Are Forced Air Furnaces the Most Efficient?

Forced air furnaces are commonly used in North America because it has a unique method of heating which is best suited for the houses in this continent.

This type of furnace can produce heat in every room in the house with just one central furnace. With this furnace at hand, you don’t need to purchase an individual furnace for every room.

It can deliver heated air to every room without a doubt because of its ability to create air-conditioned air through double up.

To have a long lasting unit, you must be acquainted with its parts and components so you will know each of its functions and how to repair it if it got damaged.

The basic parts of forced air furnaces are:
a) Air handler which acts as a blower;
b) Burners that are gas-fueled or powered by electric-resistant heating elements, used for heating air;
c) 2 ductworks, one transports room air towards the heater and the second ductwork sends heated air to the rooms;
d) And thermostats which are used for turning on and off the unit.

The other components are the filters that clean the air, registers that manage the control of the flow of the heated air, and the flue where combustion gases pass through and finally emitted outside.

When buying a furnace that uses forced air, you must also consider its energy efficiency. There are already new models that give off heated air while trying to save energy.

There is also a model that can work even if the heating supply is from a steady coal or wood fire. If you want to help the environment then buy forced air furnaces, which have the highest annual fuel utilization efficiency (UFAE).

The unit should also have the ENERGY STAR label to assure you of a high efficiency furnace.

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Different High Efficiency Furnaces

Today, we are encouraged to utilize machines and equipment that are high in efficiency. We are encouraged to do so since these products use less fuel allowing you to save a lot of energy as well as helping you to preserve your own environment. There are many reasons why you must prefer high efficiency furnaces over other types of furnaces.

Aside from the fact that you can save a lot of money using this kind of furnace, you also do not need to worry about its maintenance.

Even though these furnaces are expensive, it reduces your expenses in the long run. For oil furnaces that have high efficiency they are cleaner burning and you will have a warranty in case your purchased unit malfunctions.

Another high efficiency furnace with a value more than 50% compared to that of the previous unit’s is the propane furnace. Though propane furnace prices are relatively high, its heating costs are moderate and it lessens the emission of harmful residues and greenhouse gases.

The cleanest, most secured, and most unswerving heating system is the electric heater. But the disadvantage of having this in your house is that your electric bill will surely rise. But of these high efficiency furnaces, the most common and widely used is the natural gas furnace.

This furnace produces more heat than the other three furnaces of high efficiency. It also burns the natural gas in a cleaner method. Since natural gas furnace is widely used, it results to the increase of its price. In fact, this is the furnace that has the highest increase of price since its first unit was introduced.

With these varieties of high efficiency furnaces, you can select a perfect furnace that would be perfect for your house.

If you prioritize helping the environment then you can purchase the electric heater since it is the cleanest method available. You can select an oil furnace since it costs less than the other furnaces. Your choice depends on your needs.

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Furnace Thermocouple Troubleshooting

There are some basic things you should know about how to troubleshoot issues on your furnace. It helps to determine if it is something you want to do, or if it is something you don’t have familiarity with, you will want to be able to talk with some level of intelligence on the phone with your HVAC professional.

The thermocouple or aka flames sensor is a part that, although obscure, may be the culprit to obstructing the furnace ignition. Depending on how old your unit is, the gas may not be igniting and the pilot light is out. There is a little device that controls the gas is called a thermocouple. If you have a new unit, it will be called a flame sensor but both the thermocouple and the flame sensor work under the same concept, to control the gas flow.

For a gas furnace, a gas pilot light can go out because of a strong draft, dirt in the gas tube, insects such as spiders that building a web, or its just plain dirty, which is not hard to get as the location of the furnace is in the basement. Try and do your furnace thermocouple troubleshooting to get an idea where you are at with the issue.

The thermocouple is, put very simply as, the co-pilot of the gas pilot light. If the correct temperature for the gas furnace is manipulated or light goes out, then TURN OFF the gas flow to the pilot and wait a few minutes before going on to the next step.

Take off the pilot cover and you should notice two posts that are upright. One is for the gas one and the other is to the thermocouple. Read the manual and use your instructions for the pilot lighting to the side of the furnace. Follow these closely and step by step for your inspection.

