American Standard Furnaces Review

American Standard has been around for about 130 years now. For over a century, they have been delivering important and efficient products to the market. They are experts when it comes to the cooling and heating business.

They started out in the 1880s. This was when the first American Standard furnace reviews were ever uttered or written, perhaps.

This was when they pioneered home heating systems. And since then, they have continued to look for ways to develop products that will not only beautify the home but also do something that will make your life easier.

The name has become synonymous with home comfort. And until today, they are determined to provide more products that will definitely make you and your family a lot more comfortable at home.

You are probably looking for American Standard reviews right now. You are perhaps looking to purchase a new furnace for your home. And you have made a good choice when you thought about American Standard.

The Erican AUH3 from American Standard lets the air go through three stages of heating. First it operates at 40%. Then it will move to 65% and then to 100%. This optimizes efficiency and allows better comfort control.

This furnace converts about 95% of the gas into heat. This guarantees that you are getting your money’s worth with the AUH3. With the rising gas prices, the AUH3 makes sure that your money doesn’t go to waste.

One more thing that is truly remarkable about this product is it surpasses the government’s efficiency standards. This will ensure that you are cutting down on your power bill without sacrificing the comfort in your home. It also guarantees that there are less greenhouse gas emissions coming from the furnace.

You also don’t have to worry about the noise it produces. The AUH3 is virtually quiet as it evenly distributes the warm air into your home. The best part with this product is it doesn’t require any tune-ups every year. The AUH3 is practically maintenance-free.

The AUH3 also will be able to cool your home during the summer. Surely, there is no need to read other American Standard furnace reviews. Having the AUH3 from American Standard guarantees comfort for you and your family all year round.

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How to Do American Standard Furnace Repair

As with any furnace you might own, it will need some repair at some point during its lifetime. If you are looking for information on American Standard furnace repair, then you might be wondering how you can do some troubleshooting of your own.

In many cases, it is not always necessary to call out a specialist when you are having trouble with your American Standard furnace. You might be able to make the repair yourself and save yourself a lot of money in the process. Here are some common problems that you can look for when trying to fix your American Standard furnace.

1.Check your air filter. In most furnaces, the air filter should be replaced every 3 to 6 months. When the air filter becomes clogged with dirt or dust, it can cause your furnace to work poorly. If your furnace is blowing air, it is not blowing very hard, then this might be your problem.

2. Have a look around your outdoor unit. If your unit has stopped working all together, there might be a problem with the unit outside.

Check around your unit to make sure that grass or shrubbery has not grown up and into the unit. If it has, then this can cause the unit to completely stop working. Trim back the hedges and grass around your unit every couple of months and you should not encounter this problem.

3. Check your breaker box. Most people do not realize that your outdoor air unit usually has a breaker box of its own. It is not in the same place as all the rest of the breakers for your home.

These are usually found outside near the air conditioning unit, attached to the side of your house. Open up the unit if your air stops working and make sure that all the breakers are in the “On” position. If they are not, simply turn the one that is off, back on. This might just fix your problem.

These are only a few of the things that you can check out if your furnace has stopped working properly. If you keep having ongoing problems, you should call a specialist who can come over and diagnose whatever the main problems is with your furnace.

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Latest American Standard Furnace Ratings

Before you buy a new American standard furnace to heat your home during the cold winter months it is important to understand how efficient various models are. This would help ensure that your money is spent on a product that is perfect for your requirements.

As long as you understand American standard furnace ratings you will be guaranteed that feeling chilly will soon become nothing but a distant memory.

A modern furnace’s rating is usually calculated by its annual fuel utilization efficiency, otherwise referred to as its AFUE. If you see the term Fleet Efficiency this is describing the average rating of every model produced by a specific company.

American standard produce both oil and gas powered furnaces. Whichever you consider, you can be sure that a satisfying warmth will be produced. Today, furnace ratings are perhaps a more important factor than in the past as the cost of oil and gas is increasing constantly every year.

All American Standard furnaces have ratings ranging from eighty per cent up to ninety six per cent. The result of this is that at least eighty per cent of any fuel that is used, be it gas or oil, will be converted into heat for the home. The cost efficient design means that you may even be able to qualify for tax credits depending upon the policies put in place by your local authority.

With these furnaces you can have peace of mind that you are buying a quality product that will actually bring you savings when compared to older designs or models manufactured by other companies. The only issue is whether to go for a gas or oil fueled appliance.

