My Lennox Furnace is Blowing Cold Air

In the cold weather, it is important to have warm air in the house. Occasionally problems may develop with your heat system. You may notice your Lennox furnace blowing cold air. You will want to investigate what is happening and why.

Checking the burner

Observe your unit as it kicks on. Is the burner lighting? If so, there are other things to look for. Here are a few suggestions.

Blower speed

There can be a lot of different things that will affect the heat. Try to think of the simplest solutions first. Is it early in the season? You probably have a central air unit that uses the same blower motor.

Most blower motors have speed control settings. In the summer, you want to have the blower on high mode. This will give you maximum cooling capacity.

In the winter, the blower should be set for a lower speed. This will make the air warmer. If it is too high, the air may feel cool or not as warm. Check to see if the blower is set on high.

Many units are not difficult to check. You need to kill power to the unit first. Pull out the blower unit and follow the wires from the motor. Do they go to terminal screws?

In some cases, all you have to do is change the wire set up. There should be a diagram or printed words on the unit.

Some newer models use electronic controls. Check with your owner manual. It may have instructions for blower speed settings. After you make sure that the speed is low or medium, you can proceed to other things.

Limit switch

One important component is the limit switch. It is located in the plenum. It is heat operated. When the temperature of your plenum reaches a set point, the contacts will close. This sends power to the blower motor.

If the blower motor comes on too soon, the plenum will not be hot. As a result, the air may feel cool. Check to see if the setting on the limit switch has been changed.

Observe the unit when it comes on. Does the blower come on right away? Does it appear to be coming on too soon? Try raising the temperature setting on the limit switch. This may give you warmer air. If not, you may need to have someone check your unit.

Is your Lennox furnace blowing cold air? Check to see if the burner is lighting. If it is, check the speed setting on the blower motor. It should be on medium or low.

Check the setting on the limit switch. You may need to raise it. If that does not work, it may be best to call for professional help.

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The Best High Efficiency Furnace

The best High efficiency furnace has an AFUE rating of over 90 per cent and works by condensing the water from combustion gases to produce additional heat.

They usually have an electronic ignition which means no need for a pilot light. Because these furnaces use outdoor air for combustion, there is no possibility of carbon monoxide leakage.

Whilst these new type of furnace are extremely efficient, they are very expensive to buy and cost at least $1,000 more than other types of furnace. If parts need replacing, they are also costly.

These furnaces are highly recommended by the ACEEE for areas that have very cold and long winters, however it may not be necessary to have a high efficiency furnace in places where winters are shorter and milder.

There are a number of these furnaces on the market now, but arguably the best high efficiency furnace could be the Evolution Plus 90i series, manufactured by Bryant. The AFUE rating for the Evolution is at least 94%.

The ACEEE (American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy) claims that this furnace has the most energy efficient blower of any model. The Evolution uses fewer than 258 kilowatts a year. Despite these pros, there have been reports of Bryant furnaces breaking down and needing new parts.

High efficiency furnaces are also made by Armstrong and their model has a minimal AFUE rating of 95%. It is cheaper than the Bryant Evolution model. Again, like the Bryant, faults and part replacement have been reported for this company as well.

Modulating furnaces are also widely considered to be a favorable choice due to their effective control of the temperature, leading to great comfort. Rheem Prestige makes a modulating furnace that is thought to be a good model.

Regardless of what you choose, the best high efficiency furnace is the one that is installed correctly. Choose your installer with great care. Make sure they are well qualified and knowledgeable.

Home size, window seals and insulation are all crucial to an energy efficient house and your furnace will never reach its optimum performance if these things are not addressed.

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Goodman Furnace Reviews

Goodman Manufacturing Company L.P. are the makers of the Goodman furnace. They are one of the largest manufacturers of residential heating with the main focus based on building the most reliable and refreshingly affordable heating products on the market.

Goodman furnaces are built to be more reliable and longer lasting than their competitors as well as designed for quick and easy installations producing affordable and reliable heating for the home.

The Goodman GMV95 furnace is 95% AFUE offering multi-position installation and reducing the limitations of other units that require a standard limited form of installation. The unit can be installed either vertically or horizontally and still produce the appropriate airflow for heating of the home.

The GMV95 has a two-stage burners and a variable speed blower motor helping to reduce the energy costs of the competitors that do not have these options on their units.

The furnace provides warmth and comfort for many years. The availability of the variable speed blower motor helps to keep the furnace operating at an effective speed that change due to the demand of the essential heat during the cooler months. This also makes for a more even temperature throughout the home.

Goodman furnaces have a limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchangers and if the unit fails within the first 10 years the entire unit will be replaced. The parts are covered by a 10-year limited warranty on all functional parts.

