Gibson Furnace Complaints

With any major purchase you make for your home, it is always good to know what you will be dealing with if you decide to purchase a particular product and something goes wrong with it.

There are three very common Gibson furnace complaints that you will find after reading customer reviews about the product. Once you have identified what is commonly going wrong with this product, you will have the tools you need to decide whether or not these problems are ones that you can handle if you decide to purchase a Gibson furnace.

Many people who have purchased a Gibson furnace, have complaints about the noise of the furnace itself. “This new furnace is so loud that it wakes me up when it starts. Even when the burner ignites, I can hear it. It is a two stage and the second stage is twice as loud as the first”, is what once such customer had to say.

Another customer said, “Unit runs very noisily, I am considering replacing with another brand.” If the noise of your furnace is an issue, then you may not want to purchase a Gibson. This seems to be a complaint comes up rather frequently.

Another Gibson furnace complaint is, that some of the units have a faulty circuit board. This causes the unit to work intermittently, and sometimes not at all. “Going on to my 4th circuit board. Design flaw? Installation flaw? I want to know. Condensate leaking on board from exhaust blower. Shorting out diodes etc.”

Some other customers have complained that they often have to go to the unit and open the panel and wiggle the wires so the unit will kick on. One in five customer reviews has had something to say about a faulty circuit board, so it is a good idea to make sure your unit has been properly wired before you turn it on and use it.

The most common Gibson furnace complaint, seems to be the number of service calls and repairs that are not covered under the warranty. Gibson has a ten year warranty on all parts, but this warranty does not cover the cost of paying the technician to repair the issue with the unit.

“Absolutely the worst furnace I’ve known. Has just stopped working about 10 times in 2 winters. What good is a warranty on parts when I have to pay the labor? cheap, cheap, cheap. It’s a builder’s low-grade model and I’ll be replacing it as soon as possible.”

Another customer said, “I had to pay for the repairs ( warranty … what warranty ? ) The third heating season unit would not start. Gibson has not paid for any repairs, they offer no customer support and could care less if their unit is defective.”

Here you have read the most common Gibson furnace complaints. The customer reviews of this product are very mixed. Many of the customers who have purchased this product are extremely satisfied and have not had any repair or operational problems.

Then you have the very unsatisfied customers who have had nothing but problems with the units they purchased. It is very important to know everything you can about a product before you purchase it, so do your research, determine the average customer rating, and know what you would be willing to pay for and deal with, before buying this unit.

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Ducane Furnace Parts

Any furnace owner will attest to the fact that keeping spare parts for your unit on-hand can be a godsend when the unit decides to hiccup on the coldest night of the year. Ducane units are no exception, and keeping Ducane furnace parts on-hand is a smart investment. It is easy to choose the most commonly replaced parts to keep stocked.

The number one part replaced on furnace units is the thermostat. It is rare to see the thermostat stop working suddenly. In most cases it slowly grows out of tune with the temperature until one day you realize your unit is running far more frequently and far longer than it should. Having a replacement thermostat on-hand can make replacing it when needed a simple task. Be sure the unit is turned off when you do replace it.

Another Ducane furnace part to keep on hand is filters. Changing your filter once every three months is considered to be good practice for maintaining your unit. However, there are times when a blockage in the filter will cause you to need a replacement filter sooner.

By keeping a few filters on-hand, you can replace it whenever needed. Most hardware stores sell filters in packs, meaning you can purchase three or more at a time.

Consumers say that if small parts on your unit need to be replaced, keep note of which ones you replace and purchase at least one of each to keep in stock. This can come in handy if and when the part breaks a second time.

You can easily find replacement parts online or at a local dealer. Dealers who install Ducane furnace units often have replacement parts on hand. If your unit is still under warranty, you can also contact Ducane directly.

If your furnace is still under warranty, you should not have to pay for many, if any Ducane furnace parts. If you are the second owner of your unit, you can call Ducane to find out if your unit is still covered by or eligible for a warranty. Sometimes you can receive a part under the warranty direct from your local dealer, which makes getting replacement parts simple.

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Comfortmaker Furnace Complaints

If you are looking for a new furnace for your home, you should be doing your homework and finding out which ones work the best. Since the furnace is such as important and expensive purchase, you want to know what you are getting into before you spend a lot of cash.

One of the most popular brands of furnaces is the Comfortmaker brand. They have been around since about 1900 so the company has definitely had a long history of making furnaces. However, just like any company, they do get some complaints.

Here is a short list of Comfortmaker Furnace complaints that for you to consider before making your purchase.

1. Comfortmaker units need too many repairs. There are many complaints from home owners which say that for the cost of the repairs they have had to make, they could have bought a whole new unit.

