Do It Yourself Carrier Furnace Repair

When your bought your Carrier furnace, you may have been under the impression that you would never have to repair it. Even the highest quality furnaces need some repair at one time or another.

The longer you have your furnace, the more likely that it will need to be repaired. With normal wear and tear, a typical Carrier furnace will probably have at least one or two issues within the first 5 years. Here are a few Carrier furnace repairs that you might need to make.

If your furnace won’t stay lit, you might have to replace your flame sensor. Take a look at what is happening when you try to light your pilot light.

If you light up the light and then the furnace does not kick on, then your flame sensor is probably faulty. The job of the flame sensor is to tell the furnace when to turn on and off.

Replacing your flame sensor is not very hard and can usually be done by the home owner.

When everything seems to be working properly with the pilot light, flame and burner, but your furnace blower won’t come on, there might be a problem with the circuit board.

The job of the circuit board is to start up the blower motor at the correct time. If the circuit board has gone bad, then it will need to be replaced. This repair is a little more difficult, so it might be a good idea to call in a certified Carrier repair person.

Problems with your furnace don’t always have to lead to repair work. If your furnace isn’t working properly, you should check to make sure that your air filters are clean and not clogged.

Clogged or dirty air filter can give you a lot of problems with your furnace. If your filter is clogged, simply purchase a new one and replace it. In many cases, this will fix the problem.

If you do need to hire a repair person to come and do some Carrier furnace repairs, make sure that you find one who is qualified and licensed. It’s a good idea to get recommendations from friends and neighbors to find a good repair person before you hire anyone.

Originally posted 2010-07-28 08:50:21.