My Coleman Furnace is Not Working

Years ago when an important necessity—like a gas powered furnace—decided to stop working, folks attributed it to little mythical creatures called Gremlins.

Today we know better than to blame the case of a Coleman furnace not working on little mischief-causing mythical creatures, but the problem still remains. What do you do on that one snowy day when your furnace decides to an extended lunch break without warning?

The very first step to take is checking the fuse box and the circuit breaker. Make sure that the unit is indeed receiving power. If your power supply checks out, take a look at the power switch.

Coleman units have a power switch that has an “On” and “Off” position. For peace of mind, make sure the switch it flipped to “On.” If it is, then on to the next troubleshooting step:

In the case of a Coleman furnace not working, it is possible that the motor has overheated. Typically this does not happen. However, if your unit has been running for several hours it is possible. The best course of action is to let the unit sit for about half an hour.

Start it again after this cool down period. If the unit does not start, check the pilot light. If the pilot light is not burning, re-light it after ensuring there are no gas fumes present. If you smell gas, avoid any further troubleshooting and contact local authorities as you leave the area.

If no gas fumes exist and re-lighting the pilot light does not work, next check the gas valve. It should be completely over. If not, open it completely. This covers the basics of troubleshooting a furnace that is not working. If these steps do not remedy the unit, it is time to contact a local dealer and ask for a qualified technician to come investigate the problem.

In good news, most consumers are happy to call their local dealer. Local dealers have quick response times, and in most causes their warranty covers all of the work. While your Coleman furnace not working is an inconvenience, it is a fixable problem that even a Do It Yourselfer can have a stab at handling.

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Coleman Furnace Diagnostic Codes

Coleman furnace diagnostic codes can be intimidating if you are not comfortable diagnosing your own unit. Most units have a diagnostic light that can be found behind a single panel. The panel can be removed by taking out one screw. The panel itself will have electrical hazard warnings on it, which can be intimidating if you are not used to working on electronics. Be cautious and take your time.

Once the cover has been removed you will see a single green LED light. The light will blink to indicate a problem. Different problems are indicated by a unique number of blinks. Many customers can reference their user manuals for specifics about what each sequence of blinks means. Simply count the number of blinks and reference your manual. Some customers who either lost or do not have a manual have called their local dealer to find out what a specific code means.

A common sequence is the green light blinking three times in a row. According to Coleman furnace diagnostic codes, this means the combustion air switch failed to close—a common issue that can stop the unit from working.

In many newer Coleman units you will see both a green and red light together. Do not confuse this with the single green light that indicates a diagnostic code! The green and red light should be labeled as “Blend-Air.” The function of this feature is to bring in fresh air.

If a problem crops up here, the red light will flash and is often accompanied by a beep. If you see the red light flashing or hear beeping, you can still safely run your unit. Do contact a technician to come check out the unit. There should be a switch nearby the red light to shut off the beeping so it does not drive you bonkers in the meantime.

There are very rare instances where Coleman furnace diagnostic codes mean a life threatening problem exists. However, if you ever smell gas around your furnace when it has stopped working or a diagnostic code is blinking, do not attempt to troubleshoot the problem yourself. Leave the area, contract local authorities, and contact a qualified technician for help.

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Coleman Furnaces for Mobile Homes

A Coleman furnace for mobile homes— is quality a concern?

For mobile home owners, purchasing important home appliances like a furnace or air conditioning unit is a challenge. It can be tough to find a brand that installs in a mobile home with the same standards as a stationary home. Although we don’t like to admit to it, our society has a preset stereotype about modular homes. How do you combat that when furnace shopping?

Coleman offers an electric furnace that is very popular to mobile home owners. The price is reasonable and affordable. The units come with a written limited warranty that protects all parts and pieces of the unit. The hard part, according to consumers, is hiring a qualified installer and making sure the warranty is in working order.

Purchasing a Coleman furnace for mobile homes is best done through a local affiliated dealer. Seasoned consumers will tell you that not all dealers are equal. Some take greater pride in their work than others. Track down a dealer with experience installing units in mobile homes. Experience can make all the difference in the world, and proper installation is vital to avoiding problems down the road.

