Coleman Furnace Reviews

If you’re in the market for a new furnace, consumer reviews will factor into your decision if only for some added guidance. After all, if we believed every brand’s website information, then we would live in a world where all furnaces are created equal, which is unfortunately far from the truth. Consumer reviews can point us in the direction of the best units to consider. Coleman furnace reviews offer interesting perspectives.

Consumer reviews rate this brand 39th out of 67 brands. While this might appear mediocre at best, an interesting statistic is that 36% of customers recommend Coleman units. Many brands making the top 10 consumer brand list have a smaller recommendation rating!

In the categories of “Very Satisfied” versus “Very Unsatisfied,” 44 total reviews exist. 14 say they are very satisfied while 24 say they are very unsatisfied and 6 reviews place in the “Somewhat Satisfied” to “Somewhat Unsatisfied” zone. Keep in mind that studies reveal consumers who have a bad experience are twice as likely to write a review as individuals who have a good experience.

Coleman furnace reviews reveal some solid information from experienced owners. One 3 year furnace owner says he works for “one of the oldest heating [companies] in Canada.”

After being in the business for 87 years he knows that every model has its own share of problems. He chose Coleman for his home because of their outstanding warranty and experienced installation technicians. He rates the product with five stars and is a very satisfied customer, despite some minor hiccups with the blower needing replacement.

Consistently unsatisfied consumer reviews stem from owners of a modulation furnace unit. The unit itself seems prone is breakdown, requiring regular visits from a qualified technician. The visits and repair work should be fully covered by warranty, but many consumers filling out Coleman furnace reviews are unhappy about the constant need to repair.

Says one consumer, “I wanted to purchase peace of mind, not a constant worry of what day my unit will choose to stop working. I won’t go with a modulating model again, but I do like the Coleman brand.”

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Coleman Furnace Opinions

Consumers’ Coleman furnace opinions vary depending on who you talk to. Many consumers—both satisfied and unsatisfied—have posted their individual opinions about Coleman as a brand and a company in reviews. Always take negative opinions with a grain salt. While they might be completely legitimate, studies indicate that consumers who have a bad experience are twice as likely to write a review as individuals who have a good experience.

A common consumer opinion is that over the years the quality of Coleman products has declined. Reviews seem to indicate that units purchased 10 or more years ago have far less problems than units purchased within the last 10 years. One consumer who has owned their furnace for 8 years said that, “The installer [we hired] has been in business for 25 years and told me that Coleman furnaces are plagued with minor issues.” In the past 8 years, this consumer has had to have their unit serviced at the start of each year because it will not turn on.

Several consumers with Coleman furnace opinions are mobile home owners. They state that individuals owning mobile homes are usually seniors who simply cannot afford to pay for service calls, let alone repairs. They wonder if a lawsuit will eventually be launched.

However, other consumers hold the opinions that all brands have their own unique set of problems. The trick is to make sure the warranty is going to work for you. The most negative reviews come from customers who purchased a home with an already existing Coleman furnace installed within the last 10 years. If you are looking at purchasing a home with an existing Coleman unit, ask the owner about its warranty. You should be able to reference the model and serial numbers with a local Dealer to find out more details about any available warranty.

Coleman furnace opinions have dropped substantially within the last 10 year. Historically these units have had a 20 plus year lifespan. The good news: as long as you are protected by warranty you will not pay out of pocket for service and repair expenses, alleviating the biggest complaint recent consumers’ current voice.

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Coleman Furnace Warranty Review

Purchasing a furnace is a major investment that takes a great deal of consideration prior to choosing a brand. One of the biggest selling points consumers review is warranty. It is vital to understand the terms and conditions of a warranty before purchasing a product.

You need to make sure the warranty if something you can use. Being knowledgeable about the Coleman furnace warranty that accompanies your unit is vital. Warranties are designed to save you money, making a good investment an investment in less headaches and minimal worry.

The good news: according to Coleman, all of their products come with a written limited warranty on parts. This is a fairly powerful selling point that many brands wield without truly living up to it. The warranty itself states “that a replacement part will be furnished for any part of the product that fails in normal use and service during the applicable warranty period.”

