Weatherking Furnace Reviews

Weatherking is responsible for manufacturing gas furnaces, commercial air conditioners (condensing units), and heat pumps. The brand is owned by Rheem. However, Weatherking operates as a separate business. Interestingly, Rheem also markets the popular Ruud heating and cooling equipment line.

The company is headquartered in New York City, NY. According to Weatherking furnace reviews, a fine selling point of their gas furnaces is the standard 5-year limited warranty on all parts.

Consumer reviews offer contrasting perspectives on the quality of this brand. Out of 46 total reviews, 12 fall into the category of “Very Satisfied.” 26 consumers claim to be “Very Unsatisfied.” 4 consumer reviews are placed in the “Somewhat Satisfied” category; while another 4 consumer reviews inhabit the “Somewhat Unsatisfied” category.

Many happy consumers writing Weatherking furnace reviews rave about units installed with their new homes that last for years without breakdowns and trouble. As long as the installation is handled by a qualified professional that “knows what they are doing,” these homeowners say you cannot go wrong with a Weatherking.

Amongst the very unsatisfied consumers runs a trend of testimonials about their units breaking down within the first month of many.

One consumer shares their experience, “The blower broke within the first 24 hours of use. It was replaced, and then within the next month it broke again!” Unhappy owners reveal a trend of constant replacement of the same parts: the blower, the fan, the thermostat, and the thermocouple.

Consumers who rate their experience with these units as “Somewhat Satisfied” or “Somewhat Unsatisfied” comment on the importance of a proper installation.

One consumer comments, “When the technician came for the repair call, they told me the original installation was improperly done and responsible for the issue I was having. They reinstalled properly on the spot and fixed the unit. I’ve never had trouble since!”

According to Weatherking furnace reviews, 34% of consumers would recommend this brand to others. “If a Weatherking unit fits your budget,” says an anonymous consumer, “then I think it is worth taking a risk on. Mine has never had anything but minor issues. I’m happy with it overall.”

Originally posted 2012-02-15 15:14:22.