My Payne Furnace is Not Lighting

Two types of gas furnaces are in use today. The older models have a pilot light can usually be re-lit. The newer models have an electrical set-up that ignites the gas. If your Payne furnace is not lighting and you have a newer model, you will have to contact your local dealer.

A technician will need to pay your unit a visit to relight the furnace. It is not advisable to attempt a do-it-yourself fix if your furnace utilizes an electrical set-up to ignite the gas.

If your model is older and has a standard pilot light, you can attempt to relight your furnace on your own. We’re going to look at the basic steps to doing this.

Remember: working on a gas furnace should not be taken lightly. If at any time you smell gas it is imperative to clear the premises and call local authorities for assistance.

If your Payne furnace is not lighting try following these six steps to relight the furnace by relighting the pilot light:
1. Find your unit’s pilot light assembly. A gas valve control will be nearby.

2. Move the valve control to the “Off” position and wait approximately three minutes.

3. You should see another control on the gas valve that reads, “Pilot.” Turn the gas valve to this setting.

4. Push and hold the reset button down. Use a candle lighter or lighted match to relight the pilot light by holding it to the pilot opening. Hold the reset button down until the pilot lights begins to brightly burn.

5. Once the light is burning, release the reset button. Turn the gas valve control to the “On” position.

6. Step six is needed if the pilot light refuses to stay lit. Turn the gas valve back to the “Off” position. Use a fine wire to clean the opening to the pilot light. Then, repeat steps 1 through 5 to relight the furnace.

If your Payne furnace is not lighting after attempting to the above directions, the burners might need attention. Contact a local dealer and ask for a technician’s assistance. Burners cannot be worked on without professional assistance.

Originally posted 2011-10-10 10:51:56.