Take time to read, understand, and detail the warranty. Many mobile home consumers say that “normal use and service during the applicable warranty period” is sometimes applied differently to a mobile home. They said by having the dealer detail exact terms in this regard they were able to have a fully functional warranty that was easy to use when needed.

Coleman units manufactured for modular homes in the last 10 years do not have a high customer satisfaction rating. Consumers who did not push setting the exact terms of their warranty often end up paying for service calls and repairs, which can become increasingly expensive.

About 30% of consumers owning a Coleman furnace for mobile homes would recommend it. Almost all of them say proper installation is absolutely vital. Finding a dependable installer is best done through a local dealer. Make sure whoever you choose to install offers a guarantee of a proper installation.

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Coleman Furnace Recall

Coleman furnace recall — what should you know? This recall is for owners of Coleman, Coleman Evcon, and Red T Gas Furnaces. The heat exchanges have been found to overheat under certain circumstances, leading to the heat exchanger and furnace failing.

The number one question on your mind right now is probably: is this problem dangerous? Internal components of a furnace running hotter than the temperatures they were manufactured to withstand are never a good thing. It has been discovered that the problem leads back to application factors, differences in installation, and variations in components. The recall warns that if the situation is left unresolved, significant property damage, personal injury, and/or death could result.

What do you do? Call your local dealer. Ask for your furnace to be inspected if it is one of the affected models. The Coleman furnace recall states:

The Coleman, Coleman Evcon, and Red T furnaces are commonly used in manufactured housing. The name plate will be found mounted on the left inside surface, behind the lower panel. The furnaces are silver with white access panels. The units were manufactured between 1995 and 2000. Affected model numbers include:




If you own one of the affected units, you will need to contact a participating Coleman Authorized Service Center. You can find a local dealer by inputting your zip code into the online Coleman location finder, or by calling the Program Support Center.

Inspection of your unit will be free. A qualified technician will inspect your unit fully and then install an upgrade kit or a new heat exchanger. All adjustments to your unit will be free. You will not need to purchase or have a replacement furnace issued. Your warranty will not be voided by these changes.

The Program Support Center is available to answer any additional questions you might have about the Coleman furnace recall. You can reach them toll free at (888) 665-4640. Ask the technician who upgrades your unit about maintaining proper maintenance procedures to prolong the life of your unit and keep it in tip top working condition.

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Coleman Furnace Reviews

If you’re in the market for a new furnace, consumer reviews will factor into your decision if only for some added guidance. After all, if we believed every brand’s website information, then we would live in a world where all furnaces are created equal, which is unfortunately far from the truth. Consumer reviews can point us in the direction of the best units to consider. Coleman furnace reviews offer interesting perspectives.

Consumer reviews rate this brand 39th out of 67 brands. While this might appear mediocre at best, an interesting statistic is that 36% of customers recommend Coleman units. Many brands making the top 10 consumer brand list have a smaller recommendation rating!

In the categories of “Very Satisfied” versus “Very Unsatisfied,” 44 total reviews exist. 14 say they are very satisfied while 24 say they are very unsatisfied and 6 reviews place in the “Somewhat Satisfied” to “Somewhat Unsatisfied” zone. Keep in mind that studies reveal consumers who have a bad experience are twice as likely to write a review as individuals who have a good experience.

Coleman furnace reviews reveal some solid information from experienced owners. One 3 year furnace owner says he works for “one of the oldest heating [companies] in Canada.”

After being in the business for 87 years he knows that every model has its own share of problems. He chose Coleman for his home because of their outstanding warranty and experienced installation technicians. He rates the product with five stars and is a very satisfied customer, despite some minor hiccups with the blower needing replacement.

Consistently unsatisfied consumer reviews stem from owners of a modulation furnace unit. The unit itself seems prone is breakdown, requiring regular visits from a qualified technician. The visits and repair work should be fully covered by warranty, but many consumers filling out Coleman furnace reviews are unhappy about the constant need to repair.

Says one consumer, “I wanted to purchase peace of mind, not a constant worry of what day my unit will choose to stop working. I won’t go with a modulating model again, but I do like the Coleman brand.”

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