Goodman Furnace Replacement Parts

The 10 year warranty for Goodman furnace replacement parts makes the investment in the Goodman furnace a true value to the homeowner. As long as the proper installation and proper paperwork and invoices are saved, each replacement part is kept under warranty.

A HVAC installer will professional install the Goodman furnace and complete all labor for ductwork and insulation required for the unit to properly work.

Goodman furnace replacement parts are similar in nature as the OEM replacement parts for any furnace on the market. Many times the manufacturers of these furnaces use the same parts when designing their units.

These are factory and dealership approved replacement parts that are used to replace parts like faulty ignition pieces, inducer motor parts, limit switches and flame sensors.

For a replacement part installation on an ignition problem, the power supply to the unit should be cut completely off. The pressure switch is attached to tubing that is used as a draft inducer hole for the unit. If this inducer line is clogged, it needs to be repaired by drilling a small dill bit into the opening of the hole carefully, to open it up again.

A stopped up drain line will also cause the pressure switch to not close properly, thus creating ignition problems and problems with the inducer motor. If for any reason the pressure switch does not close, the ignition process will not happen in the furnace. Replacement ignition block style can either be ceramic or terminal depending on the model of the Goodman furnace.

For a Goodman Janitrol Mini Hot Surface Ignitor Conversion Kit, the standard carbide is available, which are ignitors B1401015S and B10401018S. This particular kit comes with instruction for the installation of the ignitor, screw and adapter harness and flat mounting plate. The warning supplied with the instructions should be read very carefully as to avoid any potential injuries.

An ignition replacement kit for the Goodman Amana furnace, hot surface ignitor parts for the GMS and GKS furnaces are conversion kits. This kit is the Mini conversion kit replaces the original Model 601 part #230K00001201567-03. The replacement part replaces the hot surface ignitor part and is listed as #20165703S and 20165703, and also includes instructions for replacement.

When using Goodman furnace replacement parts, there are several things the manufactures warn against doing during an installation. It is not recommended that the installer touches the gray glass part that is located on the ignitor, or it can shorten the life of the ignitor. The installer should take care as to not drop the ignitor, and only handle the white porcelain end of the ignitor.

Goodman furnace replacement parts for a circuit board replacement repair job have changed for the Janitrol HIS module boards that were parts B18099-06, -08, and -10. This kit comes with completed instructions with a wiring harness. The replacement part is B1809913S and can vary in the coloring of the boards. These repairs should only be attempted when the power supply to the unit is shut down.

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