Coleman Furnace Opinions

Consumers’ Coleman furnace opinions vary depending on who you talk to. Many consumers—both satisfied and unsatisfied—have posted their individual opinions about Coleman as a brand and a company in reviews. Always take negative opinions with a grain salt. While they might be completely legitimate, studies indicate that consumers who have a bad experience are twice as likely to write a review as individuals who have a good experience.

A common consumer opinion is that over the years the quality of Coleman products has declined. Reviews seem to indicate that units purchased 10 or more years ago have far less problems than units purchased within the last 10 years. One consumer who has owned their furnace for 8 years said that, “The installer [we hired] has been in business for 25 years and told me that Coleman furnaces are plagued with minor issues.” In the past 8 years, this consumer has had to have their unit serviced at the start of each year because it will not turn on.

Several consumers with Coleman furnace opinions are mobile home owners. They state that individuals owning mobile homes are usually seniors who simply cannot afford to pay for service calls, let alone repairs. They wonder if a lawsuit will eventually be launched.

However, other consumers hold the opinions that all brands have their own unique set of problems. The trick is to make sure the warranty is going to work for you. The most negative reviews come from customers who purchased a home with an already existing Coleman furnace installed within the last 10 years. If you are looking at purchasing a home with an existing Coleman unit, ask the owner about its warranty. You should be able to reference the model and serial numbers with a local Dealer to find out more details about any available warranty.

Coleman furnace opinions have dropped substantially within the last 10 year. Historically these units have had a 20 plus year lifespan. The good news: as long as you are protected by warranty you will not pay out of pocket for service and repair expenses, alleviating the biggest complaint recent consumers’ current voice.

Originally posted 2011-09-09 08:50:11.