Luxaire Furnace Problems

Common Luxaire furnace problems do exist. If you own, or are considering purchasing, a unit, knowledge of common issues beforehand can be helpful. Consumer reports show one of the most common issues affecting them is blower failure.

In most cases it goes out with little to no warning. Local technicians can replace it for you, and so long as your warranty is still good you should not have to pay any out of pocket expenses.

Another common issue that can affect your unit’s performance is the thermostat loosing accuracy. Thermostats very rarely stop working altogether. Instead, they tend to slowly grow inaccurate before needing to be replaced. It can take several years to show up, but it is a common problem. You can catch inaccuracies early if you are observant.

The thermostat should always cause your unit to kick on or off within 1 to 4 degrees of the set temperature. As the thermostat begins to wear out, it will take 5 plus minutes to kick the unit on or off. Keep in mind that if unattended, the thermostat will eventually fail. Sudden increases in power usage can indicate the unit is overworking thanks to the thermostat.

A few other common Luxaire furnace problems include motor failures and leaking from the evaporator coils. Motor failure is easy to spot because the unit will either stop blowing completely, or air flow will be noticeably restricted.

Finding an evaporator coil leak can be a little tricky. A lot of consumers don’t notice this issue until a puddle forms or moisture damage occurs. It is a good idea to check the unit regularly to ensure no leak has formed. The sooner a leak is found, the less damage that might occur.

Another common problem: Incorrect installation. If you purchase a home in which a contractor installed a Luxaire unit, consumers say to think twice! Units installed by certificated technicians have up to three times the lifespan of contract installed united, and according to consumers far fewer issues. Common Luxaire furnace problems are much more likely on a contractor installed unit and some consumers have suffered void warranties due to improper installation.

Originally posted 2011-08-27 07:22:20.