Gibson Furnace Installation

If you have decided to purchase a Gibson furnace you probably have some questions about installation. As a general rule, furnace installation is best left to the specialists. Unless you have had training and understand the electrical components of a furnace it is best to find a reliable contractor that you trust to do the installation in your home.

There are ways you can find a contractor who can help make your Gibson furnace installation a breeze, and make owning a Gibson furnace worry free. You just have to know where to look, and you have to understand how your furnace works so you can properly maintain it.

The first thing you need to do in order to get your Gibson furnace installation underway, is to find a good contractor to do the installation. A major complaint about Gibson furnaces stems around customers having had a bad installation.

A good way to find a good contractor is to ask your friends and family who they recommend. Word of mouth is a great way to locate a reliable contractor who does excellent work. You can also look for such a contractor online.

Make sure that the person you hire is licensed, bonded, and insured in the event the unexpected happens during your installation.

Another good reason to find a good contractor for your Gibson furnace installation, is so you have someone to call in case you start having problems with your unit. If the person who installed the system is available to work on it, should it have maintenance issues, you will probably spend less paying them to fix it, as they are already familiar with your home and the furnace.

You might also want to look into getting a warranty from the contractor on the labor, in case something goes wrong a few months later with the way the unit was installed in your house.

It is also very important that the contractor or technician who installs your furnace, explains to you how it works, and what to do if something minor goes wrong. If you have a basic understanding of how your furnace works, you may be able to stop problems before they start.

It is also important to remember to change out the filters and follow the maintenance instructions recommended in your owner’s manual to ensure that your furnace runs smoothly and with very few problems. Feel free to ask your contractor questions. After all, you just paid a lot of money for a furnace. You should know how to use it.

The purchase of a furnace is a major investment in the comfort of your home. It is important to make sure it is installed by a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor, and that the contractor has a good reputation for good work and reliability.

You also need to make sure you understand the warranty that comes with your furnace, and purchase and additional one if you feel it is needed. Make sure you know how to use your furnace, and that you ask any and all questions regarding anything you are unclear on.

If you do all of these things, your Gibson furnace installation should go smoothly, and you should enjoy the comfort of a warm home, even on those cold winter evenings.

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Gibson Furnace Complaints

With any major purchase you make for your home, it is always good to know what you will be dealing with if you decide to purchase a particular product and something goes wrong with it.

There are three very common Gibson furnace complaints that you will find after reading customer reviews about the product. Once you have identified what is commonly going wrong with this product, you will have the tools you need to decide whether or not these problems are ones that you can handle if you decide to purchase a Gibson furnace.

Many people who have purchased a Gibson furnace, have complaints about the noise of the furnace itself. “This new furnace is so loud that it wakes me up when it starts. Even when the burner ignites, I can hear it. It is a two stage and the second stage is twice as loud as the first”, is what once such customer had to say.

Another customer said, “Unit runs very noisily, I am considering replacing with another brand.” If the noise of your furnace is an issue, then you may not want to purchase a Gibson. This seems to be a complaint comes up rather frequently.

Another Gibson furnace complaint is, that some of the units have a faulty circuit board. This causes the unit to work intermittently, and sometimes not at all. “Going on to my 4th circuit board. Design flaw? Installation flaw? I want to know. Condensate leaking on board from exhaust blower. Shorting out diodes etc.”

Some other customers have complained that they often have to go to the unit and open the panel and wiggle the wires so the unit will kick on. One in five customer reviews has had something to say about a faulty circuit board, so it is a good idea to make sure your unit has been properly wired before you turn it on and use it.

The most common Gibson furnace complaint, seems to be the number of service calls and repairs that are not covered under the warranty. Gibson has a ten year warranty on all parts, but this warranty does not cover the cost of paying the technician to repair the issue with the unit.

“Absolutely the worst furnace I’ve known. Has just stopped working about 10 times in 2 winters. What good is a warranty on parts when I have to pay the labor? cheap, cheap, cheap. It’s a builder’s low-grade model and I’ll be replacing it as soon as possible.”

Another customer said, “I had to pay for the repairs ( warranty … what warranty ? ) The third heating season unit would not start. Gibson has not paid for any repairs, they offer no customer support and could care less if their unit is defective.”

Here you have read the most common Gibson furnace complaints. The customer reviews of this product are very mixed. Many of the customers who have purchased this product are extremely satisfied and have not had any repair or operational problems.

Then you have the very unsatisfied customers who have had nothing but problems with the units they purchased. It is very important to know everything you can about a product before you purchase it, so do your research, determine the average customer rating, and know what you would be willing to pay for and deal with, before buying this unit.

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Gibson Furnace Consumer Reports

Looking at Gibson furnace consumer reports is a great way to shop for a furnace. I always recommend that before someone buys something the look at the reviews. That’s a great way to find out what actual customers think about the product.

Still, reading lots of Gibson furnace consumer reports can take time. If you are a home developer, you don’t want to have to read all of the Gibson furnace consumer reports out there. You just want the cold hard facts about them.

That’s why this article is a summary of all the Gibson furnace consumer reports that are out there. This will gather together all the information that you don’t have the time gather. This will sum it up so that you can have an answer.

The main verdict that people come to in Gibson furnace consumer reports is that Gibson makes great furnaces. Sure, there are some people who buy duds, but they are few and far between.

Most people report great things about their experiences in their Gibson furnace consumer reports.

First, we will talk about the positives that people have mentioned again and again in their reports. After that we will go through the different problems that people have mentioned in their Gibson furnace consumer reports.

Most people report that their furnaces do not cost too much to run. Gibson furnaces are known for getting the most out of the energy that they use.

This saves the consumer a lot of money. Another positive thing mentioned in Gibson furnace ratings is how quiet they are.

Other furnaces run very loudly even though they claim that they are silent. Gibson actually makes a furnace that isn’t too loud.

Still, there are some problems that people list in their Gibson furnace consumer reports. Some people have mentioned having a problem with some pieces breaking down rather quickly.

It seems that some furnaces do not use the best parts possible.
These reports are few and far between, but some of them share the same pieces, so they seem like a legitimate complaint.

It seems that Gibson should replace a few of the pieces that they have been using on their furnaces.

Gibson furnace reviews also show that some people do not get as much heat as they had hoped.

Most people have no problem with this, so it might just be some people who bought a furnace that was too small.

There are a lot of pros when it comes to Gibson furnaces. Like everything, there are also some cons. Still, I think that for the most part the reviews are far more favorable than negative.

I hope that you have found my review of Gibson furnace consumer reports insightful. There is a lot of information out there about all of the different kinds of Gibson furnaces if you are interested.

If you just wanted the short version on what people think about the furnaces, I hope that I have provided that to you.

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