Tempstar Furnace Parts

Tempstar furnaces are thought to be reliable, and regular maintenance will prevent the majority of problems ever surfacing. Even so, it is not uncommon throughout the life of your furnace to find that parts occasionally need replacing.

Some of these parts you can replace yourself rather than pay for a repairman to come out and do it for you. Tempstar furnace parts are easy to find. First you should try looking for parts online. It is possible to find parts from old furnaces that have stopped working and the owners have decided to sell the working parts.

New Tempstar furnace parts can be ordered from the manufacturer or in many cases, the store that sold you the furnace. You may prefer to do this if your furnace is still under warranty, or if the part is crucial to the smooth running of the furnace.

It has been noticed by some consumers that many Tempstar furnace parts are similar to those of other company’s furnaces. Tempstar’s parent company also owns Carrier which could be why this is the case. However try not to be tempted to add a component from another type of furnace unless you are absolutely sure it is compatible with your furnace.

If you do decide you would like to try and fix the problem, make sure you do plenty of research into the role of the part and how easy it is to install, some parts are minor but some have a more major role and as such, it may be safer to call in a professional. Also if you are still under warranty you can risk making the agreement invalid if you attempt a repair yourself.

Checking that parts for your furnace are easy to find should be part of your research when buying a furnace. Replacing minor parts yourself could very well save you some money.

Conversely if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could potentially be accruing more costs when you damage your furnace and have to get a qualified professional in to fix it. So, if in doubt it is better to be safe than sorry and ask a professional.

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Tempstar Furnace Replacement Parts

Although most owners of Tempstar furnaces are very happy with their products, these furnaces, like all appliances, will occasionally need replacement parts. Since Tempstar furnaces last for quite some time, it is not uncommon for owners to need to replace one or more parts over the life of their Tempstar furnaces.

Fortunately, owners of these furnaces have options for finding Tempstar furnace replacement parts. Some parts of a Tempstar furnace are more difficult to replace than others, but most replacement parts are available and can be found with a little research.

If a part of a customer’s Tempstar furnace breaks, he or she must first consider the role of the part before looking into locating Tempstar furnace replacement parts. Considering the role of the damaged part is important, because some parts are riskier than others to replace yourself.

In cases in which the broken part of the Tempstar furnace is a minor piece, the owner should first look into purchasing individual or used parts, either on the Internet or in stores.

Information is available online regarding how to install most Tempstar furnace replacement parts on one’s own.

Therefore, it may be a smart move to first look into purchasing cheap, individual parts that you can install yourself, as long as the piece is a minor part or you are completely confident that you can replace the part on your own.

For those looking to purchase individual Tempstar furnace replacement parts, several options are available. Beginning with an internet search is usually best. Sometimes, owners will get lucky and find individual parts in used classified advertisements from individual sellers.

Sometimes, a person may have an older appliance that has stopped working but may be willing to sell some of the working minor parts. This is the cheapest option for finding replacement parts that can be installed on one’s own.

If an owner is unable to find used Tempstar furnace replacement parts to install on his or her own, there are still options for finding new, individual parts that can be installed.

Consider calling the manufacturer and ordering a replacement part. Often, these parts can be purchased online or from the store from which the furnace was purchased, as well.

However, in cases involving replacement parts that are extremely essential to the functioning of a Tempstar furnace or are more delicate to handle, owners may be better served by not attempting to fix the problem on their own by purchasing cheap, individual parts.

If an owner is not entirely comfortable installing a part, the appliance is at risk for much more potential damage than was already present.

In these cases, the best option is to make an appointment to have a representative from the company or from the store from which the furnace was purchased come to the home and repair the part.

Of course, the customer will be charged not only with the cost of the Tempstar furnace replacement parts but also the cost of the labor. However, this is often a safer option than risking more damage by replacing large, important parts yourself.

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Tempstar Furnace Efficiency Ratings

There are many brands of furnaces on the market, today. Each brand has its own features and services that keep it in competition with other brands.

The Tempstar brand is usually known in the appliance world as relatively affordable, in comparison to other, comparable brands of furnaces. This affordability is largely the factor that has kept the Tempstar company in competition with some of the more well-known brands.

The price of Tempstar furnaces is not the only factor that drives many people to purchase these products. The Tempstar company is also known for its energy efficiency.

These days, consumers who are looking to purchase almost any product, especially an appliance, have become very conscious of energy efficiency. Therefore, if you are planning to purchase a furnace and are considering the Tempstar brand, it is important to do some research regarding Tempstar furnace efficiency ratings.

Appliances with high ratings for energy efficiency are popular for a number of reasons. First of all, those who are environmentally conscious seek out furnaces, and other appliances, that are manufactured to use the least energy possible, therefore having as little impact on the environment as possible.

Certain seals of approval, such as Energy Star, indicate that an appliance has been proven to have good efficiency ratings. In addition to reducing the impact on the environment, appliances with good efficiency ratings also save the consumer money because of the lower cost of utilities necessary to run the appliance.

These are two reasons why researching Tempstar furnace efficiency ratings is an essential step if you are considering buying a model of furnace that is manufactured by Tempstar.

Fortunately, the Tempstar company website provides information regarding Tempstar furnace efficiency ratings. Much of this information is also available elsewhere online, in customer forums and review websites.

In today’s day and age, energy ratings are very easy to find, since the Department of Energy (DOE) has invented systems for measuring and publishing energy efficiency ratings.

Since most Tempstar furnace models are run using gas, the energy efficiency measurement system differs from the system used to measure energy efficiency on different types of appliances.

The system used for measuring the energy efficiency of gas furnaces is called the annual fuel utilization scale. This system determines how efficient a furnace is based on the amount of fuel it uses to function.

