Whole House Air Purifiers

There are many misconceptions about whole house air purifiers. The facts will speak for themselves about this wonderful means to create better air for the home, which is provided below.

Fact 1: Whole House Air Purifiers; The goal for many people is to have the best quality air in their homes. The air purifiers remove harmful contaminants from the air in the home. People breathe 23,000 times a day inhaling 435 cubic feet of air. This means a person will inhale the contaminates constantly.

Fact 2: Whole House Air Purifiers; Healthy air is crucial to the human existence. It is one of the most important factors in life next to food and water. Without air, people will die within minutes so it only makes sense to provide the highest quality of air to exist.

Fact 3: Whole House Air Purifiers; Clean air provides higher levels of life and health with the allergens removed to reduce allergies and asthma attacks. The toxins in the air are inhaled to reduce health so it is important to have a higher quality of air in the home to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Fact 4: The Environmental Protection Agency and Congress considers indoor air pollutions to be the #1 environmental health problems. Over 65 million Americans have asthma or allergies leading to an epidemic for everyone especially people who smoke and have children.

Fact 5: Over 50% of Americans have developed asthma in the past ten years so the quality of air in the home is very important to have cleaner purer air.

Fact 6: Every year, Americans spend billions of dollars on medication to breathe better. To improve the air quality in the home, a whole house air purifier will reduce the needs for expensive medications.

Fact 7: Mold is naturally created but causes many respiratory diseases are often found in many homes. The mold can cause illnesses and colds when the germs are inhaled in the home. When the mold is untreated, the result is sick building syndrome.

Fact 8: Indoor contaminates lead to many symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, breathing problems, skin irritations, depression, eye irritations, asthma attacks, memory loss, snoring, colds, flu, viruses, and sinus infections.

Fact 9: Whole House Air Purifiers;The filter on the home furnace is not enough to remove the toxins and allergens in the home. The filters only trap the smaller particles but not the smaller particles that lead to illnesses and difficulty breathing. Only a whole home air purifier will remove these particles.

Originally posted 2011-05-26 13:43:47.