My Lennox Furnace Blower is Not Working

This may someday happen to you. Your heat system may kick on and begin to heat up. However, you may notice that there is no warm air blowing from the unit.

The problem may be your Lennox furnace blower not working. This can be caused by a number of things. Before you call a repairman, you may be able to check a few things, first. This may save you time, trouble, and money.

Go down to your furnace unit. Observe what is happening. Do you hear any strange or unusual noises? If you have some general home repair knowledge, you may be able to check some things. But first, there is a word of caution.

Not everyone should check things out on their heating equipment. There are sources of dangerously high electricity and other hazards. If you do not have a basic understanding of home electricity, do not attempt to check anything out. Observe what the problem is. This will help you to describe it to the repairman.

If you have a basic understanding of heat systems, check the blower motor. Look to see if the capacitor seems swollen or discolored. It is also best to check the capacitor. Do not forget to kill the power to the unit, before touching anything.


Your blower motor will have a capacitor. If you do not know what a capacitor looks like, it is best to leave things alone. The capacitor should be in close proximity to the motor.

What it does

The capacitor basically boosts the current to the motor. It is more involved than that. However, this is a basic description. They can go bad occasionally.

Many people feel that you can check a capacitor with an analog meter. This may be possible. However, it is best to have a meter with a capacitance function.

Take the meter to an appliance parts store. They will be happy to check it for you. This way, you will know what to do. If the problem is the capacitor, you may be able to easily fix it. If you suspect the motor, take it and have it checked also.

Other things to check

Maybe your air is coming on and then shutting back off. Relays are not simple to check. You will most likely be looking for any unusual things. Look for broken, loose, or disconnected wires. These things can sometimes happen.

Next, check to make sure that the wiring is well grounded. You will have green or bare wires for this. It can affect the way everything runs. Check any fuses.

Some may not be apparent, at first glance. There may be circuit boards. Some will have tube type fuses. Others will resemble automotive fuses.

If these things seem OK, it is best to call a professional. There are too many things that can go wrong with modern day heat systems. It takes someone with proper training and experience to diagnose and fix many problems.


You problem may be your Lennox furnace blower not working. There are a few things that the average homeowner can check. However, if you are unfamiliar with what you see, leave it alone.

There are too many hazards in taking things apart. If you have some knowledge, look for loose wires and blown fuses. Check the motor capacitor. The problem may be simple. However, a qualified technician can ensure safety and success.

Originally posted 2010-09-14 05:01:20.

2 thoughts on “My Lennox Furnace Blower is Not Working

  1. Ryan

    Our Lp furnace isn’t turning on. It sounds like theirs water in the blower? Is that possible??

  2. Scott

    I just had a similar problem with our high efficiency Lenox, the condensation drain tube was clogged and water was backing up to the blower. The tech disconnected the hose and about 1 1/2 cups of water came out. He cleared the connector, and then blew it to the tube and that fixed it. Wished I had thought of that, but only thing we have had to do since 2001. I will know what to look for next time.

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