Janitrol Furnace Reviews

Janitrol furnace reviews are chalked full of valuable information if you are thinking about purchasing one of their furnace units. Janitrol is a brand owned by Goodman Manufacturing Company. Interestingly, Goodman discontinued their marketing of both commercial and residential furnaces, central air conditioners, and heat pumps under the Janitrol name.

Consumer reviews leave little doubt as to why Goodman, a name known for quality, discontinued this furnace brand.

Consumer reviews rate this particular furnace to be 42nd out of 70 brands. 37% of customers voicing their opinion state that they would recommend a Janitrol unit to others.

In the categories of “Very Satisfied” versus “Very Unsatisfied,” 12 claim to be “Very Satisfied” while 19 claim to be “Very Unsatisfied.” 1 consumer falls into the “Somewhat Satisfied” category while 3 are “Somewhat Unsatisfied.”

Several of the more negative Janitrol furnace reviews are recent; written within the past 2 years. Unhappy consumers complain that the “Dependable Ninety-Two” Janitrol model is far from dependable.

The majority of unsatisfied consumers purchased this unit. Within the first five years the unit developed a habit of needing service calls two to five times a year to make the unit turn on.

Many consumers complain that their units failed entirely shortly after the standard 5-year warranty ran out.

Consumers who purchased their units back in 2000 or the late 1990s consistently report good things about their furnace units.

Many are still running their units today with no notable breakdowns or issues. These consumers report that since Goodman’s discontinuing of the Janitrol brand, finding replacement parts to tackle minor mechanical failures and maintenance is becoming increasingly difficult.

Janitrol furnace reviews present evidence that units manufactured and purchased prior to 2000 are of considerably lesser quality then those manufactured and purchased after 2000.

The drop in quality and consumer satisfaction might be a good indicator as to why Goodman decided to discontinue the brand. Unsatisfied consumers switched to a Goodman furnace in most cases and were happy with the change.

The consensus from consumers is to avoid the Janitrol brand due to lack of quality, consistent breakdowns, difficulty of finding replacement parts, and overall poor results.

Originally posted 2012-03-01 09:32:53.