Luxaire Furnace Error Codes

For furnace owners, understanding error codes can be a nightmare. If you own a Luxaire furnace, error codes can be translated via your User Manual, which is good news. The bad news is that you still might have some lights flashing that make absolutely no sense. Thankfully, the two most common are easy to figure out!

You don’t have to be a technician to determine what the lights flashing mean. Remember, if your unit is covered under warranty you have the option of not dealing with error codes at all. You can simply contact your local dealer and see about having a certified technician sent out to troubleshoot and fix whatever the error code is indicating.

For the Do-It-Yourselfer, there are many Luxaire furnace error codes that are easy to understand and fix! If you own a gas unit and notice that the house is getting cold even while the furnace is running, it’s time to go check your unit. You will probably find that the blower is running while a single error light flashes.

A single flashing light indicates a lock out. The fix is simple: turn the unit off. Count to 10. Turn the unit back on. The problem should be instantly fixed, and you should not experience it again for another day or more.

If you see 3 flashing lights, this indicates a pressure switch problem.

The problem causing this error code can be as simple as caught debris inside of the unit. Most units have a wiring diagram that will lead you to the pressure switch. By following the diagram and disconnecting the rubber hose that feeds into the blower motor, you might find a piece of debris caught. Removing it and reattaching the hose usually fixes the issue instantly.

Consumers say learning to read and understand these common error codes has saved them time and money, plus it gives them the ability to make minor fixes on their own. Luxaire furnace error codes are not extremely complicated. If something is dramatically wrong, the units usually stop working altogether. Errors indicate minor problems, such as the common ones shown here, that have easy fixes.

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  1. Annette Apesa

    My system is flashing 7 lights. Can you please explain what this means? I’ve had 2 different technicians from two different companies come to my home, and no one has successfully repaired my problem. The flame igniter lights the pilots, but eventually it goes out and does not relight the pilots. It runs and blows cool air the remainder of the day, unless I completely shut down the system. I would like to call back the technician that worked on my furnace last night with the appropriate instructions as to what this flashing light means. It was totally cleaned last night (and in April) and I don’t know what to do. This morning it was blowing cold air.

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