York Furnace Efficiency Review

With so much emphasis on being more energy efficient, we decided to look at York furnace efficiency and see how they stacked up against their competitors.

Upon our search of York furnace efficiency, we found many consumer forums discussing advantages or disadvantages to York furnaces. The consensus points to the York being one of the most efficient furnaces you can purchase today.

The York is 97.5% efficient in the 60,000 BTU models and has the modulating gas valve–having many stages of heat is better than two in terms of comfort. According to the Energy star ratings, York furnace efficiency even at its lowest was only a 92+ percentage.

Whereas the listed efficiency rating for York’s competitors came in at around 90-91% efficiency. We know that a percentile or two does not sound like a big difference; but when it comes in terms of energy consumption, that one to two percentile makes York furnace efficiency above the rest.

The York unlike the competition modulators; has more than five gas valve positions. The York modulates from around 40% to 100% in 1% increments; what that means is total comfort control. This is just another way York furnace efficiency standard is above its competitors.

The York runs on a standard four-wire thermostat. Meaning that with a York, there is no need to install a complex and expensive thermostat to operate a modulating furnace that is actually just a 5-stage furnace. The York modulating furnace is 98% efficient and the quietest furnace on the market.

Also with the patented drain pan in the York, no need for an external condensate trap. The York furnace is a true multi-unit; it will work in all four positions. The York furnace is absolutely ahead of its competition in its capability.

One consumer went so far as to post their York furnace ratings as being five stars out of five stars. Not only was the York furnace quieter than their previous furnace, but their gas bill went down at least 40%! This consumer was so excited and said that with that kind of efficiency, the unit could pay for itself in not time.

Another thing that does interfere with the efficiency is the installation. Your York furnace efficiency could be better than any competitor on the market could as long as your unit was installed correctly and with capable help.

If someone who has a lack of knowledge or was in a rush in their installation installed your unit; then your York furnace efficiency very well could not be where it is supposed to be. You could be losing money instead of saving money like another person down the street.

One last thing that can affect the York furnace efficiency is how you, the consumer, run it. If you are cold all the time and run it at a high temperature, then you will probably not see the benefits.

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