Byrant Furnace vs. Lennox Furnace

When you are choosing a new furnace for your home, it is important to do plenty of research on furnace companies before you make your decision. If you have narrowed down your furnace decision to a choice between a Bryant furnace or a Lennox furnace, you will need to know the pros and cons of each system. Here is a short guide that you can use during your research.

Bryant Furnaces
Bryant Pros:
Great Fuel Economy
Long Lasting Unit
Excellent Customer Service

Bryant Cons:
Poor Circuit Board Design
High Priced Replacement Parts
Only a 5 Year Warranty on Parts

Lennox Furnaces

Lennox Pros:
Runs Very Quietly
Long Lasting Unit
Highly Efficient

Lennox Cons:
Long Wait for Replacement Parts
Too Many Repairs Needed
Many Problems Stated with Heat Exchanger

When you are comparing two Furnace companies, it is important to look at the warranties that each of them offer. Choose one that has an excellent warranty that will cover both parts and labor. The warranty should also be quite long since most furnaces are built to last at least 20 years. If your warranty is under 5 years, then you might need to look for another company.

In addition to getting a furnace with a good warranty, you will need to hire a reputable contractor to install the unit. Many furnace problems are the result of poor installation. If you have contractor who does not do a good job, then you may have high priced problems with your furnace for years to come.

Many customers say that comparing Bryant and Lennox furnaces is like comparing apples to apples. Both furnace companies have been around for a long time and provide some furnaces that are very high quality.

Before you make your decision, be sure that you talk to people who own both types of furnaces so that you can get a good idea of what you are in for. Keep in mind, though, that many furnace problems are the result of poor maintenance or installation, while you are making your comparisons. It may come down to which contact person you have the most confidence in. All in all, you should trust your instinct.

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York Furnaces vs Bryant Furnaces

So you have decided that you are going to purchase a new furnace and you have narrowed it down to York furnace vs. Bryant furnace. In this article, we are going to compare the two to help aid in your decision.

What does York have that Bryant does not? Apples for apples we found the two to be comparable and almost a fact of personal preference. We have noticed that many consumers are preferential to one brand or another due to personal experience or a friend in the field. Continue reading “York Furnaces vs Bryant Furnaces”

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My Bryant Furnace Does Not Ignite

There is very little that can compare to the feel of a warm heat on a cold and wet winter’s night. If your Bryant furnace does not ignite then you may be left feeling frustrating and chilly, not a pleasant situation to have to experience in your own home. When such a problem arises it is important to try and troubleshoot the issue before going to the expense of calling out a professional repair person to your home.

To start with take a look at the thermostat. The switch needs to be on the heat position for the ignition to work. If it is off then the moment you do turn it on the furnace will kick start and you should be able to feel the warmth once more. It can happen that another member of your household has inadvertently turned the appliance off.

If the furnace is switched on and set to heat but still the ignition does not work then there may be a problem with the fuses or circuit breakers. Find the panel and check to see if any fuses need replacing. This can occur every now and then, though if there is a regular problem with the fuses there can be a more serious issue with the appliance or your electrical wiring.

An ignition that does not seem to be working may be down to the pilot light being blown out. You can fix this simply by relighting the pilot light. If you have no experience of this you can ask a family member who understands the protocol. An electric ignition furnace would require an array of safety steps before the burner can be lighted; the directions should be located somewhere on the appliance itself. As long as you follow the guidelines to the letter you should not have any problem with relighting the pilot.

Give any pipes the once over. It can happen over time the pipes become blocked or damaged which in turn lead to problems with the ignition. Always examine the pipes and other components every couple of months to check for wear and tear. Any damaged components would need to be replaced.

When all else fails the best remaining option would be to rest the furnace. In many situations pressing the reset button can fix any minor non mechanical problems. If the unit still refuses to work then it would be the time to call out the experts.

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Bryant Furnace Error Codes

The most frustrating thing ever is to experience Bryant furnace error codes without knowing how to correct these codes. If this is something that happened to you recently then you need to read through this piece so that you know what to do the next time you encounter this situation again.

When you find that the light on your furnace is burning constantly, then you will have to replace the circuit board. For a light that is flashing, once or twice you have to consider replacing that gas valve. The blower motor will need replacing if the light flashes three times.

A light, which is flashing four times, is warning you that you will have to replace the heat exchanger. More than four flashes is a disaster as it means that you will end up having to purchase a brand new furnace, as there is no hope for your existing furnace.

If your furnace is standing outside your house the weather might cause it to show error codes. A furnace, which you are not using for a long time, might give you some problems as well. In this case, the product will not start immediately and if it does, it will switch off with a few error codes.

Something that might help you in this case is to clean and dry your furnace properly and try to start it again. This will loosen the pressure switch, which is stuck due to the above factors, and once that is loose, your problems will disappear almost immediately.

Some of the other problems, which you might experience, is that the fan will start up for a few seconds and suddenly switch off again. This might be because you have problems with the sensors or the jumper switches of the furnace.

It might not be a good idea to, always try to fix this yourself and as in this case, you should get the people from which you bought the furnace to come out to your house and do the necessary repairs.

In many cases, you will receive a guarantee as well as a warranty upon purchasing the product and if you are going to tamper with it or trying to fix what is wrong you will end up canceling the warranty that means that you will have to pay cash for all repairs. Bryant furnace error codes are appearing to tell you that something is wrong so pay attention to these warnings.

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Bryant Furnace Ignitor Replacement

If you want to install a furnace and want something of an outstanding quality, but at the same time are looking for something that is reliable a Bryant furnace is exactly what you need.

This is really something that can lasts for years depending on how you treat your furnace. As with all other equipment; electrical, gas or oil, something can go wrong and then such part or parts need to be replaced.

The first thing that you might ask is probably where to get a Bryant furnace Ignitor replacement and what the costs will be. There is absolutely no need to stress about it.

It is not hard to find replacement parts for your Bryant furnace. The only thing is when you buy any parts at a hardware shop it can be quite expensive.

Another option for you to find the parts is to do some online searching and buy the necessary replacements online where you get great discount prices.

Bryant is able to offer you a wide range of equipment such as gas furnaces, oil furnaces, ventilators, air conditioners, boilers, humidifiers, fan coils and heat pumps to name a few. Things like this make them the leader in the industry of oil and gas equipment.

Bryant offers a great line in oil as well as gas furnaces like the Evo System Plus 90i-Up to 96.6-AFUE, which have a lifetime warranty on one part that is the heat exchanger.

Another line with a warranty for twenty years is the Evolution System Plus 80v-UP to 80-AFUE, but the warranty is only for the heat exchanger as well.

The series, which most people prefer, is the Plus 90-Up to the 93-AFUE also gets a warranty for the rest of your life on the heat exchanger and the Legacy Line Plus; 80-UP to the 80-AFUE came along with a warranty of around twenty years that is also for the exchanger for heat.

Two other famous lines they offer is the Legacy Line-Plus 90-UP to 95.5-AFUE and the Preferred Series Plus 80-Up to 80-AFUE.

As you can see there is quite a variety of furnaces available and to get some Bryant furnace Ignitor replacements easily and save money especially when it is not necessary to rely on professional services in case of a breakdown.

Just keep in mind that any bad gas valves or high temperature limit controls, which is open, can cause great damages especially with the older models like the Bryant LH33WZ512A Spark-Ignitor and Carrier Pilot Burner.

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