Luxaire Furnace Troubleshooting in 5 Easy Steps

The Luxaire furnace is a home appliance powered by gas. Luxaire furnace troubleshooting does not have to be intimidating. By following some simple instructions, you can identify and resolve almost any problem. Here are five simple steps designed to make troubleshooting a breeze for any unit owner:

Step 1 – Check the power supply. Make sure that the unit is properly connected to a power supply that is genuinely supplying power. Next, ensure the gas valve is open. Only check the gas valve when the unit is not operational. If local fuses and circuit breakers are connected to the unit, check and reset if needed.

Step 2 – Use your nose. Take a moment to carefully smell around all sides of the furnace, checking for a gas aroma. If you catch the scent of gas, immediately stop attempting Luxaire furnace troubleshooting. Leave the area. Contact your local fire department or Gas Company immediately. Let them handle it from here for safety reasons. If you don’t detect a gas scent, continue to the next step.

Step 3 – Locate and open the front access door. If the furnace is not working or heating well, remove the filter by sliding it out. Use a small vacuum to clean the filter. Then, rinse it well with water. Ensure it dries completely before sliding it back into place. Close the front access panel.

Step 4 – If the pilot light has gone out, turn the thermostat to the lowest possible setting. After turning off electrical power, open the front access door. From here you can turn the gas control switch to its “Off” position. Wait a full 5 minutes so gas exits the system. Smell for gas. If no scent is present, turn the switch back to its “On” position. Close the front door. Turn electrical power back on. The pilot light should stay lit. If it does not, it’s time to turn off the furnace and contact a technician.

Step 5 – If you see the LED light on the panel display blinking red rapidly, it is time to call a technician for continued Luxaire furnace troubleshooting. This light indicates an operation problem that is in need of professional and experienced assistance.

Originally posted 2011-09-02 08:26:38.