowns.

If money is a problem, you can still clean your unit and prepare it for winter. Kill the power. Pull out the blower motor and see if it needs to be oiled. Most newer ones have sealed bearing and do not require oil.

Change the speed to medium or low, for winter, if possible. Vacuum out everything that you can. Make sure it is very clean. Install a new filter. Be sure it is all back together. Turn the power back on and test it. It may smell funny, the first time that you use it.

Originally posted 2010-09-07 12:51:15.