All the models that are part of the gas powered Freedom furnace range have been designed specifically to give out the maximum heat for the minimum amount of fuel. The top of the range models can reduce temperature fluctuations dramatically. They are highly durable and built out of quality components and material.

American Standard oil furnaces can offer an efficient and quick heating solution no matter what the size of your home or the conditions outside. The ultimate models also have a variable speed blower that helps to ensure the furnace is as quiet as possible while distributing heat. As fuel bills are only going to continue to rise in the future isn’t it about time you upgraded your furnace to a more efficient set up.

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American Standard Furnace Blinking Red Light

If you own an American Standard furnace, it is likely that you will have to troubleshoot it at some point in time. Fortunately, the American Standard furnace systems has an easy way that you can do just that.

These furnaces come equipped with what is known as a diagnostic light. This light can help you to determine if there is a problem with your furnace and what exactly that problem might be.

Near the bottom of the furnace unit, there is a small window with a red LED light. Depending on the status of the light, you might be able to locate the source of your problem.

If the furnace is working correctly, then the light will be continuously blinking red. There will be no long pauses between the blinks and the blinks will all be the same length.

When you are having problems with your American Standard furnace, the red blinking light might do some strange things. First of all, you might notice that your light seems to be sending you a code.

If you watch it long enough, you might notice that the light is doing three short blinks, pausing and then doing two long ones. If you see something like this at a time when your furnace is giving your problems, then the first thing that you should do is to write down the code.

The American Standard furnace red blinking light system is fairly easy to use once you know what you are looking for. Once you have learned to recognize the patterns in the light blinks, then you can write down what it is doing and find out what is wrong with the furnace.

Each time the light blinks, the furnace is sending you a code. Once you have written down how your light is blinking, then you can simply look in your furnace manual and find out what the code means.

In some cases, the code will tell you that you need to call a technician, but in others, you may find that the problem is simple to fix and you can do it on your own.

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American Standard Furnace Problems

American Standard had reached recognition as an icon in providing hygienic and inexpensive heating equipment in our homes.  It has been in the business for decades and it had already established its name through years of service.

One of the current products of American Standard is a furnace. The furnace comes in two types. One is a gas furnace and the other is oil furnace.

A gas furnace easily warms up. It has flexible motor speeds and safety control to make sure you and your family is safe.

On the other hand, oil furnace has filters that can be cleaned after usage. Ideally, the gas furnace and oil furnace has the same qualities and features.

What is the best way to test the performance of a product? Is there an issue with the product? Is so, what are the American Standard furnace problems?

What could be the best way to measure the performance of a product than to hear it straight from the consumers who uses it? What do you think?  Let us talk about the American Standard furnace problems.

Unfortunately, there had been ongoing and pressing issues with the American Standard furnace. Many consumers had manifested dissatisfaction to the product. Such dissatisfaction comes from various reasons.

On the Consumers Reviews Forum, one consumer whose name is Dan said he is not happy with his furnace. He further attested last April, that he had replaced every part of the furnace at least twice already.

Another consumer named Franklin attested that his American Standard Furnace is very noisy.  He further said that it had a bad blower motor and that the product is of poor quality.

One consumer whose last name is Brown attested further that he has to replace the compressor and the capacitor. Unfortunately, he has to pay for the service. It costs him over $800.

Another consumer who signed as MRD stated that he replaced the plastic part of the product. He was then informed that the furnace he bought was actually recalled three years ago. His grievance is that the end buyer should have been informed.

One who signed as Kirk stated that he bought the American Standard to replace another furnace because the first product has been responsible for his high electrical bill.

Thinking that American Standard is the solution to the problem, he purchased the furnace. Unfortunately, his bill had an additional $20 to $50 on top of his previous bill after using American Standard furnace.

There are at least two who attested that they are very satisfied with American Standard furnace. However, more than 50% had tagged the American Standard furnace as very unsatisfactory. The others are somewhat unsatisfied and one is neutral.

The cause of most of the dissatisfaction comes from the parts of the furnace that has to be replaced. Though the product is under warranty, consumers still has to pay the service fee. Therefore, they still end up shedding off hundreds of dollars from their pocket.

If we will analyze the manifestations of the consumers, the American Standard furnace problems are from the parts of the product that has to be continuously replaced in order to keep the furnaces functioning.

Basing on the reviews and statements made by consumers, seemed that the product is not a good value for your money.

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