Comfortmaker Furnace Error Codes

When one has a furnace in their home for heat it is important that it work properly, especially in the winter months. Comfortmaker furnace is unique in that, if something seems to be going wrong they provide Comfortmaker furnace error codes. These codes allow one to know what to do to correct problems that might occur.

This unique system is located at the bottom of the front panel of the furnace. The code is relayed by a red blinking light. The number of blinks and their speed will indicate what part of the furnace is having trouble.

When the code is determined it is simple to check against code listing which is attached. This paper is usually inside the door panel and will relay what the problem is.

Sometimes the repair is very simple, such as a fuse replacement, other times it is more serious and might need the assistance of a certified furnace technician. Having this code system takes the guessing out of trying to determine exactly what the problem is when the furnace is not working properly. It often saves the homeowner a great deal of money in repair bills.

A few examples of these codes are: A slow green means normal operation, steady red means control failure, 2 red means pressure switch stuck closed, 4 red means limit switch open and so forth.
As one can see many of these codes indicate a very simple correction that can be done by the homeowner. This makes it much easier than having to call a technician in every time something simple goes wrong.

Occasionally these codes do not seem to convey the correct message. The light will give a code, yet when one makes the correction indicated it does not seem to correct the problem. This may very well be because something has caused an interruption from the problem and the code light.

When this happens one should check all the connection contacts, and make sure they are clean. Many times a problem of this sort is simply because dirt and grime have accumulated on the contact points. This system of codes has been worked out very carefully and is a safety feature for the homeowner.

Comfortmaker furnace error codes do not occur very often but are an excellent feature on this furnace. They allow the furnace owner to make immediate corrections to a problem. Without the code to indicate what is wrong a small thing could turn into a major repair job. This is a real bonus for the homeowner.

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  1. Dale Murray

    I am having the same problem with my furnace. It is a constant red blink?? What does that mean?

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