Coleman Furnace Reviews

If you’re in the market for a new furnace, consumer reviews will factor into your decision if only for some added guidance. After all, if we believed every brand’s website information, then we would live in a world where all furnaces are created equal, which is unfortunately far from the truth. Consumer reviews can point us in the direction of the best units to consider. Coleman furnace reviews offer interesting perspectives.

Consumer reviews rate this brand 39th out of 67 brands. While this might appear mediocre at best, an interesting statistic is that 36% of customers recommend Coleman units. Many brands making the top 10 consumer brand list have a smaller recommendation rating!

In the categories of “Very Satisfied” versus “Very Unsatisfied,” 44 total reviews exist. 14 say they are very satisfied while 24 say they are very unsatisfied and 6 reviews place in the “Somewhat Satisfied” to “Somewhat Unsatisfied” zone. Keep in mind that studies reveal consumers who have a bad experience are twice as likely to write a review as individuals who have a good experience.

Coleman furnace reviews reveal some solid information from experienced owners. One 3 year furnace owner says he works for “one of the oldest heating [companies] in Canada.”

After being in the business for 87 years he knows that every model has its own share of problems. He chose Coleman for his home because of their outstanding warranty and experienced installation technicians. He rates the product with five stars and is a very satisfied customer, despite some minor hiccups with the blower needing replacement.

Consistently unsatisfied consumer reviews stem from owners of a modulation furnace unit. The unit itself seems prone is breakdown, requiring regular visits from a qualified technician. The visits and repair work should be fully covered by warranty, but many consumers filling out Coleman furnace reviews are unhappy about the constant need to repair.

Says one consumer, “I wanted to purchase peace of mind, not a constant worry of what day my unit will choose to stop working. I won’t go with a modulating model again, but I do like the Coleman brand.”

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  1. Robert Cordero Sr

    I have a Coleman Furnace andi am not very happ with it purchased on9/6/2007 Model no GM85080B6DH11B i have replaced 7 3amp fuses since the first blew on 10/27/2013 lasted lasted 4days last one i replaced on12/12 it lasted 2 days installer does not know whats causing it, do not buy this brand can not get help from anyone.

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