Goodman Furnace Reviews

Goodman Manufacturing Company L.P. are the makers of the Goodman furnace. They are one of the largest manufacturers of residential heating with the main focus based on building the most reliable and refreshingly affordable heating products on the market.

Goodman furnaces are built to be more reliable and longer lasting than their competitors as well as designed for quick and easy installations producing affordable and reliable heating for the home.

The Goodman GMV95 furnace is 95% AFUE offering multi-position installation and reducing the limitations of other units that require a standard limited form of installation. The unit can be installed either vertically or horizontally and still produce the appropriate airflow for heating of the home.

The GMV95 has a two-stage burners and a variable speed blower motor helping to reduce the energy costs of the competitors that do not have these options on their units.

The furnace provides warmth and comfort for many years. The availability of the variable speed blower motor helps to keep the furnace operating at an effective speed that change due to the demand of the essential heat during the cooler months. This also makes for a more even temperature throughout the home.

Goodman furnaces have a limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchangers and if the unit fails within the first 10 years the entire unit will be replaced. The parts are covered by a 10-year limited warranty on all functional parts.

Some of the standard features of the Goodman furnaces are a patented dual-diameter tubular heat exchanger, quiet variable speed circulator motor, long life, and durable silicon nitride igniter system, electronic controlled board with self diagnostics, auto-comfort mode for enhanced dehumidification and each unit is run-tested at the factory prior to shipment.

Goodman stands behind their furnaces and provide customer support for questions or concerns with a dedicated department to make the ownership of these units the best for every owner.

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  1. linda elia

    I am thinking of installing a goodman gas furnace high efficiency and want to know what btu’s should | have for a three story house 4 bedroom

    thank for your help

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