2. Bad customer service. There are several home owners online who have complained that Comfortmaker has bad customer service. When they have voiced their complaints and problems to the manufacturer, they have not gotten a timely response or have not gotten a response at all.

3. The same parts need replacing over and over again. If you look at Comfortmaker furnace complaints, you will probably notice that a lot of people keep having to replace the same parts over and over again. This seems like it might be a problem with the part itself that the company has not owned up to.

4. Poor durability. Some customers who complain about Comfortmakers have stated that the unit just wears out too quickly. This is considered to be a durability issue. When the furnace needs to be replaced before the warranty even runs out, you know that there is probably a problem.

These are a few of the complaints that have been stated about Comfortmaker furnaces. It’s always best to review the pros and cons of any furnace before you decide to make a purchase.

Keep in mind that even the best furnace will break down if it is not installed properly, so make sure that you feel comfortable with your choice of contractor.

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Payne Furnaces vs Bryant Furnaces

If you are looking to purchase a Payne furnace, you are no doubt seeing how it stacks up to other popular brands in both consumer ratings and reviews as well as Energy Star efficiency ratings. In this article we’re going to consider a summary comparison of Payne furnaces vs Bryant.

Payne Gas Furnace Models

Consumer reviews rate this brand 40th out of 67. 35% of consumers writing reviews say they would recommend Payne. In the categories of “Very Satisfied” versus “Very Unsatisfied,” 28 total reviews are considered.

Only 9 individuals say they are very satisfied while 15 say they are very unsatisfied. 4 reviews place in the middle, “Somewhat Satisfied” to “Somewhat Unsatisfied,” zone.

Energy Star utilizes the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (the AFUE) percentage to measure both heating and cooling efficiency. The higher the percentage the more efficient a unit (or group of models) is. Payne models rank as follows:

Model series PG9YAB (gas) rates 95%
All models beginning with PG9 (gas) rate 92%
All models beginning with 490AAV (gas) rate 91.5%
All models beginning with PG9MAB (gas) rate 90-92.1%

Bryant Gas Furnace Models

Payne furnace vs Bryant— how does Bryant compare? Consumer reviews rate this brand 37th out of 67. 37% of consumers writing reviews say they would recommend Bryant. In the categories of “Very Satisfied” versus “Very Unsatisfied,” 70 total reviews are considered.

26 individuals say they are very satisfied while 39 say they are very unsatisfied. 5 reviews place in the middle, “Somewhat Satisfied” to “Somewhat Unsatisfied,” zone.

Energy Star lists out more gas furnace models than we have room to list here. The general overview is that out of 40 possible models and model groups, Bryant holds a 90-95% Energy Star rating with the 359AAV, all models beginning with 355CAV, and all models beginning with 355BAC topping the 95% range.

Consumer reviews show something of a tie between Bryant and Payne products. Both have highs and both have lows. The overall placement of Bryant out of 67 brands elevates it above Payne. The Energy Star ratings indicate both brands are comparable. The question remains: Payne furnace vs Bryant— which will you choose?

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My Comfortmaker Furnace is Not Lighting

There are many furnaces on the market today that are available for heating one’s home. One model that is top of the line is the Comfortmaker. This excellent furnace is built to make it as convenient as possible for the homeowner to enjoy comfortable living during the winter months. Occasionally one will run into a problem such as the Comfortmaker furnace not lighting.

If this happens, the first thing to be done is to make sure there is sufficient power coming to the furnace. This is done by checking the fuses and the breaker panel. If any switch in the breaker power is on ‘off’ then it needs to be put back to the ‘on’ position. Any bad fuses need to be replaced. Checking the main valve to be sure the gas (or electricity) has not been shut off for some reason should be done before going further.

When the power is confirmed to be on, the code lights should be working. By carefully looking at these codes anything they indicate is wrong should be corrected. Two possible problems, when a furnace will not light, is that either there is a problem with the gas coming in (if it is a gas furnace), or there is something wrong with the pilot light.

A pilot light can become plugged by the accumulation of dirt and moisture. This makes a solid plug which prevents the light to be continuous. Checking this unit to make sure it is free and clear will sometimes be all that is needed to get the furnace running again.

Flame Sensors can become corroded over a time and cause problems. If this needs replacing they are relatively inexpensive and not difficult to install. The owner’s manual will give complete instructions for this operation.

Many people do not think about checking the thermostat. This is the unit that tells the furnace when the temperature is at a level where it needs to turn on or off. In a number of cases, when this was replaced the problem was taken care of.

If there is still a problem, with a Comfortmaker furnace not lighting, after doing all that was shared here, thoroughly cleaning the furnace, reading the owner’s manual carefully and talking to a company technician then it is time to call for outside help. A professional has the equipment to quickly check for the problem and get the furnace working again.

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