Note that the warranty also states a warranty is only good “during the applicable warranty period specified in accordance with the warranty’s terms.” Make yourself knowledgeable of this fine print.

Coleman’s website does not supply a clear definition of their terms, or a copy of a standard warranty. However, the Coleman furnace warranty is backed by local certified Dealers. Units are purchased through a local Dealer, who sits down and reviews your personal written warranty with you. You can make some educated decisions armed with this knowledge.

Ask the Dealer to write on the written warranty the definition of “normal use and service” accompanied by the exact “applicable warranty period.” This will protect both you and the Dealer. Consumers who keep the boundaries of their warranty clearly stated like this say it is easy to use.

Remember: in order to utilize the written warranty you hammer out details on with your local Dealer, you must register your product. You can do this right from the Coleman website or with the help of your local Dealer. As warranties go, the Coleman furnace warranty is one of the easier ones to use. Consumers label it a “No Argument” warranty, meaning they rarely have to argue about the exact meaning of terms prior to using it.

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My Coleman Furnace is Not Working

Years ago when an important necessity—like a gas powered furnace—decided to stop working, folks attributed it to little mythical creatures called Gremlins.

Today we know better than to blame the case of a Coleman furnace not working on little mischief-causing mythical creatures, but the problem still remains. What do you do on that one snowy day when your furnace decides to an extended lunch break without warning?

The very first step to take is checking the fuse box and the circuit breaker. Make sure that the unit is indeed receiving power. If your power supply checks out, take a look at the power switch.

Coleman units have a power switch that has an “On” and “Off” position. For peace of mind, make sure the switch it flipped to “On.” If it is, then on to the next troubleshooting step:

In the case of a Coleman furnace not working, it is possible that the motor has overheated. Typically this does not happen. However, if your unit has been running for several hours it is possible. The best course of action is to let the unit sit for about half an hour.

Start it again after this cool down period. If the unit does not start, check the pilot light. If the pilot light is not burning, re-light it after ensuring there are no gas fumes present. If you smell gas, avoid any further troubleshooting and contact local authorities as you leave the area.

If no gas fumes exist and re-lighting the pilot light does not work, next check the gas valve. It should be completely over. If not, open it completely. This covers the basics of troubleshooting a furnace that is not working. If these steps do not remedy the unit, it is time to contact a local dealer and ask for a qualified technician to come investigate the problem.

In good news, most consumers are happy to call their local dealer. Local dealers have quick response times, and in most causes their warranty covers all of the work. While your Coleman furnace not working is an inconvenience, it is a fixable problem that even a Do It Yourselfer can have a stab at handling.

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Coleman Furnace Parts

Inevitably a furnace is going to need repair. If you own a furnace made by Coleman, then you will be in search of Coleman furnace parts. Where do you shop for their replacement pieces?

The good news is that all Coleman products have a written limited warranty including parts. What exactly does that mean? Simply put— nine times out of ten the parts you need to replace are covered by warranty. Simply follow the directions on your warranty paperwork. Generally you will need to contact Coleman by calling or visiting your local authorized Coleman dealer.

Local dealers are convenient to work with, and customer studies indicate local establishments respond much quicker than corporate headquarters. You can deal with a person face-to-face instead of sitting on hold and trying to troubleshoot which Coleman furnace parts you need over a phone line. As long as your warranty is still active— which your local dealer will have record of— Coleman guarantees in their own statement “that a replacement part will be furnished for any part of the product that fails in normal use and service.”

The most commonly purchased replacement parts include the filters, humidifier, and thermostat. Coleman recommends conducting regular maintenance on these products. However, over time they eventually require replacing.

Many homeowners opt to purchase different filters once the factory originals wear out. A great majority of homeowners visit their local home improvement store to choose a filter that more closely matches their air filtration and air quality needs. Coleman does not discourage a customer from purchasing a non-Coleman filter, but they do caution about proper installation to avoid possible unit damage.

If you are in the market for a Coleman furnace, you may be reviewing this to discover how easy it will be to hunt down Coleman furnace parts. You might also be interested to know that the manufacturer expects their gas furnace units to last approximately 20 to 25 years— so long as a qualified technician performs regular preventative maintenance, the customer replaces parts that need repair, and suggested servicing of the unit is followed as best as possible.

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