Easy Westinghouse Furnace Troubleshooting

Westinghouse furnace troubleshooting is actually a fairly easy task, if you have the right tools. If you have or are purchasing a new Westinghouse heating unit, you will want to be sure to keep a copy of your manual.

If you’re trying to troubleshoot an existing unit and do not have a manual, you can contact a local Westinghouse dealer and request a manual to match the model number of your unit.

Most units have an LED backlit panel with various lights. The lights lit up and, if applicable, sequence in which they are blinking can be useful in identifying a computer error code that might have shut the unit off until diagnosis is done. For the Do-It-Yourselfer the manual referenced with online resources can be very helpful.

If you’ve purchased a new unit, chances are you can avoid Westinghouse furnace troubleshooting by yourself altogether. New units are covered by a few different warranties. A 10 year limited parts warranty covers most troubleshooting issues and parts replacement.

A 20 year warranty exists on the heavy-gauge aluminized steel heat exchangers, which will save you a major expense should they ever have any issues. You can utilize the warranty by contacting the manufacturer or a certified local dealer. A technician will be dispatched to handle all of your diagnosis needs.

One of the nice things about Westinghouse furnaces is that they have been around for many, many years. Technicians and dealers often have “cheat sheets” that detail common issues and give tips and tricks for diagnosing these issues and fixing them.

You can often contact a local company or check their online websites to access cheat sheets. Many Do-It-Yourselfers also have helpful diagnosing tips and tricks on online forums.

If you have your manual and the serial number of your unit available, one of the most effective ways of handling Westinghouse furnace troubleshooting is to simply call the manufacturer. They have an entire support center dedicated to helping to diagnose any issue on the spot.

Even without the manual to follow along with, the support center is a great way to troubleshoot. It saves the time of waiting for a technician, and makes fixing the issue much faster!

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Westinghouse Furnace Problems

Every furnace has its own set of issues, and the Westinghouse brand is no exception. In good news, even the novice furnace consumer can admit that Westinghouse furnace problems are not out of the ordinary issues. Common issues include the furnace blowing cold air, shutting off and turning on prior to the set temperature being reached, and the internal fan not working. Continue reading “Westinghouse Furnace Problems”

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Serious Westinghouse Furnace Complaints

When purchasing a gas or oil furnace, you want to ensure you are investing in a quality product. Brand names can be more important than anything in the furnace market because you want to purchase quality from a reputable company, preferably one offering a solid warranty.

If you’re considering purchasing from Westinghouse, then you probably want to know how serious Westinghouse furnace complaints are.

Are consumer complaints within normal ranges, or are they displaying a bad brand? Keep in mind when reading negative comments that such remarks are often hastily made or written with a rather sizeable amount of frustration. While they may be quite legitimate, they may be exaggerated by feelings of distress; as is the case with negative comments toward any product on the market.

One of the most common Westinghouse furnace complaints made by consumers is that in the first year of use the unit shut down and did not respond to an automatic or manual restart.

In most cases a technician was able to remedy the situation, fixing the issue completely. Individuals trying to troubleshoot and fix the issue by themselves ran into almost no success, causing a great deal of frustration.

The most common complaint centers on one particular model: the variable speed gas furnace. The fan often burns out from use within the first 1 to 3 years, most commonly in the second to third year. The good news is the 10 year limited parts warranty will cover this issue for 10 years.

Understandably, some consumers see this as a major problem because after 10 years if they still own the same furnace they will be paying for fan replacements every few years.

Another complaint made by several consumers is the overall design of the units. They feel the design is poor, making it difficult for even a technician to work on.

The areas usually needing to be accessed are in the back of the unit, meaning it has to be pulled away from any obstructions before work can begin. This is perhaps one of the strongest Whitehouse furnace complaints documented, and is certainly something to consider prior to purchasing a unit.

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Westinghouse Furnace Reviews

Westinghouse offers gas and oil furnaces. They feel your investment in a furnace is of the upmost importance. You should feel more than indoor comfort; you should know you are investing in a product that will perform when you need it most. What do Westinghouse furnace reviews have to say?

As is the case with any product line, you’ll read reviews of praise and reviews by not so happy consumers. First, let’s take a look at the line of furnaces available. You can purchase a fully modulating, various speed, and fixed speed gas furnace, or an oil furnace.

Westinghouse offers a 20 year warranty on their heavy-gauge aluminized steel heat exchangers. A Quality Pledge and 10 year limited parts warranty is also available.

Westinghouse furnace reviews reveal a vivid 50/50 consumer satisfaction rating. Some consumers feel the units are rather difficult for a technician to work on, causing repairs and maintenance to be a headache. On the variable speed models, the fan tends to die quickly, causing the unit to kick off. Consumers say they usually plan on a replacement fan every 2 to 3 years.

A few consumers complain of their unit failing within the first year. In most of these cases they experienced trouble starting the unit manually, and it would not kick on automatically. About half of these cases said the problem was fixed with a technician visit, while the other half said they returned the unit in favor of trying another brand.

Several consumers living in areas with long, cold winters have been thoroughly satisfied with Westinghouse products. They claim flawless performance, and the additional perk of their gas bill being reduced. They also say the installers were a breeze to worth it, which made the entire experience all the more satisfying.

Several consumers describe their units as, “quiet and reliable,” noting that proper installation lent itself to ensuring their units were reliable and ran as quietly as possible.

Westinghouse furnace reviews indicate a solid product. Perks to purchasing their units include their extensive warranty, which is hard to beat, and their local availability. You can find a local dealer almost anywhere.

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Westinghouse Furnace Replacement Parts

The Westinghouse brand furnace is a popular choice amongst consumers for several reasons. One of their biggest selling points is their warranty, which makes finding Westinghouse furnace replacement parts much less of a hassle than other furnace brands.

Whether purchasing a gas or oil model, Westinghouse backs up their products with a Quality Pledge, a 10 year limited parts warranty, and a 20 year limited warranty on their heavy-gauge aluminized steel heat exchangers.

What parts are the most commonly replaced? It depends on the model you buy. One of their most popular models, the variable speed model, has a tendency to need the fan replaced every few years. The part is easily ordered through Westinghouse, covered by warranty. Most consumers call a qualified technician, who can install the part in no time.

For the Do-It-Yourselfer one of the most comprehensive, simple, and popular sources for Westinghouse furnace replacement parts is a website called Expert Appliance. They stock over 3 million replacement parts, a great majority for Westinghouse products.

They search for a part by matching the part time with either your model or part number. Then, they show you up close pictures so you can verify it is indeed the part you’re looking for.

Finally, you can order the part from their website. Shipping is usually fast because they carry Westinghouse heating-furnace parts in stock, and they accept all major credit cards.

Appliance Discount Parts is another website offering replacement parts. Many Do-It-Yourself consumers like this company because they offer a guarantee of working parts on top of an easy return policy.

If you make a mistake ordering or you realize after replacing the part that it wasn’t the problem, you know you’ll be in good hands with a solid return policy and satisfaction guarantee. They also, as their name indicates, offer the parts at a slight discount.

If you aren’t much for online browsing for parts, then you might be able to find a local solution. The Westinghouse website has an application under “Dealers” called, “Locate a Dealer.”

Using this tool you can locate a local dealer, who will most likely have access to Westinghouse replacement parts. You can pick your part(s) up locally, or have a technician diagnose and fix any issues.

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