Easy Westinghouse Furnace Troubleshooting

Westinghouse furnace troubleshooting is actually a fairly easy task, if you have the right tools. If you have or are purchasing a new Westinghouse heating unit, you will want to be sure to keep a copy of your manual.

If you’re trying to troubleshoot an existing unit and do not have a manual, you can contact a local Westinghouse dealer and request a manual to match the model number of your unit.

Most units have an LED backlit panel with various lights. The lights lit up and, if applicable, sequence in which they are blinking can be useful in identifying a computer error code that might have shut the unit off until diagnosis is done. For the Do-It-Yourselfer the manual referenced with online resources can be very helpful.

If you’ve purchased a new unit, chances are you can avoid Westinghouse furnace troubleshooting by yourself altogether. New units are covered by a few different warranties. A 10 year limited parts warranty covers most troubleshooting issues and parts replacement.

A 20 year warranty exists on the heavy-gauge aluminized steel heat exchangers, which will save you a major expense should they ever have any issues. You can utilize the warranty by contacting the manufacturer or a certified local dealer. A technician will be dispatched to handle all of your diagnosis needs.

One of the nice things about Westinghouse furnaces is that they have been around for many, many years. Technicians and dealers often have “cheat sheets” that detail common issues and give tips and tricks for diagnosing these issues and fixing them.

You can often contact a local company or check their online websites to access cheat sheets. Many Do-It-Yourselfers also have helpful diagnosing tips and tricks on online forums.

If you have your manual and the serial number of your unit available, one of the most effective ways of handling Westinghouse furnace troubleshooting is to simply call the manufacturer. They have an entire support center dedicated to helping to diagnose any issue on the spot.

Even without the manual to follow along with, the support center is a great way to troubleshoot. It saves the time of waiting for a technician, and makes fixing the issue much faster!

Originally posted 2011-07-23 09:06:56.