Carrier Furnace Reliability

Heat systems will not last forever. There may come a time when you need to consider a new one. It can be a very good move, these days. Here are things to consider about Carrier furnace reliability.

A name brand

Carrier is a name brand. They have been around for many years. A lot of people have good things to say about the products.

If you check online for reviews, you will find many excellent ones. With any brand, you will find some negative reviews. However, you will see a high percentage of good ones for this product.


Many experts agree that the installation is an important factor. Make sure that you use an experienced installer. It should be someone that you trust.

It is never a good idea to find a professional without researching first. Proper installation is vital to all heating and cooling systems.

Ask people that you are familiar with about service professionals. This is one of the best sources. If someone is honest, dependable, and competent, customers will be proud to tell others about them. Ask everyone that you know. Someone may be able to recommend the right service.

If not, you may need to do some research on your own. One good way is to call businesses. Assess how they treat you on the phone.

Do they seem organized and professional? This can tell you a lot about them. Make sure and check with places like the Better Business Bureau, also.

The installer that you choose may have a huge impact on the life expectancy of your equipment. Take your time to find the right professional. It is too important to leave to chance.

In some cases, you may have heating and cooling installed at the same time. You may be able to get a special price this way. This can result in substantial savings.

Other important factors

There are other things that will determine how reliable your heat system will be. You need to take proper care of it. This means regular maintenance and cleaning. The best products in the world will fail, if they are not properly kept up. Here are tips to remember.


Change your filters every month. However, you may live in dusty conditions. Check your filter once a week. If it looks dirty, change it.

Filters are not that expensive. They will pay for themselves. Your air flow will greatly increase. This improves the efficiency of your heating system.

Check ups

Once a year, have someone inspect and clean your heating system. It will last much longer this way. It will also be less prone to breakdowns. The time to do this, even in the off season.

Fall and spring are good choices. It will be easier to find a service person. This time of year, they are not so busy. You may get lower rates in the off season, too.

If you cannot afford a check up, you can clean your unit, yourself. This is much better than doing nothing. Clean and vacuum out everything.

Check the blower motor. See if it requires oil. All of these things can make a difference in efficiency. This can save you money on your heating bills.


Carrier furnace reliability is about a trusted brand name. It is also about proper installation and maintenance. Have your heating system properly installed by experience professionals. Make sure that you maintain it well. It will give you many years of good service.

Originally posted 2010-09-03 11:42:46.