My Rheem Furnace is Not Heating

There is nothing worse than having your furnace conk out on you in the middle of winter. There could be several reasons behind your Rheem furnace not heating, but three of the most common reasons have to do with the timer on the blower, the flame sensor, and some are just electrical and require the attention of a technician to remedy.

The first two problems listed you can probably take care of yourself with the help of your manual, and customer support. If, however, the problem exists elsewhere you may need to get the help of a professional to get your furnace back up and running.

If you find that your Rheem furnace is not heating when the blower comes on, but a few minutes after it starts, that is most likely a problem with the timer on the blower. This is happening because the blower is coming on before the unit has properly heated up.

If this is a problem you are having, you need to adjust the timer on the blower to where it only comes on after the furnace has warmed up. You can usually find the dials for this in the control box located on the front of the furnace.

You just need to adjust it to come on when the heat is available in order to avoid several minutes of your furnace blowing cold air.

The flame sensor is a very sensitive piece of equipment located in your furnace. Sometimes the reason your Rheem furnace is not heating is because the flame sensor is dirty. Furnaces have the tendency to get dusty, and dirty especially is they use gas or heating oil.

If you find that your furnace is not heating, it is a good idea to look in your owner’s manual and follow the procedure listed to clean your flame sensor. Keeping this device clean, will not take you a long time to do, and it is an important factor in keeping your furnace running smoothly.

If you have determined that your Rheem furnace is not heating, and you have checked the timer on the blower and the flame sensor, you can do several things. You might want to first call Rheem customer support and describe what is going on, or call a technician out to look at your furnace.

Sometimes customer support can walk you through how to fix the issue you are having over the phone, which will save you time and money. If, however, the issue is more serious it is always a good idea to get a professional out to your house to protect both yourself, your home, and your furnace.

Sitting in a cold house in the middle of winter can be a miserable experience, so if your furnace is not heating, first check and see if it is a problem you can take care of yourself, and if not it is better to be safe than sorry, so call a technician.

Remember to look at your warranty and make sure you do not end up paying for replacement parts that are still covered, and also make sure you know what caused the initial problem with your furnace and what you can do to prevent it from happening again. Once your furnace is back up and running, take the time to maintain it, and you shouldn’t have any more problems with it.

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Rheem Furnace Blinking Light Codes

A Rheem Furnace blinking light could mean a number of different things. One thing is for sure, you are not going to calm down until you figure out why the light is blinking. Well, let’s try to help you with that.

First, you should check and see if the furnace is still operating. You can figure this out by placing your hand over a vent. Is warm air coming out?

If the furnace is still putting warm air out, then there is not a detrimental problem occurring. The furnace is still functioning. This is good.

If the furnace is off completely, and it’s colder than you have the thermostat set for, then the furnace is not operating correctly. The light is indicating a problem that is keeping your furnace from heating up your house. This is bad.

If the furnace is running, then you should still worry about the light. The light might be warning you of things to come. You will need to look through your furnace guide to find out what the Rheem furnace blinking light means.

Now, if the furnace is off completely, then you will have to do the same thing in the cold. This will be a lot less pleasant, but more important.

There is always the danger that the blinking light could mean that there is something seriously wrong with your furnace. That is why you should never take a blinking light lightly. You should always make sure you understand why the light is blinking.

After you figure out what the problem is, you will need to assess the situation. Determine if you will be able to fix the problem. If you are unable to do it, then you will need to contact a repairman.

One of the great things about the blinking light on a Rheem furnace is that it will indicate to you what the problem is. When most things break, you do not have this luxury. When your toaster stops working, there will not be a little light to tell you why. Instead, there will be a trashcan to put it in.

While you might not be able to fix the problem yourself, you will at least be able to understand the gravity of the situation. If there is a serious condition, you will be able to escape from your house before anything terrible happens.

If you fix the problem and the light stays on, you might have done something wrong. Still, never eliminate the possibility that the blinking light is just malfunctioning. You might need to fix the blinking light.

This situation won’t happen too often. You should always assume that there is a real problem with the furnace. A problem with the light itself should be the last option you consider.
I hope that this guide will help you understand a Rheem furnace blinking light.

Remember, they are there to assist you. So, don’t be too stressed out when you see one. Instead, keep your head and solve the problem.

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My Rheem Furnace Keeps Shutting Off

You turn it back on, and every fifteen minutes your Rheem furnace keeps shutting off. This is an incredibly frustrating problem. One of the disappointing things about the furnace is that this is not all that unique of a problem.

Furnaces used to be made to last. Now, they seem to be made to shutdown. There are a couple reasons for this.

First, manufacturers have discovered that if they make their equipment less reliable, people will have to buy more of them. If they build things to last for years, then they will not sell any more of them. So, they build things to last just beyond their warranty.

This is sad, but true. And you really can’t blame them. A company like Rheem has been around for years. They know the name of the game. They sold furnaces to people thirty years ago that are just now breaking down.

That means they haven’t made a cent off of those people in thirty years. That’s not enough business to stay in business. They aren’t making that same mistake again.

Another reason why the equipment is finicky is because most companies are trying to make appliances more energy efficient. A furnace used to be able to work for thirty years because there wasn’t much to it.

