York Furnace Reviews and Complaints

With so many commercials on television today about this furnace or that, it is hard to know which one to buy. We picked the York furnace and have scoured the internet for ratings and reviews to aid in your furnace selection.

Upon our search of York furnace reviews, we found many consumer forums discussing advantages or disadvantages to York furnaces. In this article we decided to review the good with the bad; to give you the pros and the cons.

The York is 97.5% efficient in the 60,000 BTU models and has the modulating gas valve–having many stages of heat is better than two in terms of comfort. Furthermore, the lifetime heat exchanger warranty that York offers is a wonderful addition and is very good to have.

One York furnace reviews stated that York was supposedly an energy efficient unit. One consumer owned a York furnace for 2 years and has had nothing but problems. The circuit board had to be replaced five times also. The York furnace unit did not run properly; the fan blower did not blow with any force to heat efficiently. Their unit was sucking up energy…and money.

That particular York furnace review mentioned has a 20-year Heat Exchanger giving York kudos as the all around better system. Efficiency indications would lead you in the York direction as well.

By purchasing a York by year’s end, you could qualify for the $1500 tax credit (or 30% of total install cost).

The York unit was supposed to be saving their consumers money on their utility bills, but in one particular consumer, their York furnace problems in fact raised their bills by over 10 percent. They even went so far as to replace all the bulbs in their house with compact fluorescents; and still their electric bill was up 12%.

They state it has to be due to the furnace. The York unlike the competition modulators; has more than five gas valve positions.

Next, look inside a York and compare it to the complexity of parts in a carrier. Also with the patented drain pan in the York, no need for an external condensate trap. The York furnace is a true multi-unit; it will work in all four positions.

No matter which furnace you purchase, there will always be the good with the bad; our goal here was to show real York furnace reviews; the good with the bad, and hopefully aid you in your decision.

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York Furnaces vs Bryant Furnaces

So you have decided that you are going to purchase a new furnace and you have narrowed it down to York furnace vs. Bryant furnace. In this article, we are going to compare the two to help aid in your decision.

What does York have that Bryant does not? Apples for apples we found the two to be comparable and almost a fact of personal preference. We have noticed that many consumers are preferential to one brand or another due to personal experience or a friend in the field. Continue reading “York Furnaces vs Bryant Furnaces”

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My York Furnace Blows Cold Air

You have just come in from a long day at work. If is below freezing outside, with a wind chill that drops down to almost zero. You had to sit in a freezing car until you defrosted a patch on your windshield just big enough you could see through so you could drive home.

Just as you pull into your driveway, you actually start to feel a slight hint of heat coming from your car’s heater. All the way home; you have anticipated; anxiously waiting when you slip the key into the lock on your front door and walk into a warm, cozy house.

Your fingers numb from the cold, you fumble with the keys, finally after what seems an eternity you open the door to your house and instead of being greeted with warmth hitting your face, you can see your breath. Oh no! Your York furnace blows cold air instead of warm! What can you do to fix it?

How your York furnace heats up is a systematic process and if even one of them are off; your York furnace blow cold air instead of warm. Fumbling with cold fingers maybe hard to get the process going, but by using a simple process of elimination you could possibly get your furnace blowing out warm air in no time.

First thing to check is the pilot light. Is it lit? Is it lighting but going right back out? If that is the case, then you may have a restriction in gas flow and you may need to either clean out the line or you may need to manually adjust the amount of gas flow to the pilot light.

To adjust the gas flow, you need to locate the screw that is right below the pilot light and turn it clockwise to increase gas flow. One indication that you have the right flow is the properly adjusted pilot flame has a soft blue color with some yellow at the tip and can reach a height of the thermocouple.

Your thermocouple warms and generates voltage for the safety gas valve to open. If this is not generating sufficient voltage, the safety gas valve will be stuck in the off position not allowing any gas through, therefore not allowing your unit to heat up.

The next tip we are going to have you check for why your York furnace blows cold air may sound a bit trivial, but can wreak major havoc on your furnace. The air filter. Make sure you change it as recommended and make sure it is clean. If insufficient air is getting to your furnace, it could be a reason your York furnace blows cold air.

The last thing we are going to mention could be the gas valve. Ensure that is it not shut off, or possibly burned out. In some rare cases, your gas valve could be defective causing it to malfunction leading a possibility of why your York furnace blows cold air.

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York Furnace Error Codes

York Furnace error codes may appear from time to time when there’s an issue which needs attention. The error codes usually come as a shock because you have the best furnace available, but even the greatest furnaces need a little TLC every now and again.

Each error that occurs with your York Furnace has a separate meaning. Looking at the different meanings of the error codes will help you decipher them.

