Trane Furnace Comparisons

Trane ranks among the top three name brand furnace companies. Trane furnace comparisons show that Trane models are either comparable or the better buy among other brand names.

Trane leads the way in energy efficient units and is known for its premium, reliable equipment and available additional features. American Standard is the parent company of Trane, so many of the companies models are the same, just sold under a different name.

Trane furnace comparisons show that Trane models are reasonably similar to Carrier and Lennox, in regards to quality and price of units. The true test lies in a units repair rate, of which Trane is a leading name.

Trane consistently maintains a position in the top three companies, one of them being American Standard, with the lowest repair rates. Rates average between 15% and 24%, much lower than more middle tier brands.

Most reviews will reveal to the consumer that many of the top furnace brands offer many of the same features and options. Many customers will recommend that you compare what company in the area each manufacturer uses to install the unit.

The majority of complaints stem from improper installation of the unit. Manufacturer warranties will not cover improper installation.

If the unit is installed improperly, it can cause major problems sooner rather than later, and warranties tend to not cover installation errors. Look for companies that will place a guarantee on proper installation.

Another consideration when choosing an installer is how thoroughly they examine the home and furnace location before installation. Often, a home will need some ductwork repaired, replaced, or added for the furnace to unit to operate properly and effectively.

Be sure to discuss installers with dealers and manufacturers when choosing a new furnace unit. A reputable and reliable manufacturer will be glad to discuss proper installation techniques and will assure the customer of the installer’s reliability and abilities.

A good manufacturer will also stand behind its customer in the event of improper installation, taking necessary action with the installer to make sure the installation problem and any damage caused by it gets repaired by the installer at no cost to the customer.

Be sure to question dealers and manufacturers about warranties, what is covered, and under what circumstances. A good manufacturer cares about pleasing a customer, as that is good for future business.

Trane’s warranty and policies are comparable to other top brands as they offer protection against any manufacturer error. When choosing a new furnace, look for additional warranty features or deals.

Look for what manufacturer or dealer will provide the consumer with the most protection.

While reading customer reviews, keep in mind that customers are more likely to leave a review if they were unsatisfied with the new furnace unit. It is better to research what units will best serve the specific home, save the customer the most money, and be the most energy efficient.

With models and prices so comparable among the top brands, customer service becomes key. The manufacturer that is willing to take care of customers is the one that will see repeat business and future success.

Originally posted 2010-09-15 08:34:44.