Coleman Furnace Problems

Every furnace on the market comes with its own set of possible issues. If you own a Coleman unit, then you are probably interested in learning about some of the common Coleman furnace problems experienced by customers. Most of their models experience issues that stem from improper installation or lack of needed maintenance.

If you are purchasing a unit, it is imperative to hire a qualified installation technician. Coleman has local authorized dealers in most states. Contacting a local dealer for an installation is recommended, and it shouldn’t cost much more than hiring a contractor.

If your unit came with the home you now own, you can contact your local dealer and ask for a qualified technician to come check the unit. They can usually spot whether or not it has been properly installed, and make any needed changes if the installation was not up to par.

Common Coleman furnace problems include the blower not working. The blower can stop working for several reasons—the most common being a lack of proper preventative maintenance. The manufacturer recommends lubricating the axle, cleaning the blades, and checking to ensure the motor is not being overloaded. A blower can suddenly stop working because the axle runs out of lubrication. The fan belt should also be regularly adjusted to ensure it averts no more than an inch when pressed.

Another common issue is the thermostat. It is extremely rare for a thermostat to fail outright. However, it is very common for a it to degrade over time. Every thermostat is comprised of mechanical parts that can stick and lose their calibration over the years. The older the unit, the more common it is for a thermostat to be off.

You can keep it in good working order by customarily making a minor adjust. Use a wrench to adjust the nut on the back of the mercury switch. Adjust it until the unit turns on. Then, use a room thermometer to set the thermostat to the proper temperature.

A great majority of Coleman furnace problems are easily fixable and preventable. Preventative maintenance is important. If your unit is covered under warranty, you can have it regularly serviced at little to no cost to avoid problems.

Originally posted 2011-09-03 07:46:16.