Lennox Furnace Lifespan

Before purchasing a new furnace and having it installed in your home, there are some crucial things that you need to know. One of the most important things to understand is how long you can expect the appliance to last. If you need some information on the Lennox furnace lifespan, this will help.

A furnace is a major appliance in any home. It is large, costly, and a great source of comfort during the Winter. Because of this, it is very important to spend your money on the right product for your home. It would be awful to spend so much on the wrong product.

In general, you can expect any good furnace to last between 20 and 25 years. However, this time range depends upon how well you take care of the furnace. Also, it will depend upon how much you use it. Some studies say that the average furnace actually lasts for only 15 years.

A good way to figure out whether or not you should replace your current furnace is to ask yourself the following question: How much will it cost me to replace this item? If the answer is that the repairs will cost about half of what you paid for the system, it may be time to replace it. A replacement should definitely be considered if the cost of the repairs is that high and the furnace is also around 12 years old or older.

To keep your furnace running longer, you need to keep up its air flow. This means that you need to regularly clean the filter. Dirt buildup can cause clogs in the system and prevent it from working. It can also reduce efficiency. It may also be wise to replace the filter at the beginning of the cold season and regularly replace it until the weather warms up again.

You may also want to clean the fan annually. To do this, be sure to turn off the furnace before commencing with the cleaning. This will keep you safe. Clean with a damp, but not wet, cloth. You do not want to drip water into the appliance. Dry the fan blades when you are done.

It may also be a good idea to have a professional assess your system once a year. Find a reputable technician in your area to perform annual maintenance. He or she will be able to diagnose any issues and fix them. The technician may also be able to give you advice on keeping the furnace healthy and working more efficiently.

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How to Do Gas Furnace Repair

Nowadays, the most in demand furnace is the natural gas furnace. It has high efficiency and is commonly used in homes and offices.

It produces a hotter flame, generating more heat than other high efficiency furnaces. This furnace also burns cleaner. Since it is commonly used today, its price increases rapidly compared to other furnaces.

If you plan to buy a gas furnace you must undergo a gas furnace repair workshop or training. But if you have no time to spend on attending training, here is a quick guide on learning how to repair your gas furnace.

Remember, it is really difficult to repair a gas furnace if you don’t know what the damage is and how to fix it.

What is good with having a gas furnace is it can be controlled easily. In repairing a gas furnace, you must determine first what the damage is so you’ll know where to start fixing your product.

Gas furnace repair usually involves the thermocouple of the furnace, its pilot light or electrical system components are the parts that usually get damaged.

You will know there is a leak in your furnace if you smell the scent of gas in your home. Even if all gas furnaces have a control shutoff, you must not rely on this since it is not guaranteed to function at all times.

If faced with this situation, never turn off or turn on the lights to prevent starting a fire. Go out of your house and leave all the doors and windows open.

Call a professional to fix the problem or report to a nearby gas company that your unit has a leak. If the problem is the pilot light, you can have contact to it by pulling out the door if it is covered with a plug-type door.

If the pilot light control or reset buttons, thermocouple of the furnace or the gas valves are damaged, you can access them in front of the furnace.

Each product has a unique method of repair thus it should be addressed accordingly. If you have no enough knowledge on gas furnace repair, the best thing to do is seek the help of a professional.

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Furnace Inducer Motor Troubleshooting

Are you having troubles with your draft inducer motor? Your furnace inducer motor is important because it makes sure the vents are clear enough for combustion in the furnace system itself. It does this by blowing air right at the start of your heating sequence. If this is not working properly, it is likely you wont be getting any heat at all. Continue reading “Furnace Inducer Motor Troubleshooting”

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My Luxaire Furnace is Not Working

Luxaire furnace not working – what do you do? You can call the manufacturer, if you want to spend some time sitting on hold twiddling your thumbs.

You can call your local certified Dealer, who can probably offer phone support and dispatch a technician. You might have to pay an out of pocket expense if your unit is out of warranty, though. If neither of these options sparks you resolve, then how about troubleshooting the unit a little on your own?

Our problem is as follows: For whatever reason the furnace is not working.

Possible solutions include:

Lack of power – Check the power supply. Is it producing power? If it is, check to ensure the power supply is properly connected to the unit. Check out any local fuses or circuit breakers. Reset them if necessary.

Gas – Take a close look at the gas valve. If you find it open, then it is a very plausible reason for your Luxaire furnace not working. Working on your gas valve can be dangerous. Always stop and check for the smell of gas. If you catch the scent of gas, do not attempt further work on your unit. Leave the area and immediately contact the local fire department or Gas Company.

Operational Issues – If you notice that the panel on your unit has what looks like a spastic flashing red light (flashing rapidly), then your unit is trying to say it has internal operational issues. This light is indicating what might be a serious internal problem. The best thing you can do is contact a certified technician for help.

In most cases the unit will appear to stop working if a part breaks. For example, if a motor stops working you will think the unit has stopped working. Upon closer inspection, you might see the unit itself is on. In this case it’s time to use the panel map included on the unit to trace your way to an inoperable part.

Always check for the red flashing light. It can mean a flame flared up for no reason. In most cases a simple reset of breakers, fuses, and the power supply will solve the case of your Luxaire furnace not working.

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Payne Furnace Filters

Checking and changing your Payne furnace filters regularly is vital to prolonging the life of your unit. When purchasing replacement filters you can go directly to Payne and purchase a carbon copy of your unit’s original filters, or you can purchase a comparable—even better—brand.

Amana filters by Amana Whole House Cleaner Filters are rapidly becoming consumers’ number one pick outside of factory originals for almost all gas furnace brands on the market.

They offer superb air quality and cost anywhere from $10 to $60. It is imperative to choose a replacement filter that is the same size as the original, which will be noted in your furnace’s original specifications.

Purchasing the right filter is half of your project. The other half is locating Payne furnace filters and properly installing replacements. Payne units usually have a rack or a cabinet on the side or the bottom. Air filters are usually found in these locations. You can follow these seven steps to checking, replace, or clean your filter:

1. Disconnect the furnace from electricity.
2. Remove the rack or the cabinet door that you see houses the filter.
3. As you remove the filter, make sure the dirty side if facing up.
4. At this point you can replace or clean the filter. So long as the filter is washable, you can rinse it with water. Vacuuming the filter prior to rinsing can remove unwanted dirt and debris.
5. Reinsert the cleaned filter, or insert your new filter.
6. Replace the rack or cabinet door.
7. Reconnect the furnace to electricity and turn it back on.

Some units use two filters located on the side. You can use this same set of instructions to replace or clean units containing two filters. Neglecting to maintain filter can negatively impact your unit. Extra stress can be placed on the unit, causing it to suddenly shut down.

Payne furnace filters should be replaced or cleaned once a month. Washable filters should be replaced entirely approximately every three to six months to promote high air quality and keep unwanted particles away from vital parts.

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