Tempstar Furnace Reviews

Tempstar furnaces range in the energy efficiencies from 80% AFUE to 95% AFUE. United Technologies is the parent company of Tempstar and owns Heil Bryant and Carrier, leading Tempstar to share common characteristics with those brands.

The features of various Tempstar furnaces are:

Direct ignition using hot surface igniters and no pilot light with direct ignition.

Weld-free heat exchangers that area stainless steel in selected models.

Two-stage gas furnaces with variable speed motors.

Two speed induced draft motors in selected furnace models.

Electronic control boards that have diagnostic capabilities in selected furnace models.

Lifetime limited warranties for the heat exchangers on selected models with other models having a 20-year warranty.

Tempstar has many types of gas furnaces to fit any budget or heating need. The wide range of furnaces that are all energy efficient help to reduce the heating costs while providing even heat throughout the home.

The Tempstar SmartComfort VS90 furnace is a gas furnace with electronic controls for monitoring and diagnostics. The Energy Star rating is an AFUE up to 92.1%. It is available in a single or two-stage heater that has a two speed induce draft blower.

The Tempstar SmartComfort VS80 furnace is a gas furnace with electronic controls for monitoring and diagnostics. The Energy Star rating is an AFUE up to 80%. It has a two-stage heater with a two-speed blower and a variable speed motor.

Both the VS90 and VS80 are CSA certified.

The two-stage ignitions on the furnace systems provide the opportunity to select the right level of power for heating the home. The two-stage furnaces operated with lower heating output settings most of the time then will increase the heating output as the weather becomes colder. This transition creates a more even heating throughout the home.

Tempstar is a trusted name in residential gas furnaces backed by high quality craftsmanship materials and construction. The Tempstar furnace will provide years of warmth and comfort in an affordable price that will also warm the wallet.

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Tempstar Furnace Reliability

A furnace is one of a few appliances that is essential to have in good working order at all times, and a furnace that is unreliable can be a major inconvenience, if not a health hazard.

When looking into purchasing any brand of furnace, take some time to research consumer reviews and information regarding the reliability of that brand of furnace. Continue reading “Tempstar Furnace Reliability”

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My Tempstar Furnace Blows Cold Air

Of the problems experienced by owners of Tempstar furnaces, the issue of the Tempstar furnace blowing cold air is one of the most common issues that is reported. Fortunately for those who own Tempstar furnaces, the solution is typically easy to discover and simple to fix.

The first productive step that a person should take in researching solutions for this problem is to research options online, by typing “Tempstar furnace blows cold air,” or something similar, into a search engine.

Typically, many options will appear that will lead to forums in which other owners of Tempstar furnaces have discussed the problem. Some of the results that appear should also be links to articles with direct information regarding how to solve this problem.

The first step in solving the problem, “Tempstar furnace blows cold air,” is attempting to identify the root cause of the problem. In some cases, the actual heating mechanism in the furnace may be damaged.

However, it is more likely that the problem lies within other parts of the furnace. In order for the gas furnace to work properly, the mechanisms are regulated by electronic systems. Many times, the problem lies with these regulating systems rather than the heat-producing gas systems.

If your Tempstar furnace blows cold air, the first move to make is simply to check to make sure that power is still reaching the furnace as a whole.

Sometimes, the power supply to the entire furnace has been disrupted for one reason or another, and the solution may be as simple as fixing the power problem. Check your circuit breakers and make sure that no electrical cords have been damaged.

If you find that the electrical power is working but your Tempstar furnace blows cold air, there may still other be simple solutions to the problem. Even if the electrical power is functioning, consider that the gas source may not be working properly.

In this case, your next step is to check the gas valve to make sure it is open. Hopefully, one of these two quick fixes will be the solution to your problem.

For some owners, a Tempstar furnace blows cold air for other reasons. The next step in the diagnostic process is to see whether or not the problem lies with the thermostat.

Before deciding that the thermostat if completely broken, be sure to check the settings on the thermostat to make sure that it is set at the appropriate temperature. If you discover that the thermostat is, in fact, damaged, you will need to contact the company to repair the thermostat.

In the event that the thermostat is set correctly, the electricity is connected, and the gas valve is open, yet your Tempstar furnace blows cold air, you will need to call the manufacturer.

A customer service representative will likely guide you through the same process detailed above before suggesting other options. Once you have explained to the representative that your furnace still does not work, you will need to explore other options for having your furnace fixed. Depending on the warranty remaining on the product, you may be able to have someone come out and fix the furnace for free.

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Tempstar Furnace Customer Service Review

Have you been referred to Tempstar Furnace by a friend, and are currently researching Tempstar Furnace customer service reports?

Tempstar Furnace is a company that manufactures both commercial and residential furnaces, as well as air conditioning units. For many years, Tempstar Furnace has been able to provide superior service to each and every customer on its list.

When considering a company for your air conditioning or furnace, you need to make a list of important questions to do a thorough review. You need to make sure you ask questions regarding the following: how the warranties are distributed and used by the customers, the cost of repairs, and the reviews of the product by current customers.

If you do look at these issues with Tempstar, you will find that this company upholds it’s quality delivery of services.

If you are having to do some homework on choosing a company, you will find that you will need to look at the company ratings. You should consider companies that are able to stand by its standard.

You will find that Tempstar Furnace customer service is very efficient. This company delivers its service precisely as advertised.

Tempstar furnaces have been delivering top of the line products and services for years. You will find that customers that have used their products were well satisfied with the service they received.

In addition, the warranty given on the product gives an additional assurance about the standard of service that Tempstar promotes. Another advantage is that you will never feel that you are being taken advantage of.

A Tempstar customer will never have to worry about being hassled or ridiculed if they call the company for assistance.

You will receive a courteous response to your inquiry. In addition, information give by the company is easy to follow, and available both online, and in print.

Tempstar is an outstanding company that prides itself on being pristine in its delivery. You will find when you compare other companies to Tempstar, Tempstar will always be rated number one.

You will not have to wonder about the ability to get your repairs done, or questions answered. Many individuals have found that Tempstar furnace customer service rises above the rest, and provides assurance of the product standard.

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