Put on a pair of gloves and make a slight adjustment with a wrench to the base at the thermocouple. Turn on the gas and if the pilot switch does not ignite, turn off the gas again giving it at least 5 minutes to disperse. Clean the pilot valve with a very fine wire making sure it is free from residue or any buildup. Follow the instructions and put the gas back on. If the gas does not light on the pilot, you have a problem.

At this juncture, you will need to decide if you want to replace the thermocouple yourself or call a professional. They are not that hard to replace, but if you a person who is wrench challenged, not able to read directions, or have the extra bucks to hire someone, then make a decision for do it yourself or let your fingers do the walking to the phone book.

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Are High Efficiency Furnaces Worth the Up Front Cost?

The cold season is just around the corner. The air is actually is starting to get chilly now. When snow starts to fall, it will get a lot colder. It is important that a high efficiency furnace is installed in your home.

You’re probably wondering why it has to be high efficiency when you always have had your trusty space warmer. Well, there are a lot of advantages with the more energy efficient furnaces.

First of many is the burning of less fuel to create as much heat as a conventional furnace. Since it burns less fuel, then it will definitely cut down costs for fuel for your furnace. That’s more savings into your pocket.

Another factor about high efficiency furnaces is they requires less maintenance than conventional furnaces. This saves you some more time and effort, perhaps even some cash, with the maintenance of the furnace. You don’t need to put your attention to it too much.

They are powered by all major fuels. These include propane, gas, electricity and oil.

One of the important features that the newer models have is the ability to signal the owner that there is something wrong. This helps shorten the time for diagnosis of the issue. Also, manufacturers will put in a warranty when you purchase their product.

It can cost you a pretty penny to purchase new high efficiency furnaces. They are indeed more expensive than conventional furnaces. However, if you use these energy savers, it will generate you savings in the long run.

You don’t have to worry about costly repairs or fuel expenses. These furnaces are the best way for you to be able to save time, effort and of course, hard-earned money.

Also, you will be able to contribute to nature since you will just be burning half the fuel that you used to. That’s less carbon emissions from your furnace.

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Carrier Furnace Problems

Carrier is one of the leading producers of furnaces. It has been in the industry for decades. In fact, it had also established its name through its innovative products and flexible services.

However, there is a probability that consumers may encounter issues even from known brands like Carrier. But then, this is not always the case. There may be consumers who would even refer the product to a friend or relative.

Therefore, there are consumers who smiled and there are those who frown. Every reaction and mood will entirely depend on their personal experience in using the product.

The features and benefits of a product are always presented on an enticing manner. However, the veracity of these words will be tested once it is already on the end-user, which is the consumer.

Therefore, the word of the consumer who actually used the product could be a testing-meter. It determines if the product is really effective or not.

Let us talk about the Carrier furnace problems. If you will research and go out to check what’s going on with the product, you will encounter consumers who are smiling because they like the furnace.

However, there are consumers who had Carrier furnace problems. A consumer in FAQ on heating equipment had had issues with his Carrier furnace. This furnace has model no. 58SXA100-JG. The unit had been working on and off.

Upon calling for a service tech, the consumer was informed that high temp switch has to be replaced. Following the techs advice, consumer replaced the temp switch. However, the unit worked for one day only.

The next day, it is not working so a technician was again scheduled. The same tech adjusted the set up of the temp switch. The unit worked for 10 days then stopped working again.

The process went on but the unit was not repaired. The furnace has been working intermittently since then. One probability is that the furnace might be already old.

A consumer named Blazek from Illinois has the same problem. He vented it out in consumers review section. His furnace is working intermittently. He had to replace one part of the furnace to another. However, the problem had been ongoing until the furnace had reached the end of its life period.

Twenty out of sixty three consumers said they are satisfied with their Carrier furnace. Twenty seven out of sixty three consumers yielded very unsatisfied. The others are either neutral or somewhat satisfied or unsatisfied.

If you will check the reviews and the reasons of their grievances; the common denominator of the Carrier furnace problems are the intermittent performance of the product.

There could be different reasons why a high percentage of the reviews pointed to the direction of intermittent performance of the unit.

Perhaps the reason is the units’ old age, an old model or other technical probabilities. Regardless of the reason behind said Carrier furnace problems, it reflects the performance of Carrier product as a whole.

Are you planning to buy a furnace? Regardless of the brand that you have in mind, do your assignment first. Make a research and ask around before you make your final decision.

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