Now there are tons of bells and whistles on furnaces. Every time a manufacturer adds another piece to a product, there is more potential that the product will break.

The combination of these two things has lead to more and more furnaces having problems. So, this might be why your Rheem furnace keeps shutting off. All of that might not help you with your current problem, but at least now you know why it’s happening.

A more immediate solution to the problem might be presented if you look at the thermostat. Depending on what model you have, you might be able to figure out the problem from the number of blinking lights on the thermostat, or from the error code listed.

If either of these things is present, you should look them up on your guidebook that came with the thermostat.

It might be an easy fix. Hopefully you will be able to patch things up without having to call the repairman. Chances are it will not be an easy fix.

If the rheem furnace keeps shutting down, it’s probably trying to prevent something from happening. That sometimes is probably expensive. You might have to shell out the big bucks to have warmth again.

So, make sure that everyone in your house is well bundled. Unexpected furnace failures will often lead to colds and fevers. Don’t let this happen. Make sure everyone stays warm.
Well, I hope this will help you with the fact that your Rheem furnace keeps shutting off.

This annoying situation is sure to frustrate you to no end. At the very least I can say that you are fully justified with being absolutely annoyed with your furnace. Maybe you should get a new one.

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Rheem Furnace Problems

There have been a number of Rheem furnace problems. It is a sad irony that problems with furnaces seem to only surface when they are needed the most, in winter. This is the case with Rheem furnaces.

It is true that many issues with furnaces can be traced back to bad installation or incompetent repairmen, however Rheem furnace problems for the most part appear to be due to poor design or faults inherent to the model.

Many consumers have complained about the noise level of the furnace, comparing the sound of the motor to that of a helicopter or airplane. In addition to this, several reviewers commented that the ignition is also very loud.

Anther common complaint is with the ignition of the furnace, which prevents the furnace lighting in very cold temperatures, exactly when a furnace really needs to be able to light without any problems. Frequently, this fault has been detected less than five years after purchase.

The diagnostics on the furnace have also come under fire. An LED display should blink rapidly when there is a problem with the furnace; many people have found that the LED does not clearly indicate when it has detected a fault.

Perhaps these Rheem furnace problems would be forgivable if Rheem had better customer relations. Numerous disgruntled reviewers claim that Rheem is very difficult to contact and when a representative is available they are rude.

It is often a poor or aggressive attitude from a company representative that upsets consumers the most, especially after they have made such a big investment.

To be fair, quite a few people who reviewed Rheem furnaces have had theirs for many years and been perfectly happy with their performance. It is possible that the older models were better made than the newer ones. If you are happy with your product then you have no reason to contact the company and would therefore be oblivious to the way they deal with customers.

Whether the or not the furnace is faulty due to the negligence of Rheem or a shoddy middle man, it is still advisable that the company deal with their customers with sympathy and respect.

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Rheem Furnace Instructions

So you have purchased a Rheem furnace, but you are not really sure how to operate it. You are looking forward to having a reliable source of warmth this winter, but find the owner’s manual confusing and hard to understand. That is not a problem.

There are few basic things you need to know in order to get your furnace running reliably all winter long. Operating your furnace is a lot simpler than they make it appear in the instruction booklet. Below you will find some Rheem furnace instructions that will help you operate your furnace and keep you family snug and warm all throughout these approaching winter months.

The first Rheem furnace instructions in the manual have to do with the placement of the unit itself. All you need to do it make sure you install the furnace in a place where it will safely run without compromising the safety of your home and family.

A furnace is best installed in a utility closet, garage, attic, or basement that is free from combustible materials. This means that a space needs to be cleared free from insulation, flammable materials or chemicals.

It also needs to be in a place with the proper wiring and connections. Homes are usually built to accommodate the furnace in a safe manner, but if your home does not have a designated place for a furnace make sure you place it where it can operate properly and safely.

Make sure that when your furnace is installed all of the ducts are clean and the panels and doors are all shut and operational after your installation. If these things have not occurred then you need to consult the technician who installed the unit for you.

When you are turning on your furnace for the first time, the Rheem furnace instructions call for several steps. They vary depending on whether or not the furnace itself is gas, electric, or run with heating oil. In this instance, it is very important to follow the instructions exactly how they are written in your owner’s manual.

When it comes to operating your furnace, the Rheem furnace instructions are very simple. In order for your furnace to run efficiently, you need to make sure you keep your filters clean, and make your house as energy efficient as possible.

This means sealing any cracks, and keeping the doors and windows shut as much as possible to allow the unit to do its best to heat your home. It is always a good idea to arrange your furniture and electronics so that they do not block any air vents.

It is also smart to keep any heat producing devices away from your thermostat, so that you get an accurate measurement of the temperature inside the home. Every thermostat is different, so it is important that you understand how it functions and what the knobs, buttons, and screens mean.

Using a furnace has a lot to do with common sense. If you are having difficulty operating your system and the Rheem furnace instructions are not clear enough for you to understand, then a good option is to look on line for tech support.

There are many websites that can give you specific instructions for your issue. It is also a good idea, to have the contractor who installed your furnace to explain its function before they leave. This will give you peace of mind about your furnace, and help you stay warm during those chilly winter months.

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