The Best Natural Gas Furnaces

There are many things to consider when shopping for a new natural gas furnace. How efficient they are depends on a few factors, but mostly on your home. If your home has good insulation and sealed windows, then any furnace you purchase will be more efficient.

However if you have a large home with older windows, vaulted ceilings and live in a cold climate area, you will need a better natural gas furnace. However there are some natural gas furnaces that are rated highly across the board. But which natural gas furnace is best?

Trane is probably the number one top seller and the most heard of name in natural gas furnaces. They’ve been around since 1885 and they carry furnaces for home, commercial and even industrial use.

Their natural gas furnaces come with a ten year warranty and they have a top of the line model that boasts 90% fuel efficiency and a lower model that is 80% fuel efficient.

While Trane has many parts and are more expensive to repair, they are also more reliable and have fewer needs for repair. There three stage gas furnace keeps the temperature more consistent with fewer on off cycles, which extends the life of the furnace.

Carrier is another top company for natural gas furnace. They also specialize in air conditioners, heat pumps and oil furnaces.

Carrier actually invented the air conditioner and then became an engineering company in 1915. They also have two top models the Infinity 96 and the Infinity 80 which are 96% and 80% fuel efficient perceptively.

The motor itself uses the smallest amount of electricity, saving you money in the long run. However, Carrier had a class action lawsuit filed against them because their polypropylene laminated secondary heat exchanger cracked.

Consumers believe that Carrier knew about the problem but did not issue a recall. Carrier has denied any knowledge of product failure but has agreed to pay for damages. Despite this issue, they still have steady sales and many consumers still feel they have a great product.

Lennox also carries natural gas furnaces. They began making furnaces in 1895 and they have two top of the line ones that actually are 80% to 95% efficient; making them a cost effective choice for many individuals. However their two year warranty can be a deterrent to some.

The best natural gas furnace relies on many factors. For efficiency, Carrier’s Infinity 96 super efficiency is the way to go. But if you live in a more temperate climate, Lennox would be a good option. And Trane continues to be one of the best natural gas furnaces.

Originally posted 2010-03-24 20:01:55.