The Department of Energy has changed the standards of what is considered a good energy efficiency ratings based on the annual fuel utilization scale in recent years.
No model can be certified as one-hundred percent energy efficient, due to the process of gas being lost in the process of utilization.

Tempstar furnaces efficiency ratings generally fall between eighty and ninety percent on the annual fuel utilization scale. This is considered an exceptionally high rating. However, most comparable brands with which the Tempstar company competes today have furnaces that rate just as highly.

Certainly, a newer model of Tempstar furnace will have a much higher energy efficiency rating than a model that is over ten, or even five, years old. Therefore, due to the energy efficiency standards implemented today, you will surely save money purchasing a Tempstar furnace to replace an old furnace that you already have.

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My Tempstar Furnace Blower Runs Constantly

With any furnace, there are a number of issues that can occur. Usually, these issues are the same, regardless of the brand of the furnace. In most cases, these issues are minor and can be fixed easily, but it may take a little research to diagnose the exact problem.

With Tempstar furnaces, one common complaint is that the Tempstar furnace blower runs constantly. If you are someone who owns a Tempstar furnace and are experiencing problems with your blower, do not panic. Many resources are available to help you figure out how to fix your Tempstar furnace blower.

Fortunately, instructions to fix some of the common problems experienced by furnace owners are often detailed in the manuals that come with the products.

If your Tempstar furnace blower runs constantly, the first step to immediately turn off the blower is to simply unplug the electrical power to the furnace. This is only a temporary fix, but it will alleviate the annoyance and will allow you to work on other parts of the furnace safely.

However, contrary to what your manual or others may advise, it is best not to completely unplug the power to the furnace until you have a better idea of what is going on.

In some cases, it can be more damaging for the power to be turned off than left on. However, once the problem is diagnosed, do make sure to turn off the power to the entire furnace before making any repairs.

In order to diagnose why your Tempstar blower runs constantly and whether or not turning off the power is a safe idea, the first step is to determine whether or not the burner is still on. Before unplugging the electricity, hold your hand in front of the furnace to feel whether the blower is producing cold air or warm air.

Sometimes, when a Tempstar furnace blower runs constantly, the root cause actually lies with the temperature control switch rather than the blower, itself. If the furnace is blowing cold air rather than warm are or room-temperature air, this is the most likely possibility.

Unfortunately, temperature control switches usually need to be professionally replaced. If you believe this may be the situation, you should either contact the Tempstar company or contact the store from which you purchased the furnace.

In this case, it is usually safe to unplug the electricity to the entire furnace to stop the blowing, while you wait for repairs to be made.

If your Tempstar furnace blows either room-temperature air or continues to blow warm air but still will not shut off, you likely have a different problem that is not related to the temperature control switch.

The fact that your furnace does not blow cold air likely means that the burner is still running. If you discover that your Tempstar furnace blower runs constantly but does not blow cold air, you should not unplug the power to your furnace.

If you need to turn off the power to your furnace safely but you believe that your furnace’s burner is still on, your first step should be trying to turn off the furnace by changing the temperature on the thermostat.

If this attempt is unsuccessful, you will need to try turning off the entire circuit breaker and then unplugging the gas valve. At this point, you should call a customer service representative from Tempstar or from the store from which you purchased your furnace to come out and take a look at the problem.

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Tempstar Furnace Consumer Reports

Tempstar is one of many popular furnace brands. Although many people own Tempstar furnaces, the company comes in behind several others, in terms of reputation and popularity.

With reference to Tempstar furnace consumer reports, reviews are available all over the internet regarding customer satisfaction. Of course Consumer Reports, the publication, and ConsumerReports.org, have information regarding Tempstar furnaces, but other websites provide just as much information.

Tempstar furnace consumer reports are polarized, and customers report having very different experiences. Surprisingly, few customers have had experiences that fall between very satisfied and very unsatisfied; most Tempstar furnace consumer reports show either very happy customers or very unhappy customers.

It seems that those who experience problems with their Tempstar furnaces experience repeated problems, while others experience none at all.

One sentiment that seems common among those who are less than satisfied with their Tempstar furnaces is the expression that Tempstar furnaces do not last as long as other, comparable brands.

This is not necessarily the case for everyone, but many customers have expressed this thought. It seems that customers who experience a series of small problems feel that their entire furnace begins to deteriorate after a time, and that the performance goes downhill quickly.

On the positive side, some consumers report that their Tempstar furnaces are quieter than models from other brands that they have tried, previously. Some customers are also pleased with how easy it is to locate replacement parts if the need arises and how easy and simple most potential problems are to fix.

It seems that the most common negative Tempstar furnace customer reports are regarding the company, itself, rather than the quality of the furnaces. Customers have expressed frustration about not being able to reach representatives from the company if an issue arises.

Interestingly, Tempstar does not seem to place much of an emphasis on customer service since, as of recently, the companyon its website. Many customers who have been able to find enough information to get a hold of customer service representatives have reported that these representatives were less than helpful.

Although Tempstar furnace consumer reports are mixed, the good news for those considering buying the product and for those who may already have the product, is that there is much information available online from other customers.

Even though the company may not be especially helpful, consumers can now find out how to diagnose and troubleshoot common problems, where to find replacement parts, and other important information online.

Another common sentiment among Tempstar furnace owners is that it is important to make sure to buy your furnace from a reputable appliance dealer. Some of those who have been disappointed with the service provided by the Tempstar company have reported success in getting their concerns resolved from the stores from which they purchased their appliances.

In many cases, a warranty can be purchased from the store, itself, even when a manufacturer’s warranty is not offered. Stores that sell Tempstar furnaces often carry many replacement parts that may be needed. Additionally, many of these stores offer repair services and may be able to send representatives to the customers’ homes to repair broken appliances.

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