Carrier Furnace Replacement Parts

When your Carrier furnace is on the fritz, you might need to buy some Carrier furnace replacement parts. There are a lot of common parts that are used for Carrier furnaces when things go wrong.

If you love to do repairs yourself, it’s good to know about some of the common repairs that you can do for your Carrier furnace. Here is a short list of Carrier furnace replacement parts and why you might need them.

1. The Motherboard. This is one of the most sought after carrier replacement parts. When your motherboard goes out, nothing on your furnace will work correctly. You will have to replace the motherboard before you are able to use your furnace again.

This is one of the common replacements that needs to be made with Carrier furnaces. It is the control panel that makes all other parts of the furnace work correctly.

2. The Flame Sensor. The flame sensor is the part of the furnace that keeps the flame of the pilot light lit. If you pilot light is continually going out, you may need a new flame sensor. Flame sensors are relatively easy to replace yourself and are easy to find.

3. Air Filters. Air filters are by far the most common replacement part that you will buy for your Carrier furnace. Since air filters are only made to last 3 to 6 months, you will be buying these at least a couple of times per year.

Fortunately these filters can be bought at almost any retail outlet. By keeping your air filters changed properly, you will have a furnace system that will work efficiently and effectively.

4. The Thermocouple. The thermocouple is used to keep the furnace system lighting when it is supposed to. This is one of those parts that will probably need to be replaced at least once during the life of your furnace.

If you are having problems with your furnace staying lit, then it is likely that the problem is a bad thermocouple. Once you purchase your thermocouple replacement part, you will find that it is quite easy to install with a few instructions from the Carrier website.

No matter which kind of furnace you purchase, you are probably going to have to buy replacement parts at some time or another. By knowing what you need for your furnace, you can easily find the right replacement part and get it back in working order in no time.

Originally posted 2010-07-15 07:42:02.