Tempstar Furnace Reliability

A furnace is one of a few appliances that is essential to have in good working order at all times, and a furnace that is unreliable can be a major inconvenience, if not a health hazard.

When looking into purchasing any brand of furnace, take some time to research consumer reviews and information regarding the reliability of that brand of furnace. Continue reading “Tempstar Furnace Reliability”

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Weatherking Furnace Reviews

Weatherking is responsible for manufacturing gas furnaces, commercial air conditioners (condensing units), and heat pumps. The brand is owned by Rheem. However, Weatherking operates as a separate business. Interestingly, Rheem also markets the popular Ruud heating and cooling equipment line.

The company is headquartered in New York City, NY. According to Weatherking furnace reviews, a fine selling point of their gas furnaces is the standard 5-year limited warranty on all parts.

Consumer reviews offer contrasting perspectives on the quality of this brand. Out of 46 total reviews, 12 fall into the category of “Very Satisfied.” 26 consumers claim to be “Very Unsatisfied.” 4 consumer reviews are placed in the “Somewhat Satisfied” category; while another 4 consumer reviews inhabit the “Somewhat Unsatisfied” category.

Many happy consumers writing Weatherking furnace reviews rave about units installed with their new homes that last for years without breakdowns and trouble. As long as the installation is handled by a qualified professional that “knows what they are doing,” these homeowners say you cannot go wrong with a Weatherking.

Amongst the very unsatisfied consumers runs a trend of testimonials about their units breaking down within the first month of many.

One consumer shares their experience, “The blower broke within the first 24 hours of use. It was replaced, and then within the next month it broke again!” Unhappy owners reveal a trend of constant replacement of the same parts: the blower, the fan, the thermostat, and the thermocouple.

Consumers who rate their experience with these units as “Somewhat Satisfied” or “Somewhat Unsatisfied” comment on the importance of a proper installation.

One consumer comments, “When the technician came for the repair call, they told me the original installation was improperly done and responsible for the issue I was having. They reinstalled properly on the spot and fixed the unit. I’ve never had trouble since!”

According to Weatherking furnace reviews, 34% of consumers would recommend this brand to others. “If a Weatherking unit fits your budget,” says an anonymous consumer, “then I think it is worth taking a risk on. Mine has never had anything but minor issues. I’m happy with it overall.”

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Janitrol Furnace Reviews

Janitrol furnace reviews are chalked full of valuable information if you are thinking about purchasing one of their furnace units. Janitrol is a brand owned by Goodman Manufacturing Company. Interestingly, Goodman discontinued their marketing of both commercial and residential furnaces, central air conditioners, and heat pumps under the Janitrol name.

Consumer reviews leave little doubt as to why Goodman, a name known for quality, discontinued this furnace brand.

Consumer reviews rate this particular furnace to be 42nd out of 70 brands. 37% of customers voicing their opinion state that they would recommend a Janitrol unit to others.

In the categories of “Very Satisfied” versus “Very Unsatisfied,” 12 claim to be “Very Satisfied” while 19 claim to be “Very Unsatisfied.” 1 consumer falls into the “Somewhat Satisfied” category while 3 are “Somewhat Unsatisfied.”

Several of the more negative Janitrol furnace reviews are recent; written within the past 2 years. Unhappy consumers complain that the “Dependable Ninety-Two” Janitrol model is far from dependable.

The majority of unsatisfied consumers purchased this unit. Within the first five years the unit developed a habit of needing service calls two to five times a year to make the unit turn on.

Many consumers complain that their units failed entirely shortly after the standard 5-year warranty ran out.

Consumers who purchased their units back in 2000 or the late 1990s consistently report good things about their furnace units.

Many are still running their units today with no notable breakdowns or issues. These consumers report that since Goodman’s discontinuing of the Janitrol brand, finding replacement parts to tackle minor mechanical failures and maintenance is becoming increasingly difficult.

Janitrol furnace reviews present evidence that units manufactured and purchased prior to 2000 are of considerably lesser quality then those manufactured and purchased after 2000.

The drop in quality and consumer satisfaction might be a good indicator as to why Goodman decided to discontinue the brand. Unsatisfied consumers switched to a Goodman furnace in most cases and were happy with the change.

