Infinity 98 Carrier Gas Furnace Review

Carrier is known to be a manufacturer of home appliances and equipment. They supply the world with quality units that give comfort to its user.

They offer a combination of perfect heating for your home and proven efficiency in their units.

They offer various models of furnaces so that you could select the best that suits your needs. They have a Carrier gas furnace that has high efficiency.

If you are looking for a durable furnace, grab the Infinity 98 Carrier gas furnace. It also operates very quietly as if you have no furnace inside your house.

It is Carriers’ most high efficient gas furnace, which has the rating of 96.6%. Its combustion system is sealed and the air filtration cabinet is also guaranteed to have high efficiency.

It has a Pilot-free PowerHeat ignition. You can also avail of the lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty. The parts of this furnace also have a 10-year warranty if it is registered appropriately.

The US is now requiring every furnace and air conditioner to have a 13.0 Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio (SEER) thus all carrier units have ratings 13.0 to 21.0.

Carrier also incorporates a quality and efficient indoor coil in their furnaces since this coil affects the unit’s efficiency. If the condensing unit and the coil are not equally matched, there will be unequal generation of AFUE or SEER ratings and it could also lead to problems in its performance.

The top Carrier furnaces include the Infinity 96 Gas furnace, Performance 93 gas furnace, Infinity 80 gas furnace, Performance 80 gas furnace, Comfort 92 gas furnace and the Comfort 80 gas furnace.

Since a Carrier gas furnace has proven efficiency then you will save enough money because of the energy that you save. You can also enjoy the longer timeframes in the warranties given with their units. Carrier is still now searching for developments that offer more comfort to their clients.

Originally posted 2010-05-28 08:04:03.