My Comfortmaker Furnace Won’t Start

Warm air is essential in the cold weather. You may have a day where everything goes right. That is, until you come home to a cold house. For some reason, your Comfortmaker furnace won’t start.

You try turning the thermostat on and off, and nothing happens. You might wish to check a few things before you call a repairman.


Look to see if the breaker is on, in the breaker panel. Occasionally breakers will trip. Next, look at the thermostat. Is it a digital model?

Look to see if it is energized. There should be a small arrow or line. This lets you know that power is going to the heating or cooling system.

Go down to the unit and see if anything is happening. Have someone turn the thermostat off and then on. If there is nothing happening, you should check the control panel.

Control panel

Remove the cover from the control panel. Many of these are located on the blower motor panel. Examine the panel. Are there any fuses?

If you see fuses, you will need to check them. Some of them are easily checked. You simply examine the element. If broken, it needs to be replaced.

Other fuses are a little harder. You will need to pull them out. They may come out easily. You may need a fuse puller or needle nose pliers. When you pull the fuse, you can normally tell if it is blown. You can see the element. If you are uncertain you can check them with a multimeter.

Set the meter on continuity. If there is no continuity function, set it on resistance. Place the meter leads across the ends of the fuse. You will get a buzzer or tone for continuity. This means the fuse is OK. You will get a resistance reading, if the fuse is good. If it is bad there will be no resistance or no buzzer.

Error codes

If the fuses are good, try to retrieve an error code. Check your owner’s manual for information. You may also find information on the unit itself.

In some cases, you will push a button and count the number of flashes of a code light. This may reveal a simple problem. However, you may need to call someone that is an experienced professional.


It is essential to have a working heat system in the wintertime. If yours will not start up, check the breaker box. Make sure that the thermostat is set properly.

If it is a digital thermostat, look to see if it is energizing. Check any fuses in the control panel. If they are good, retrieve error codes. This procedure will be covered in your manual.

There may also be information on a panel, located on the unit. Your problem may be easily solved. However, you may need to call a repairman.

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Comfortmaker Furnace Problems

Comfortmaker is a brand created by International Comfort Product International or ICP. It is owned and managed by United Technologies or UTC.  ICP produces oil and gas furnaces for decades now.

The company had been in business since 1900. This said, Comfortmaker had already made its mark on the market. This is especially when it is still evolving and competing with its contemporaries.

What are the reactions of consumers to Comfortmarket furnaces? These reactions could vary. Some consumers may be satisfied. Some may not.

Since there is a probability that some customers are not satisfied, what could be the Comfortmaker furnace problems? What does the consumer say?

One consumer seeks advice on heating equipment regarding his Carrier furnace problems. His unit broke down in under 4 years. One problem that he feels is a shortcoming on the part of the manufacturer.

Customer experienced intermittent service. Upon checking with a technician, he learned that the smart valve has to be replaced. Seemed that customer is still having the same issue with the unit.

Another consumer name Bob vents out his grievance. He said in consumers’ reviews that the technician had visited his furnace at least 40 times since it was purchased. All the parts are already replaced except the covers and fan.

However, it seemed that the unit is not working for him despite repair efforts. He asked help from Comfortmaker but of no avail. Bob feels that the company is waiting for the expiration date of the warranty period so they will not answer for the unit anymore.

Hensen also confided that he had been continuously replacing the parts on his furnace. He already replaced it twice in two years in a row. It seems that he has to replace it again this year.

Most of the concerns raised are geared toward faulty operation within the warranty period.  Hence, overall impact on the Comfortmaker furnace problems is the durability of the product.

Out of ten comments from consumers, four said the product is very unsatisfactory.  Two attested it is very satisfactory. Two went on neutral. Dissatisfaction rate is actually less than 50%.

However, it could still create an impact on the products of ICP. This said, it is advised that consumers should make sure that they are well informed about the brand and the product before paying for it. After all, it is only fair that you get the value for your hard earned money.

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My Comfortmaker Furnace is Blowing Cold Air

It is very important to have proper heat in the winter. During cold evenings, you can sit inside and watch it snow. Perhaps you will simply enjoy a warm evening at home with loved ones.

You may notice your Comfortmaker furnace blowing cold air. You will need to investigate the matter, right away. Here are some things to check before you call a technician.


Go down to your heat system and have someone turn the thermostat up. Is the burner of the unit coming on and getting hot? Does everything seem fine? Is the blower motor running and the burner off? It there is no flame, you may wish to check some things.

Checking for diagnostic codes

Most newer furnaces are electronic in nature. They have a control panel with the ability to diagnose most problems that occur. There are two basic ways to get the diagnostic codes.

