The Best Natural Gas Furnaces

There are many things to consider when shopping for a new natural gas furnace. How efficient they are depends on a few factors, but mostly on your home. If your home has good insulation and sealed windows, then any furnace you purchase will be more efficient.

However if you have a large home with older windows, vaulted ceilings and live in a cold climate area, you will need a better natural gas furnace. However there are some natural gas furnaces that are rated highly across the board. But which natural gas furnace is best? Continue reading “The Best Natural Gas Furnaces”

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The Best High Efficiency Gas Furnace

High efficiency gas furnaces receive a rating between 90% and 96% by the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). This rating is referred to as the annual fuel utilization efficiency, or the AFUE, and is a measure of seasonal performance.

Traditional “power combustion” furnaces have a rating between 80% and 82%. Furnaces that have ratings above 90% are “condensing” furnaces, meaning that they are able to condense escaping water vapor and consequently recapture some of the heat that is wasted by traditional furnaces.

Choosing a highly rated gas furnace will save you a lot of money and keep your home properly heated. Especially if you live in a colder climate, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) strongly recommends having a condensing furnace with an AFUE of 90% or higher.

One of the best choices of condensing furnaces is the Bryant Evolution Plus 90i series, which is also marketed as the Carrier WeatherMaker Infinity 96 series.

The Evolution series is Bryant’s top line. Bryant’s middle and bottom lines are Preferred and Legacy. The Evolution model has AFUE ratings between 94.1% and 96.6%. The Bryant Evolution Plus 90i has excellent heat/blower controls and according to the ACEEE, this furnace’s blower utilizes the smallest amount of electricity of any model, only 105 to 258 kilowatts per year.

With an AFUE rating of 95%, the Armstrong Air furnace is another great condensing model that is similar to the Bryant Evolution, but can cost you a couple of hundred dollars less.

There have been some reports, however, that have said both the Bryant and the Armstrong models need repairs more often than other furnace types and due to the high cost of parts, they can be difficult and expensive to repair. Even still, Bryant and Armstrong furnaces have average to above-average long-term reliability ratings.

Another highly efficient type of furnace is the multi-stage modulating gas furnace, whose AFUE rating is between 92% and 97%. This kind of furnace is a bit more expensive but both experts and homeowners agree that the multi-state modulating furnace yields the greatest level of comfort.

Two and three-stage furnaces have the ability to maintain a nearly constant temperature through the use of variable-speed blowers. A recommended brand name of a multi-stage furnace is the Rheem Prestige series, which has a modulating burner with a heat output range in 5% increments from 40% to 100%.

A gas furnace’s measurable performance is affected by climate changes, home size, insulation, window condition, and usage. As a result, long-term reliability is generally considered to be the most important distinguishing factor between furnaces, which are designed to last between 15 and 20 years. So while having a furnace with a reputable brand name is important, it is the relationship between the contractor and the buyer that is most often emphasized.

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Trane Gas Furnace Review

When you want to purchase a new heating unit for your home, it would be best to source out information through customer reviews and efficiency ratings on your prospective product. Through these reviews, you will find out which of the brands or models you should buy.

A lot of people are looking into getting more energy efficient appliances for their homes and this includes the heating units or furnaces. One of the top choices of consumers is a Trane gas furnace.

Trane is a leader in the business. They spend a lot of time and money in researching and developing gas furnaces that take pride in their efficiency and functionality.

Efficiency rating of a Trane gas furnace reaches up to a whopping 97 percent. That is more than any other brands in the country. To back this all up, Trane has received the award of EPA’s Best of the Best award in 2007.

This is to prove that Trane produces quality furnaces that guarantee cutting down on that power bill as well. Trane has already made a name in the market and people are truly satisfied with the products.

Trane’s products are not only cost-efficient they are also user-friendly. They have laid out controls that are easy to understand. You don’t have to have the user manual handy all the time.

The controls appear as they can teach you how to do things on their own. What’s more, the gas furnaces can last for longer than what is expected of them. This surely is a wonder product.

There are a lot of products on the market. True enough, the reviews will just keep on saying that the consumers aren’t happy with the product. But if you check the Internet, a Trane gas furnace doesn’t get much review.

People feel that when something wrong goes with what you experience, they need to let the whole world know. Fewer reviews could only mean that the product is of superb quality.

You don’t have to think twice about purchasing a Trane furnace. The company has surely proven themselves to be one of the leaders in the industry. They have put the needs of the consumers first and this is evident of the quality of furnaces they produce.

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The Best Natural Gas Furnances

Natural Gas furnaces are far more desirable than other furnaces since they do not only bring comfort to your home but they also help preserve the environment. When you plan to buy this kind of furnace, the things you need to consider are its size and efficiency.

The size you need to order is dependent on the amount of heat loss in your house. You can ask the help of a professional who knows how to calculate heat loss so you can purchase the perfect furnace for you house.

In terms of efficiency, the natural gas furnaces are rated by determining their Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). This rating is calculated by the determination of the ratio of the output heat of the unit to the consumed total energy.

Each furnace’s cabinet has an attached label that contains its AFUE. It is better to purchase a unit that has a 92% AFUE which can perform efficiently 15% than the old furnaces models that make use of natural gas.

This furnace is also ideal when it comes to cleaning because furnaces that use gas can be controlled without any difficulty compared to oil burners.

Usually, the problem when using this type of furnace in your house revolves around its thermocouple, the pilot light, and other electrical systems’ components.

You also need to remember that once you have this type of furnace and it gets damaged, you should not turn off the lights inside your home and instead open the windows and doors and get out of the house.

Do not go back inside until there is no permit from a professional from a gas company to enter the house. If you plan to replace your old furnace or if you need to buy a new one, go for a natural gas furnace.

It is more efficient in terms of its performance than other furnaces and it is also energy efficient. If you buy this furnace, you also help save the environment.

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