Trane Furnace Complaints

With every product comes problems and with every problem comes consumer complaints. Trane furnace complaints range from small problems with a rattling door to larger problems like internal leaks and faulty circuit boards and transformers.

The top complaint is that Trane products do not last nearly as long as older units, and in fact, rarely last the promised lifetime.

One unsatisfied customer was bothered by the door to the furnace unit rattling. After the part was replaced multiple times with no success, the customer opened the door up himself to find the gas pipe built too close to the door, causing the vibration and rattling.

Internal leaking and condensation are also a huge problem. Many customers complain of unit condensation so bad that it caused the ceiling to cave in, while others complain the condensation fried the circuit board in the unit.

Customers often try to call customer service to report Trane furnace complaints, but are left searching for a number since there is not one easily located online, or on any packaging or paperwork.

If a customer is successful in getting through to customer service, customers say Trane tends to blame the installation process instead of taking any manufacturer responsibility.

Too often customers complain about Trane not living up to advertised promises. Instead of saving the customer money, many complain of no change or a change for the worse in energy bills.

Trane furnace complaints are very numerous in regards to not following up on warranty promises. Customers claim that instead of looking at the unit themselves, Trane automatically blames the installer or the customer’s home and tries to avoid covering anything under warranty.

Others have had the furnace serviced under warranty but were still charged hundreds of dollars for labor and warranty service fees.

Typically, new furnaces are expected to last 14-20 years. Many customers complain of having trouble with the unit in the first year and for consecutive years after.

Construction companies responsible for building hundreds of homes in subdivisions complain of new units breaking before a new homeowner even moves in.

Installers are supposed to be certified by Trane, but some customers question if Trane knows as much about the company’s installers as they claim.

Often installers also try to blame the homeowner for unit problems by claiming they must not have changed the filter often enough or that the duct work in the house is faulty.

The point is that there are a lot of customer complaints of problems with Trane furnaces. As a customer, do plenty of research on the unit you plan on purchasing before it is purchased and installed.

Check out the company who is assigned to install the new unit. Do they have a good track record with customers? How long have they been installing and servicing Trane units?

Ultimately, consumers hope they can trust Trane to properly service and install every unit, and to stick by company warranties, however, consumers must make every effort they can in the beginning to ensure they are protected should something go wrong.

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  1. Rhonda rodgers

    We built a brand new home 10 yrs. ago. The TRANE furnace we had installed was top of the line brand new also. We have had nothing but problems with it for every year we have lived in our home. I can’t wait till it breaks down for the last time and I can get another brand of furnace. Why is there not some kind of class action suit against the makers of this piece of crap?????!!!!!!!! This is COSTLY to repair every stinkin year!!!!!

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