The consensus from consumers is to avoid the Janitrol brand due to lack of quality, consistent breakdowns, difficulty of finding replacement parts, and overall poor results.

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Multi-Stage Modulating Gas Furnaces

With such a multitude of furnaces on the market now it is a daunting task trying decide which one is right for you and your home.

A multi-stage modulating gas furnace is now considered the best furnaces you can buy to enhance comfort in your home. It works by having two settings for emitting heat and a variable blower.

Conventional furnaces have to constantly work to keep the home space at the desired temperature, having to switch on and off because it only throws out heat at the same rate.

A multi-stage modulating gas furnace on the other hand, is able to control the rate that it sends out heat, using a lower setting on milder days and a higher setting on colder days.

Generally these types of furnace work best in small to mid-sized homes. However if you have a larger home with zoned ducts, then a multi-stage modulating gas furnace can be affective. Zoned ducts are have separate thermostats so hear can be controlled in individual rooms.

These types of furnace do not come especially cheap and in some cases modification may be needed to the existing system for the furnace to work well, therefore adding to the cost. Nor are they considered the most energy efficient. They are nevertheless, relatively cheap to run.

A number of companies make multi-stage modulating gas furnaces. Both Armstrong and Bryant have reliable and well- made models with an impressive rating of over 95% AFUE. Other brands available are Trane, York, Lennox and Tempstar.

With so much choice it can be overwhelming choosing a furnace that is best for you. It is not just a furnace that affects the heat and comfort experienced in your home however. Climate, house construction, windows and insulation all have a part to play.

This is why it is so important to take time choosing an experienced and well-qualified professional. A good contractor should be able to advise you on the right type of furnace for you as well as the size. Many problems with furnaces originate from bad installation, which makes the right contractor even more valuable.

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Trane Furnace Comparisons

Trane ranks among the top three name brand furnace companies. Trane furnace comparisons show that Trane models are either comparable or the better buy among other brand names.

Trane leads the way in energy efficient units and is known for its premium, reliable equipment and available additional features. American Standard is the parent company of Trane, so many of the companies models are the same, just sold under a different name.

Trane furnace comparisons show that Trane models are reasonably similar to Carrier and Lennox, in regards to quality and price of units. The true test lies in a units repair rate, of which Trane is a leading name.

Trane consistently maintains a position in the top three companies, one of them being American Standard, with the lowest repair rates. Rates average between 15% and 24%, much lower than more middle tier brands.

Most reviews will reveal to the consumer that many of the top furnace brands offer many of the same features and options. Many customers will recommend that you compare what company in the area each manufacturer uses to install the unit.

The majority of complaints stem from improper installation of the unit. Manufacturer warranties will not cover improper installation.

If the unit is installed improperly, it can cause major problems sooner rather than later, and warranties tend to not cover installation errors. Look for companies that will place a guarantee on proper installation.

Another consideration when choosing an installer is how thoroughly they examine the home and furnace location before installation. Often, a home will need some ductwork repaired, replaced, or added for the furnace to unit to operate properly and effectively.

Be sure to discuss installers with dealers and manufacturers when choosing a new furnace unit. A reputable and reliable manufacturer will be glad to discuss proper installation techniques and will assure the customer of the installer’s reliability and abilities.

A good manufacturer will also stand behind its customer in the event of improper installation, taking necessary action with the installer to make sure the installation problem and any damage caused by it gets repaired by the installer at no cost to the customer.

Be sure to question dealers and manufacturers about warranties, what is covered, and under what circumstances. A good manufacturer cares about pleasing a customer, as that is good for future business.

Trane’s warranty and policies are comparable to other top brands as they offer protection against any manufacturer error. When choosing a new furnace, look for additional warranty features or deals.

Look for what manufacturer or dealer will provide the consumer with the most protection.

While reading customer reviews, keep in mind that customers are more likely to leave a review if they were unsatisfied with the new furnace unit. It is better to research what units will best serve the specific home, save the customer the most money, and be the most energy efficient.

With models and prices so comparable among the top brands, customer service becomes key. The manufacturer that is willing to take care of customers is the one that will see repeat business and future success.

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