Luxaire Furnace Parts

When you are purchasing a furnace, or seeking to repair a unit, the top question on your mind is where to find replacement parts. Luxaire furnace parts are perhaps a brand of replacements easier to track down than some of the other brands on the furnace market.

Almost every furnace owner will attest to the fact that when a part on the furnace decides to finally give out, it will inevitable pick the day with the absolute worst temperatures billowing down outside.

Here are a few facts about Luxaire that might put your mind at ease should you find yourself in certain need of a replacement part:

1) Most units fall under warranty, and so long as you meet the terms and conditions than you won’t have to worry about paying out of pocket when a replacement piece is needed.

2) Luxaire supplies replacement pieces via their local Dealers. If you bought your unit locally, than chances are you can go right back to the Dealer to explain the problem, troubleshoot a solution, and get your hands on a replacement piece fast.

Most consumers who have found themselves in this position said having a local Dealer made all the difference.

An understanding of which Luxaire furnace parts to perform maintenance on can help lessen dire need of replacement parts in a pinch. Luxaire recommends performing regular maintenance on the blower, thermostat, humidifier, filters, and ducts. Maintenance procedures are pretty simple, and activities you could easily work in whenever you have the time.

For example, a standard furnace utilizes a filter made of loosely woven spun-glass fibers. They are designed to catch particles that can clog up the unit and duct work (not improve indoor air quality). Regularly replacing the filter about every 3 to 6 months is considered good maintenance.

You can find exact filter replacements alongside other Luxaire furnace parts at your local Dealer. You can even look into finding a different type of filter that might support your furnace better. Note that this standard filter is separate from an air filtration filter designed to improve indoor air quality. These types of filters are easily found at any local hardware store.

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Luxaire Furnace Reviews

Have you been considering a Luxaire for your new furnace? You will definitely want to read these furnace reviews first because you might just change your mind by the end of this article.

The reason I suggest going into your purchase with caution is because the reviews for the Luxaire furnace are quite mixed. Some customers love it, while others are very unhappy with their decision.

The majority or problems or complaints are due to having the wrong sized unit installed for your home. If you go too big or too small you can have major issues come up.

One reviewer says he wishes he would have stayed away from Luxaire all together. He was lured in my the inexpensive price, but in this situation you may just “get what you pay for” in the long run.

Some furnace reviews have shared experiences of parts going out left and right and claim that it can turn into a “money pit”.

One customer who bought a 15 SEER model ended up with an electric bill over $500 after putting in a Luxaire, which was a lot more than they were paying with their old furnace. This was because something was malfunctioned on the thermostat.

If you think you’ll be able to call up the company and have them fix your issues think again. Luxaire furnace reviews have stated that they are a big hassle to work with. One person claimed that they refused to honor their warranty all together.

If you don’t choose one of their installers then you are really out of luck and will have to pay for everything out of pocket.

If you do decide to go with with Luxaire after reading these furnace reviews, at least heed the advice to get a Certified Comfort Luxaire dealer to install it for you. If you do this then your installation will be guaranteed for a good year, which should be able to tell you if you got a lemon of a furnace.

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Luxaire Furnace Manual

Did you have a Luxaire furnace manual that came with your unit and somehow it got lost? Thankfully, there is no need to worry because they are plentiful and very easy to find online. In fact, you can get them from the Luxaire website itself.

While reading through the Luxaire furnace manual I was able to learn quite a bit. It included all of the instructions for the correct way to start and turn off the unit. It also gives all the information on which air filters to use, how to replace them, how to take care of the blower and even how to lubricate the motor. I didn’t even know that motor lubrication was important!

I love that they explain their unit and give details on how the gas furnace actually works. This takes a lot of mystery out of what to do when things go wrong.

If you find yourself having any problems with your unit you can examine your furnace installation to see if it was put in correctly. The manual suggests starting with the heat exchanger then checking the air piping for the vent/combustion. When you have done that, move on and be sure the vent connector that goes to your chimney is free and clear of anything that may be blocking it.

