York Furnace Diagnostic Codes

If you are the type of person that likes to do things yourself; or if you are having trouble with your York furnace and want to save money by fixing your furnace yourself; then this is the right place for you. Here, we are going to cover some basic York furnace diagnostic codes.

Many York fireplaces are equipped with a series of LED lights that are located behind a clear cover down in the lower door of the furnace. This is designed to flash a series of green, red, or amber flashes to let you know whether it is operating normally or is having systematic problems.

Your furnace is not operating right; it is not heating the way it should and all you see when you open the door is a Christmas-tree variety of lights flashing and you have no idea what they mean. We are going to cover what each color flashes mean and what could possibly be wrong.

York furnace diagnostic codes flashing in green: One green flash means that the thermostat is not currently “telling” the furnace to produce heat. Two green flashes and possibly three signals that there is no error codes in the memory system. If you see a rapid green flash, then turn your furnace off and back on.

What does it mean if your York furnace diagnostic codes are flashing in amber? One amber flash means the thermostat is telling your furnace to cool down. Two amber flashes signify the thermostat is telling your furnace to heat up. Three amber flashes mean that the temperature has been fulfilled and the furnace is ending its heat cycle.

If your York furnace diagnostic codes are flashing four amber flashes, that means that there might be a restriction in the air circulating system. With that restriction, it possibly reduces the heating capability of your furnace. Five amber flashes indicate a restriction in the ventilation or combustion air system.

So what do you do if your York furnace diagnostic codes are a rapid amber flash? That indicates a low flame and is one of the most common codes due to an incorrectly positioned low flame sensor rod or dirt build up.

Next, we are up to red flashes on your York furnace diagnostic codes. One red flash lets you know that you still have flame but no power is being supplied to the gas valve. What could be causing this is the gas valve issue, could be leaking or the burner is closing too slowly.

Two red flashes signals the pressure switch is stuck closed; check to ensure correct pressure switch wiring and that the pressure switch is operating normally. Three flashes indicate the switch is stuck open and you may have blocked vent pipes.

As you can see, your York furnace gives you many clues as to what is wrong with it. All you have to do is know how to read the codes; and just like any good mystery, once you have cracked the code, you prevail.

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  1. omar conde

    hello my york furnace has 8 red flashing signals the furnace turns on but stops within seconds . I replaced the flame sensor and now there is no flames at all. any help would be very much appreciated . Thanks

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