York Furnace error codes are seen in three colors, red, green, and amber/yellow. Each color will also flash a specific number of times to signify a specific error. Breaking down each color, and number of flashes, will help you solve the problem you are having with your York Furnace.

Amber/Yellow Colored Error Codes

If you see 1 amber/yellow flash, this means that everything is okay and the thermostat is signaling the need for cooling.

If 2 amber/yellow flashes appear, it signals that everything is okay and the thermostat is sending the signal out that it needs to produce heating.

If you notice 3 amber/yellow flashes, this means that everything is completely fine and your York Furnace is just completing a recent cycle. Of all of the York Furnace error codes, this is one you may see most frequent.

If 4 amber/yellow flashes appear on your York Furnace, it means that the heating of your system may be somewhat restricted. The air flow will not operate as it should when you see this error code.

5 amber/yellow flashes on your York Furnace signifies that the vent and/or combustion air system is restricted.

If you notice that you are seeing a continuously, fast flashing amber/yellow error code, it means that your low flame sensing rod may be out of place, or that the low flame sensing rod needs a little cleaning-up.

Red Colored Error Codes

Taking it from the top, if you happen to see 1 red colored flash on your York Furnace, it signals that the gas valve isn’t receiving power. You may have a gas leak at the valve.

2 red colored flashes means that the switch that controls pressure is possibly stuck. If this switch gets stuck in the ‘closed’ position, you will receive this error code.

If you see 3 red colored flashes, it’s possible that your pressure switch is probably just stuck in the ‘open’ position.

4 red colored flashes may be signaling that the “high-limit” switch might be open. A dusty air filter, or restricted air flow may be the reason behind this York Furnace error code.

If you notice 5 red colored flashes on your York Furnace, it signifies that your furnace’s roll-out switch, or auxiliary switch, may be open. This switch can be reset by pushing the center of the red button on your furnace ( it should be located on the side ).

6 red colored flashes on your furnace means that the modulating gas valve has failed. This valve will need to be replaced.

7 red colored flashes signals to you that your furnace is in “lock out mode”. If after 3 attempts to re ignite is unsuccessful, “lock out mode” will remain in place for one-hour. After that hour is up, an attempt to re ignite will occur again.

Green Colored Error Codes

If there’s 1 green colored flash on your York Furnace, it means your furnace is performing successfully and no need for heating exists.

2 green colored flashes on your furnace means that it is attempting to recall/retrieve previous York Furnace error codes which are stored. The 2 green colored flashes you are seeing also means that no stored error codes are being found.

If there’s 3 green colored flashes, please see the meaning for 2 green colored flashes we covered earlier. 3 green colored flashes on your furnace has the same meaning as 2 green colored flashes. Everything is going well with your furnace.

There is such a thing as 4 very fast green colored flashes on your furnace, but it only appears while being factory tested. Of all of the York Furnace error codes, you should not ever see this particular one.

With your desire to be a responsible York Furnace owner, you want to have an understanding of what the different colored flashes mean for your furnace. Taking note of the color, and frequency, of the York Furnace error codes that you see, will help you get an answer to their meaning(s).

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York Furnace Reviews

It is clear from York furnace reviews that there is a large division between satisfied and very dissatisfied customers.

Positive York furnace reviews point to its efficiency. If installed correctly, the York furnace is about 97.5% efficient, its energy star rating places it at 92% at the least, compared to 90-91% for its competitors.

This efficiency rating translates into considerable savings for those who have a York furnace. It is important to note that if the furnace is not installed carefully this percentage can be greatly reduced.

The efficiency can be attributed to its five valve control and the fact that it has a built-in thermostat. Because of its efficiency, those who choose a York furnace may also be able to get tax credits, adding to their savings.

Many reviewers have been happy with their choice, claiming it has served them well for a number of years and offered good value for money.

Nevertheless, despite the numerous positive reviews of the furnace, those with negative experiences are in the majority.

Problems identified through York furnace reviews seem to predominately focus on noise level, thermostat control and pressure switch malfunction. Many consumers have complained that the furnace is very noisy.

This is usually a result of the fan that distributes the heat when the unit initially starts up, after this the noise level should be negligible.

If there is still a high level of vibration or humming, this is usually due to a defective motor fan. In addition to this problem, other consumers complain of the system shutting off after reaching a certain temperature, and then not coming on again.

These problems can usually be solved easily and without additional cost if the product is still under warranty, but many have complained of ongoing issues with the fan, motor and thermostat controls after the warranty expires or having to pay for parts that are not included in the warranty. In addition to these complaints, many reviewers felt that York’s customer service was poor.

By and large the number of reviewers who were dissatisfied was larger than those satisfied, making a York furnace a pricey and potentially risky purchase.

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