Do you still have the manual that comes with the unit? You should have detailed information on your control panel. It should also have a code chart. This will tell you what is causing the problem.

You may also look on the unit. It may be on the blower panel. It may be inside a panel. You should find instructions for retrieving and understanding the diagnostic codes.

In most cases, you will receive flashing lights. They may also have different colors. A slow flashing green light may mean normal conditions. A red one may mean failure. A red light that flashes twice could mean a stuck pressure switch.

When you receive these codes, it can lead you in the right direction. The problem may be simple and easy to fix. On the other hand, you may need professional help.

A burner flame

Your burner may be lighting just fine. For some reason, the air may feel slightly warm. The problem may be simple. You may need to check to see if the blower motor is on the right speed.

In the warm weather, you need high speed to blow cold air. In cold weather, you need slower speeds to move the warm air into your house. It may simply be a matter of lowering the blower speed.

Check with your owner manual. Some models have different methods for changing blower speed. You may not need to remove the blower panel. In some cases you will need to remove the panel and change the position of a wire or two.

There is also a possibility that a limit switch is not properly working. You will receive a trouble code when this happens. If you know what you are doing, you can replace the switch. If not, have someone with training and experience, take care of it for you.


You may notice your Comfortmaker furnace blowing cold air. The first thing to do, is check to see if the burner is lighting. Next check the trouble codes. This may tell you all that you need to know.

In some cases, the burner will light, but the air will not feel very hot. You may need to change the speed on the blower motor. You need high speed for summer and lower speed for winter.

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Comfortmaker Furnace Diagnostic Codes

Any time that you own an appliance that is supposed to last for years, such as a furnace, it is likely that you will have to make a repair or two.

However, just because repairs are needed, does not mean that you will have to spend a lot of money. There are many repairs that you can make yourself without calling in an expert.

Before you can make any repairs on your own, you will have to be able to diagnose the problem with your furnace. Once you know what the problem is, you will be able to determine if you can fix it yourself or if you need to call in a certified repair person.

If you own a Comfortmaker furnace, this process is relatively simple. You will be able to check out the Comfortmaker furnace diagnostic codes to find out what is wrong with your furnace.

All you have to do is to look for the red blinking LED light. It should be located on the bottom front panel of your furnace.

When you begin to have problems with the furnace working incorrectly, check out the light. Watch to see what kind of code the light is blinking.

For instance, your light might blink 3 slow times and then 2 fast times. This would be a code for what is wrong with your furnace.

Watch the light blink for several minutes until you have determined a pattern. Once you have figured out the pattern, you should write it down.

Some Comfortmaker furnaces have a piece of paper taped to the inside of the door with a list of all the diagnostic codes and what they mean.

If your furnace does not have this paper, then you will need to refer to your Comfortmaker manual to determine what the code is telling you.

Once you have figured out the code and looked up the diagnosis, you should be able to tell whether or not the repair is something that you can tackle on your own.

If the problem seems too difficult, you can always call a certified repair person to come to your home and fix your furnace for you.

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My Comfortmaker Furnace is Not Lighting

There are many furnaces on the market today that are available for heating one’s home. One model that is top of the line is the Comfortmaker. This excellent furnace is built to make it as convenient as possible for the homeowner to enjoy comfortable living during the winter months. Occasionally one will run into a problem such as the Comfortmaker furnace not lighting.

If this happens, the first thing to be done is to make sure there is sufficient power coming to the furnace. This is done by checking the fuses and the breaker panel. If any switch in the breaker power is on ‘off’ then it needs to be put back to the ‘on’ position. Any bad fuses need to be replaced. Checking the main valve to be sure the gas (or electricity) has not been shut off for some reason should be done before going further.

When the power is confirmed to be on, the code lights should be working. By carefully looking at these codes anything they indicate is wrong should be corrected. Two possible problems, when a furnace will not light, is that either there is a problem with the gas coming in (if it is a gas furnace), or there is something wrong with the pilot light.

A pilot light can become plugged by the accumulation of dirt and moisture. This makes a solid plug which prevents the light to be continuous. Checking this unit to make sure it is free and clear will sometimes be all that is needed to get the furnace running again.

Flame Sensors can become corroded over a time and cause problems. If this needs replacing they are relatively inexpensive and not difficult to install. The owner’s manual will give complete instructions for this operation.

Many people do not think about checking the thermostat. This is the unit that tells the furnace when the temperature is at a level where it needs to turn on or off. In a number of cases, when this was replaced the problem was taken care of.

If there is still a problem, with a Comfortmaker furnace not lighting, after doing all that was shared here, thoroughly cleaning the furnace, reading the owner’s manual carefully and talking to a company technician then it is time to call for outside help. A professional has the equipment to quickly check for the problem and get the furnace working again.

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