Janitrol Furnace Manual

Did you happen to lose your old Janitrol furnace manual and are now in need of a new one? Well, you are not alone. They are not the easiest thing to locate online. I set out on a search to scour the web in order to find them for you.

Since Janitrol is owned by Goodman you may actually need to look for a Goodman furnace manual because it will contain similar information. I have not been able to actually locate anything other than a consumer brochure from the company website.

Your Janitrol furnace manual should include a lot of vital information such as maintenance instructions, error codes, repair tips, replacement parts information and of course warranty info as well.

Since I was unable to locate the official manual anywhere, I decided to find out specific details that would have been in it in order to at least give you the basic information you may be looking for.

If your Janitrol furnace burners won’t light up, you need to clean your burner ports or pilot light opening.

If you are having cycling problems it is possible your induction fan motor is not operating properly.

Remember, your furnace is essentially a Goodman. It just happens to have a Janitrol name put on the front of it. So anything related to Goodman should be applicable to your furnace as well.

After an exhaustive search I could not find a download of the Janitrol furnace manual online. You are better off trying to find details to your specific issues.

Originally posted 2012-06-20 20:07:11.