Apparently there are several different areas on your furnace that you need to keep clean: the burner, the heat exchanger and the secondary heat exchanger. All the instructions and details on this can be found in your Luxaire furnace manual.

The PDF I read were for models: GY9S, GM9S and GF9S, which is their single stage upflow series. You can download it yourself here –

I really appreciated their section on replacement parts. Having a replacement parts list with contact information to buy them really helps speed up the process and reduces frustration with trying to locate them.

Even your warranty information is right there. Overall, I am very impressed with the Luxaire furnace manual. If only all brands carried such a detailed guide for their customers.

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My Luxaire Furnace is Not Working

Luxaire furnace not working – what do you do? You can call the manufacturer, if you want to spend some time sitting on hold twiddling your thumbs.

You can call your local certified Dealer, who can probably offer phone support and dispatch a technician. You might have to pay an out of pocket expense if your unit is out of warranty, though. If neither of these options sparks you resolve, then how about troubleshooting the unit a little on your own?

Our problem is as follows: For whatever reason the furnace is not working.

Possible solutions include:

Lack of power – Check the power supply. Is it producing power? If it is, check to ensure the power supply is properly connected to the unit. Check out any local fuses or circuit breakers. Reset them if necessary.

Gas – Take a close look at the gas valve. If you find it open, then it is a very plausible reason for your Luxaire furnace not working. Working on your gas valve can be dangerous. Always stop and check for the smell of gas. If you catch the scent of gas, do not attempt further work on your unit. Leave the area and immediately contact the local fire department or Gas Company.

Operational Issues – If you notice that the panel on your unit has what looks like a spastic flashing red light (flashing rapidly), then your unit is trying to say it has internal operational issues. This light is indicating what might be a serious internal problem. The best thing you can do is contact a certified technician for help.

In most cases the unit will appear to stop working if a part breaks. For example, if a motor stops working you will think the unit has stopped working. Upon closer inspection, you might see the unit itself is on. In this case it’s time to use the panel map included on the unit to trace your way to an inoperable part.

Always check for the red flashing light. It can mean a flame flared up for no reason. In most cases a simple reset of breakers, fuses, and the power supply will solve the case of your Luxaire furnace not working.

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Luxaire Furnace Error Codes

For furnace owners, understanding error codes can be a nightmare. If you own a Luxaire furnace, error codes can be translated via your User Manual, which is good news. The bad news is that you still might have some lights flashing that make absolutely no sense. Thankfully, the two most common are easy to figure out!

You don’t have to be a technician to determine what the lights flashing mean. Remember, if your unit is covered under warranty you have the option of not dealing with error codes at all. You can simply contact your local dealer and see about having a certified technician sent out to troubleshoot and fix whatever the error code is indicating.

For the Do-It-Yourselfer, there are many Luxaire furnace error codes that are easy to understand and fix! If you own a gas unit and notice that the house is getting cold even while the furnace is running, it’s time to go check your unit. You will probably find that the blower is running while a single error light flashes.

A single flashing light indicates a lock out. The fix is simple: turn the unit off. Count to 10. Turn the unit back on. The problem should be instantly fixed, and you should not experience it again for another day or more.

If you see 3 flashing lights, this indicates a pressure switch problem.

The problem causing this error code can be as simple as caught debris inside of the unit. Most units have a wiring diagram that will lead you to the pressure switch. By following the diagram and disconnecting the rubber hose that feeds into the blower motor, you might find a piece of debris caught. Removing it and reattaching the hose usually fixes the issue instantly.

Consumers say learning to read and understand these common error codes has saved them time and money, plus it gives them the ability to make minor fixes on their own. Luxaire furnace error codes are not extremely complicated. If something is dramatically wrong, the units usually stop working altogether. Errors indicate minor problems, such as the common ones shown here, that have easy fixes.

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