Payne Furnace Problems

Not all furnaces are made equal. Seasoned installers, technicians, and even owners will tell you each furnace brand comes with its own array of glitches and hiccups.

Whether you are in the market for a furnace, or currently own one, learning about common Payne furnace problems can take the guess work out of troubleshooting.

The common issues for Payne units are quite similar to the common issues for most gas furnaces. For the new buyer this is good news. It means you can concentrate on efficiency as cost versus problematic factors. For current and prospective owners, this means you can keep in mind some common problems when troubleshooting.

Common Payne furnace problems include the furnace blowing cool air instead of heated air, the furnace not working, and the furnace not lighting. While all of these problems can sometimes be caused by a manufacturing defect, in most cases the causes are from simple wear and tear.

A furnace can begin to blow cool air or stop working altogether if the filters are clogged or the ductwork is obstructed. The solution is simple: remove and clean the filters. If this does not work, check the ductwork for obstructions.

Another possible cause to these two common issues is loss of power. Check to be sure the unit is turned on and all circuit breakers and fuses are working properly.

If the furnace is not lighting, it is usually because the pilot light is out or will not stay lit. The thermocouple may need to be replaced to remedy this common problem. If your unit is covered by a limited product warranty, the thermocouple may be covered. Check in with your local dealer.

In the past, three to five year consumer reviews indicate a growing problem with burners failing shortly after a new installation. The cause of this failure remains a mystery.

A burner failure will cause lack of heat or disrupt use altogether and requires professional assistance from a technician. Payne furnace problems are all solvable, and most are covered under warranty if a part needs to be replaced or a service calls needs to be made.

Originally posted 2011-09-04 07:23:51.