Some of the standard features of the Goodman furnaces are a patented dual-diameter tubular heat exchanger, quiet variable speed circulator motor, long life, and durable silicon nitride igniter system, electronic controlled board with self diagnostics, auto-comfort mode for enhanced dehumidification and each unit is run-tested at the factory prior to shipment.

Goodman stands behind their furnaces and provide customer support for questions or concerns with a dedicated department to make the ownership of these units the best for every owner.

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Comfortmaker Furnace Problems

Comfortmaker is a brand created by International Comfort Product International or ICP. It is owned and managed by United Technologies or UTC.  ICP produces oil and gas furnaces for decades now.

The company had been in business since 1900. This said, Comfortmaker had already made its mark on the market. This is especially when it is still evolving and competing with its contemporaries.

What are the reactions of consumers to Comfortmarket furnaces? These reactions could vary. Some consumers may be satisfied. Some may not.

Since there is a probability that some customers are not satisfied, what could be the Comfortmaker furnace problems? What does the consumer say?

One consumer seeks advice on heating equipment regarding his Carrier furnace problems. His unit broke down in under 4 years. One problem that he feels is a shortcoming on the part of the manufacturer.

Customer experienced intermittent service. Upon checking with a technician, he learned that the smart valve has to be replaced. Seemed that customer is still having the same issue with the unit.

Another consumer name Bob vents out his grievance. He said in consumers’ reviews that the technician had visited his furnace at least 40 times since it was purchased. All the parts are already replaced except the covers and fan.

However, it seemed that the unit is not working for him despite repair efforts. He asked help from Comfortmaker but of no avail. Bob feels that the company is waiting for the expiration date of the warranty period so they will not answer for the unit anymore.

Hensen also confided that he had been continuously replacing the parts on his furnace. He already replaced it twice in two years in a row. It seems that he has to replace it again this year.

Most of the concerns raised are geared toward faulty operation within the warranty period.  Hence, overall impact on the Comfortmaker furnace problems is the durability of the product.

Out of ten comments from consumers, four said the product is very unsatisfactory.  Two attested it is very satisfactory. Two went on neutral. Dissatisfaction rate is actually less than 50%.

However, it could still create an impact on the products of ICP. This said, it is advised that consumers should make sure that they are well informed about the brand and the product before paying for it. After all, it is only fair that you get the value for your hard earned money.

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Carrier Furnace Reliability

Heat systems will not last forever. There may come a time when you need to consider a new one. It can be a very good move, these days. Here are things to consider about Carrier furnace reliability.

A name brand

Carrier is a name brand. They have been around for many years. A lot of people have good things to say about the products.

If you check online for reviews, you will find many excellent ones. With any brand, you will find some negative reviews. However, you will see a high percentage of good ones for this product.


Many experts agree that the installation is an important factor. Make sure that you use an experienced installer. It should be someone that you trust.

It is never a good idea to find a professional without researching first. Proper installation is vital to all heating and cooling systems.

Ask people that you are familiar with about service professionals. This is one of the best sources. If someone is honest, dependable, and competent, customers will be proud to tell others about them. Ask everyone that you know. Someone may be able to recommend the right service.

If not, you may need to do some research on your own. One good way is to call businesses. Assess how they treat you on the phone.

Do they seem organized and professional? This can tell you a lot about them. Make sure and check with places like the Better Business Bureau, also.

The installer that you choose may have a huge impact on the life expectancy of your equipment. Take your time to find the right professional. It is too important to leave to chance.

In some cases, you may have heating and cooling installed at the same time. You may be able to get a special price this way. This can result in substantial savings.

Other important factors

There are other things that will determine how reliable your heat system will be. You need to take proper care of it. This means regular maintenance and cleaning. The best products in the world will fail, if they are not properly kept up. Here are tips to remember.


Change your filters every month. However, you may live in dusty conditions. Check your filter once a week. If it looks dirty, change it.

Filters are not that expensive. They will pay for themselves. Your air flow will greatly increase. This improves the efficiency of your heating system.

Check ups

Once a year, have someone inspect and clean your heating system. It will last much longer this way. It will also be less prone to breakdowns. The time to do this, even in the off season.

Fall and spring are good choices. It will be easier to find a service person. This time of year, they are not so busy. You may get lower rates in the off season, too.

If you cannot afford a check up, you can clean your unit, yourself. This is much better than doing nothing. Clean and vacuum out everything.

Check the blower motor. See if it requires oil. All of these things can make a difference in efficiency. This can save you money on your heating bills.


Carrier furnace reliability is about a trusted brand name. It is also about proper installation and maintenance. Have your heating system properly installed by experience professionals. Make sure that you maintain it well. It will give you many years of good service.

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