My Luxaire Furnace is Not Working

Luxaire furnace not working – what do you do? You can call the manufacturer, if you want to spend some time sitting on hold twiddling your thumbs.

You can call your local certified Dealer, who can probably offer phone support and dispatch a technician. You might have to pay an out of pocket expense if your unit is out of warranty, though. If neither of these options sparks you resolve, then how about troubleshooting the unit a little on your own?

Our problem is as follows: For whatever reason the furnace is not working.

Possible solutions include:

Lack of power – Check the power supply. Is it producing power? If it is, check to ensure the power supply is properly connected to the unit. Check out any local fuses or circuit breakers. Reset them if necessary.

Gas – Take a close look at the gas valve. If you find it open, then it is a very plausible reason for your Luxaire furnace not working. Working on your gas valve can be dangerous. Always stop and check for the smell of gas. If you catch the scent of gas, do not attempt further work on your unit. Leave the area and immediately contact the local fire department or Gas Company.

Operational Issues – If you notice that the panel on your unit has what looks like a spastic flashing red light (flashing rapidly), then your unit is trying to say it has internal operational issues. This light is indicating what might be a serious internal problem. The best thing you can do is contact a certified technician for help.

In most cases the unit will appear to stop working if a part breaks. For example, if a motor stops working you will think the unit has stopped working. Upon closer inspection, you might see the unit itself is on. In this case it’s time to use the panel map included on the unit to trace your way to an inoperable part.

Always check for the red flashing light. It can mean a flame flared up for no reason. In most cases a simple reset of breakers, fuses, and the power supply will solve the case of your Luxaire furnace not working.

Originally posted 2011-08-30 12:25:11.