Payne Furnace Troubleshooting

Safety should be first when Payne furnace troubleshooting. Never try to work on your unit if you detect the odor of gas. Immediately leave the area and call for help from local authorities and the gas company. Always remember to turn the unit off to prevent an accident while working behind the access panel.

We’re going to briefly discuss the most common issues that will require a “look under the hood,” if you will. First up: no heat. A potential nightmare, troubleshooting a no heat issue boils down to checking a few simple things.

1. Is the thermostat set too low and therefore not causing the unit to kick on?

2. Is the thermostat working?

3. Has a circuit breaker for a fuse tripped or blown?

4. Is the gas valve closed?

5. Is the pilot light out?

You can solve these problems as you go through this basic checklist. If all of these check out as non-problematic factors it’s time to contact a technician for assistance.

Another common issue requiring some Payne furnace troubleshooting is a lack of enough heat. There are really only two plausible causes for this issue: dirty air filter or dirty gas burners.

You can replace or clean the air filter, but a burner situation calls for professional aid.

Cleaning your air filters once a month and replacing them entirely once every three months will help stop this problem from developing. If you suspect the burner needs to be cleaned or adjusted, contact a qualified technician.

The blower running constantly is another common issue. Two real causes exist: a faulty fan limit control switch or an issue with the thermostat—such as a setting being off.

You can troubleshoot the issue by changing the thermostat setting and/or resetting or replacing the furnace fan limit control switch. If a high pitched squealing sound accompanies the issue, the blower belt or shaft bearings may need attention.

You can tackle Payne furnace troubleshooting with some patience. If you feel out of your element, check the warranty on your unit. You might be able to have a technician troubleshoot for you at no or limited cost.

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    On a 80 percent furnace with a hot surface ignitior does the hsi stay on all the time ?

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